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Stream-related processes
Tagus River
Portugal and Spain
Location: North America(USA)
Fact: Longest river in North America
move to new locations
Loire River
Longest River in France
Location: Asia(Turkey, Iraq, forms the border between Turkey and Syria)
Fact: Center of the earth's earliest civilization
science of water, its global circulation, distribution and properties, specifically water at and below Earths surface.
Volga River
Western Russia. Longest river in Europe.
The direction from which a river flows
a depositional plain formed where a river enters a lake or ocean; named after the triangular shape of the greek letter delta
term for clay, silt and sand transported by running water
a type of sediment transport that drags coarser materials alonge the bed of the stream
What are the processes of erosion?
Atrrition, Hydraulic Action,Corrasion,Corrosiom
A large stream of fresh water flowing over land
suspended load
fine particles held in suspension in a stream. The finest particles are not deposited until the stream velocity nears zero
a high water level that overflows the natural banks along any portion of a stream
Baltic Sea
From the tip of the Baltic Sea. Longest River in Poland
What is saltation?
Small stones are bounced along the river bed in a leap frog motion.
The land deposited at the mouth of a river
natural levees
long, low ridges that occur on either side of a river in a developed floodplain; depositional by productsof river-flooding episodes
What is moraine?
A type of landform deposited by the glaicer.
River Basin
All the land drained by a river and its branches
What is the tributary?
When a small stream flows into the main river.
Location: Europe(Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine)
Fact: Second longest river in Europe
Location: Asia(China, India, Pakistan)
Fact: Center of ancient Indian civilization
Location: Africa(Egypt, Sudan, Uganda(white), Ethiopa(blue))
Fact: Longest river in the word, center of ancient Egyptian civilization
Rhine River
Origon in Swiss Alps
The direction a river flows
process whereby rock particles grind and carve the streambed
dissolved load
materials carried in chemical solution in a stream derived from minerals such as limestone and dolomite, or from soluble salts
What is a meander?
A river with bends
The movement of a stream of water
bed load
coarse materials that are dragged alonge the bed of the stream by traction or by rolling and bouncing motion of saltation, involved particles to large to remain in suspension
water that moves downslope ina thin filmas overland flow, not concentrated in channels larger than rills
continental divides
ridge or elevated area that determines the drainage patter of drainage basins
What are the processes of transportation?
Saltation,Solution,Suspension and Traction
Hydraulic Action
The force of flowing water wearing away its beds and banks
drainage pattern
an arrangement of channels that is determined by slope, differing rock resistance, climatic and hydrologic variablity, relief of the land, and structural controls imposed by the landscape
drainage divides
ridges or dividing lines that control into which basin precipitation drains
the drop in elevation from a stream's headwaters to its mouth, ideally forming a concave slope
What is corrasion?
fine material rubs against the river bank and the bank is worn away by the sandpapering affect called abrasion
What is the source?
The point where the river begins
River Valley
The low land through which a river flows
point bar
the inner portion of a stream meander that recieves sediment fill
What is suspension?
Fine material which is light enough to be carried by the river. This disscolors the water
oxbow lake
a lake that was formerly part of the channel of a meandering stream; isolated when a stream eroded its outer bank, forming a cuttoff through the neck ofa looping meander
What is the river beach?
Main deposition occurs (inside of the bend)
Tributary or Branch
A river or creek that flows out of a larger river
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