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SkyWest PAR
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Airport Security Coordinator - The airport representative responsible for ensuring all security measures are implemented at an airport. Interface with ASC in a GSC's job requirement.
Aviation Safety Inspector (FAA) - These government officials have the authority to enforce CFR's (Code of Federal Regulations) and FAR's (Federal Aviation Regulations) in addition to inspecting aircraft operator operations, manuals and training records. ASIs must display their credentials at all times when on the AOA (Air Operations Area)
Complaint Resolution Official - An airline employee trained in accordance with 14 CFR Part 382 (ACAA) who has the authority to resolve disability related issues.
Designated Loading Agent - Maintains control of all weight and balance communication and reporting for assigned flights.
Federal Air Marshal - These individuals are tasked with traveling discreetly on aircraft for security purposes.
Federal Flight Deck Officer - Airline crew member who has successfully completed training with the federal government and has been authorized by TSA to carry a weapon on board an aircraft with certain restrictions.
Federal Security Director - All commercial airports in the US have a FSD. These appointed TSA representatives are responsible for all aviation security at their assigned airport(s) and are the TSA's point of contact.
Ground Security Coordinator - Individuals certified and responsible for ensuring station compliance with all government security mandates.
InFlight Security Coordinator (PIC) - All SkyWest aircraft PICs are designated as the InFlight Security Coordinator.
Law Enforcement Office (Delta) - A civil law enforcement officer or agent, military law enforcement officer or official employee of a municipality.
Pilot in Command - Pilot responsible for the operation and safety of an aircraft during flight time.
Transportation Security Inspector - Member of TSA whose responsibility is to ensure aircraft operators adhere to the directives set forth in the AOSSP.
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