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Cabernet Sauvignon
Terms Definitions
Where is Soave DOC located and what is it known for
it is located in the western part of Italy's Veneto area and produces Italy's most popular dry white wine
What is the primary grape of Valpolicella
What is the only grape allowed in Pouilly-Fume AC and what region is it from
Sauvignon Blanc, Loire
Marsala DOC can be described as what type of wine and where is it made
A fortified wine made in Western Sicily
Soave wines are made from what grape and what is the minimum precent allowed
Soave wines are made from a minimum of 70% Garganega
Where is the Rias Baixas located and what is the predominant white grape
Spain and Albarino
What type of wine is made in Chablis and what is the approved grape
white wine made from Chardonnay
Savenierres is from what major region
What is the only appellation is Condrieu
What does Sur Lie on a wine label indicate
the wine has been matured on its fine lees
What white grape is used to make Vinho Verde
Alvarinho (Albarino)
What is Vin doux Naturel French for
naturally sweet wine. It refers to a category of sweet, fortified wines made from grapes that are high in natural sugar and whose fermentation is stopped by the addition of a neutral alcohol.
Tavel is the only French AC that is for
rose only
What are the ingredients of a Negroni
gin, sweet vermouth, campari, soda water (optional)
What is Muscat known as in South Africa
descirbe malolactic fermentation
it ia a biochemical reaction where bacteria converts malic acid into lactic acid and carbon dioxide- no alcohol is produced. Because lactic acid is milder than malic acid, wines that undergo this process become softer and smoother.
Where is the only region you can blend white and red grapes to make a rose wine
A late Bottled Vintage Port is always bottled how many years after the vintage
4-6 years
Name the Crus of Beaujolais
Brouilly, Chenas, Chiroubles, Cote de Brouilly, Fleurie, Julienas, Morgon, Moulin-a-Vent, Regnie, St. Amour
What are the 13 grapes allowed to be blended in Chateauneuf du Pape
Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Counoise, Mourvedre, Bourboulenc, Clairette, Picardan, Picpoul, Rossanne, Terret Noir, Vaccarese, Muscardine
Orvieto is best described as
a dry white wine from the Umbria region in Central Italy
Los Carneros has vineyards in what two California wine counties
Sonoma and Napa
What are the Mt. that run through Washington and Oregon
Cascade Mountains
Which wine region of Spain is most noted for the production of Cava wines
Vallee de la Marne is a wine producing district of
What type of wine is Banyuls AC known for and how is it classified
unusual fortified wines, classified as Vin doux Naturel (VdN)
Armagnac is a type of
grape brandy
Where is Collioure located
How is Pierces Disease spread and what is it
bacteria spread by the glassy wind sharp shooter
What is Calvados aged in
Umpqua Vally is located in what US state
What are the top four regions producing quality wine (those ranked as DOC or DOCG) in Italy
Veneto, Piedmont, Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna
What are some of the red grape varieties of the Loire
Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Gamay
Where is Beaumes-de-Venise located
Southern Rhone
Cayuga Lake is an AVA of what American state
New York
Kirsch is described as
a spirit distilled from black cherries
What does spritzig mean
slightly sparkling in German
Marlborough is a major wine producing region in
New Zealand
What is Chenin Blanc known as in South Africa
What are the ingredients of a Pink Lady
dry gin, grenadine, egg white
What type of wine is Bonnezeaux and what grape is used
in the Anjou regin of Loire. Chenin Blanc
Boberg is a region in
South Africa
Eola-Amity Hills is located next to what river
Willamette River
What is the primary grape of Carmignano
What does Crement of a wine bottle indicate
the wine was made by methode traditionelle
describe Carbonic Maceration
the carbonic maceration process begins by dumping whole bunches of freshly picked, uncrushed grapes into large vats filled with carbon dioxide and if yeasts are undesirable, a good wine yeast. In this process, the bottom grapes are crushed by the weight of the grapes above them and fermentation begins with the exuded juice.
What does Spumante mean
Sparkling in Italian
What does frizzante mean
slightly sparkling in Italian
Where is Walker Bay located
South Africa
Gigondas in a AC from
Southern Rhone
Chinon is located next to what river
What is the primary grape of Montagny
Where is the Maipo Valley wine district located
Gigondas has a maximum of 80% of what grape
Where is Paarl located
in South Africa
In what region is Cornas located and what is the only grape grown there
Northern Rhone, Syrah
Wachau is a wine growing region in
What grape is used to make Chinon and where is Chinon located
Cabernet Franc, Touraine
The term 'Crianza' on a wine label refers to
the aging a wine receives
What is the primary grape of Morgon
Where is Coonawarra located
South Australia
What is the grape varietal used in the production of Graves AC
Sauvignon Blanc
Tavel is located in
Southern Rhone
Where is Cahors located
southwestern France
Stellenbosch is a region from
South Africa
Aloxe-Corton is located in what district of Burgundy
Cotes de Beaune
What grape is used to make Gattinara
What are the five village/commune appellations of Cote Chalonnais
Rully AC, Mercurey AC, Givry AC, Montagny AC, Bouzeron AC
Coteaux-du-Layon is located in
the Loire
Nierstein is located next to what river
Aglianico del Vulture is the only DOC for
What is Amontillado
a fino-style of Sherry
What is the primary grape of Gigondas
St Joseph wines are produced in
Northern Rhone
What are the DOCG's of Tuscany
Brunello di Montalcino, Carmignano, Chianti, Chianti Classico, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Vernaccia di San Gimignano
What are the Grand Crus of Chablis
Bougros, Blanchots, Les Clos, Grenouilles, Les Preuses, Valmur, Vaudesir
Where is the town of Saint Sadurni de Anoia located
What are the labeling laws for Australia
85% for vintage, variety, and origin
Where did Australia get their Shiraz vines from
South Africa
What is the primary grape of Morey St. Denis
Pinot Noir
10 year old Tawney Port is matured in
wooden casks
Boberg is a region for
fortified wines only
What is the premier red grape variety of Piedmont
cultivar is another word for
What is the white grape used to make Vouvray
Chenin Blanc
What does the term Spatlese mean
German for late-picking
What is the primary grape of Barolo
What does the term “Sin Crianza” mean on a bottle of Spanish wine
means no cask aging, or less than the legal minimum for Crianza wines. Has been replaced by Joven
What are the 13 Anbaugebiete for Qualitatswein
Mosel, Rheingau, Rheinhessen, Pfalz, Nahe, Mittelrhein, Franken, Hessische Bergstrasse, Ahr, Baden, Wurttemberg, Sachsen, Salle-Unstrut
What are the white grape varities of the Loire Valley
Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadet
Condrieu is is made from which grape
How long is Vintage Madeira aged in Wood
at least 20 years in wood and a further 2 years in bottle
Degorgement is a French term used to denote
the removal of sediment in the production of Champagne
What is Nigori
unfiltered sake
Where is Bandol located
What is liqueur de tirage
the mixture of sugar and yeast added to Champagne to start the 2nd fermentation in the methode champenoise
Where are Colares and Bairrada located
Where is Pouilly-Fuisse located and what is it known for
Maconnais and Chardonnay
Where is Banyuls AC located
What is the predominant grape of New Zealand
Sauvignon Blanc
Douro is a region in
what are the ingredients of a sidecar
brandy, cointreau, lemon juice
Alexander Valley is an AVA located in what Californian region
Sonoma County
Pouilly Fuisse is a
white wine from the Loire
Chaptalization of grape juice is not permitted in
Which German wine producing region traditionally bottles its wines in Bocksbeutells
Franconia (Frankin)
What is the most widely planted grape in Piedmont
What is the only approved red grape in Alsace
Pinot Nior
The main reason for grafting vines is to
make them resistant to Phylloxera
Chinon is
a red wine from the Loire
What is the main red grape of the Willamette Valley
Pinot Noir
Gattinara is a region from
Northern Italy
Where is Vinsobres located
Southern Rhone
What is Banyulas AC know for, and where is it located
fortified wine and in the Languedoc-Roussillon in southern France
Gigondas is located next to what river
Name the Premier Crus of Bordeaux and where the are found
Ch Lafite (Pauillac), Ch Latour (Pauillac), Ch Mouton-Fothschild (Pauillac), Ch Margaux (Margaux), Ch Haut-Brion (Pauillac)
What does petillant mean
slightly sparkling in French
Wachau is located next to what river
Yarra Valley is a wine growing region in
Victoria Australia
What grapes are used to make Chateau d’ Yquem and what region is it from
Semillon and Sauternes
Where is the AVA of Oakville located
California. It is a subappellation within Napa Valley
Vouvary is located next to what river
The grape variety of an Asti DOCG is
Muscato (Muscat)
What are the subregions of Chianti
Chianti Classico, Chianti Colli Aretini, Chianti Colli Fiorentini, Chianti Colli Senesi, Chianti Colline Pisane, Chianti Montalbano, Chianti Montespertoli and Chianti Rufina
What if the primary grape of Savennieres
Chenin Blanc
A Champagne bottle known as a Jeroboam contains the equivalent of how many bottles
4 bottles
/ 126

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