IT 280 unit 3 Flashcards

Information Technology
Terms Definitions
Internet Service Provider
Typical Broadband download speeds
Typical Broadband upload speeds
Bandwidth measures how many bits per second can be transmitted.
Bandwidth is important to downloading files and viewing web pages.
Throughput measures how many bits per second can be transmitted.
Bandwidth and throughput mean the same thing.
What are the 2 measures of network speed?
Bandwidth, latency
What are the 3 measures of network speed?
Upload bandwidth, download bandwidth, latency
Latency is the delay between a packet being sent and being received.
Why is demarc important?
The ISP is responsible for everything outside the demarc. You are responsible for everything inside the demarc.
modulator demodulator
wide area network
what does a modem do?
It converts between voltages and frequencies
unshielded twisted pairs
What does UTP do?
It is a physical cable for carrying bits between devices within a local area
Cat 5
category 5
which is better quality cat 5 or cat 6?
cat 6
what is troubleshooting?
When you have trouble, you try to fi gure out what the cause is and how
to fix it.
What 2 times should you connect your computer directly to a modem?
(a) when it is the only computer on your home network or (b) when you are troubleshooting the network
What 5 services does a typical home router provide?
firewall, gateway, DCHP, NAT, wi-fi
What does a firewall do?
it stops uninvited packets from reaching your computer
What does a gateway do?
it provides a path from your computer to the internet.
What does DCHP do?
It provides network con figuration information to your computer when
you connect to the network.
What does NAT do?
normally it translates nonroutable IP addresses into routable ones.
What does wi-fi do?
it provides a wireless connection between laptops and the local area network.
wireless access point
wireless local area network
how fast is wi-fi?
54 Mbps, shared, is common
How many connections can a wi-fi access point handle?
how fast is a wired connection?
100 or 1000 Mbps in each direction per connection is common.
What is duplex?
Duplex tells whether you have two paths, in and out, that can operate
at the same time.
half duplex?
You can send and receive, but not both at the same time. Wi-Fi is
typically half duplex.
full duplex?
you can send and receive both at the same time. Wired connections are typically full duplex.
What benefit does a switch provide?
it provides more wired ports for your LAN.
Name 5 components of a typical home internet system
ISP, modem, router, WAP, computers
Name 5 catagories of ISP
cable, telephone (DSL), wireless, satellite, power line
what does UPS stand for?
uninterruptible power supply
what is a hotspot?
also called a Wi-Fi hotspot, it is another name for wireless access point.
what does default mean?
default is the choice or action that will happen if you do not specify something else
what defaults should I not keep?
What passwords does a home router normally have?
an administrative passwords and a Wi-Fi password.
What is Global Broadcast Ping?
It is a ping to every device that you can reach.
how do you do a global broadcast ping?
with global broadcast ping, who is the first responder?
Normally the device sending the ping is also the first to respond.
With global Broadcast Ping, who is the second to respond?
Normally the router is almost always the second (or first) responder.
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