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Who were the kings that ruled from 1589-1792?
The Bourbon Kings of France
List the Bourbon Kings of France.
Henry IV, Luis XIII, Luis XIV, Luis XV, and Luis XVI
What was the agricultural crises?
Period of time in the 17th century colder/wetter climate led to a shorter growing that led to food shortage that led to starvation which led to a decline in the population the resulted in stagnation in the economy
What was the manufacturing crises?
A decline in textile production in the seventeenth century
What were the political consequences of the agricultural and manufacturing crises?
Increase in government spending (wars/professional armies), increase in taxes (results in peasant revolt), monarch control over the Catholic Church, and monarch makes and enforces criminal law
When the government indeed taxes, what did the peasants almost always do?
What is sovereignty?
When the state has power within its borders
Who held power within the state?
The king or privileged groups
Kings claimed to rule by what?
Divine right
What is divine right?
When the king is responsible to God
In order to be an absolute monarch, who must cooperate?
The nobility
Kings developed bureaucracies that were composed of what?
Career officials appointed by the king so they are accountable to the king
What did early bureaucrats use to benefit themselves?
Their office (this was bad)
What was a bureaucrat?
A civil servant
Who did the 17th century bureaucrat serve?
The state as a representative of the king
A state may be termed _ when it possesses a monopoly over the instruments of justice and the use of force within clearly defined boundaries.
What were the weaknesses of the French financial system under Luis XIV?
The sale of the job tax collector to "tax farmers"
What were the outcomes of the Peace of Utrecht?
It completed the decline of Spain as a great power, it vastly expanded the British Empire, it ended French expansionist policy, and it gave European powers experience in international cooperation particularly in the balance-of-power principle
The Fronde refers to...
A rebellion by aristocrats and others early in the reign of Louis XIV
Medieval kings claimed to rule...
By divine right
Political power in the Dutch republic was...
Held by the stadholder and his royal courtiers
What was the cause of the Spanish War of Succession?
The prospect of Louis XIV controlling both the French and Spanish thrones
So was Henry IV's chief minister who was a devout Protestant?
French intendants were almost always recruited from the....
New, judicial nobility
Richelieu's constructive genius is best reflected in his...
Administrative innovations
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