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Terms Definitions
The time, place and atmosphere of the action in a story
The way a writer creates and develops characters. Four methods of characterization are: the writer makes direct comments about a character theough the narrator's voice- the writer may describe char.s physical appearance- writer may present the car.'s own thoughts, speech and actions - writer may present thoughts speech and actions of other characters.
The series of events in a story; the storyline.
The first stage of a typical story plot; provides important background information and introduces the setting and the important characters.
Narrative Hook
The event or events that occur at the very beginning of a story to lure the reader into the story.
Rising Action
Events in a story that show how the conflict or stuggle develops and becomes more difficult; it builds suspense
Falling Action
Events in a story that show the results of the important decision or action that happened at the climax; tension also eases, but the final outcome is not yet fully complete.
The most exciting part and a "turning point" in a story; it makes the outcome of the conflict clear
Near the end of the story; it reveals how everything turns out (also known as denouement)
A word's literal meaning; i.e., the definition from the dictionary
The feelings and ideas associated with a word
Using clues given in a story with your own knowledge to draw conclusions about what is happening
Supporting Details
Words, phrases or sentences that tell more about the main idea
A written conversation between two or more characters; it is used to bring characters to life and to give readers insights into the characters qualities, traits, and reactions to other characters
A word that is used in place of a noun or another pronoun
Words used before nouns or adjectives to form phrases that modify verbs, nouns or other adjectives
Words that are used to connect words, phrases, clauses or sentences
Linking Verb
Verbs that join subjects with words or phrases that rename or describe them
Combining facts, details, and ideas from different sources in order to gain a better understanding of the topic
Chronological Order
Also called time order; the order in which events take place
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