MicroBIO ch. 6 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Elusive Virus
- Louis Pasteur postulated that rabies was caused by a virus - Ivanovski and Beijerinck showed a disease in tobacco
Obligate Intracellular parasite
can't multiply unless it invades a specific host cell and instructs its genetic and metabolic machinery to make and release quantities of a new virus
protein shell that surrounds the nucleic acid in the central core
identical protein subunits, but can spontaneously self assemble into a finished capsid
very large DNA viruses that lack a typical capsid and are covered by a dense layer of lipoproteins and coarse fibrils on the outer surface
Animal Virus Multiplication
1) Adsorption 2) Penetration 3) Uncoating 4) Synthesis 5) Viral persistence 6) Release from Host Cell 7) Cell destruction
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