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American Civil War
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Hula Hoops
Director: Gary Ross
Heavy_______were instilled on Germany
largest industry in 1920's
Louis Armstrong
1920s and 1930s
Bobby Jones
golfer of the decade
Chris Gardner
The pursuit of Happiness
Thomas Paine
Author of Common Sense
credited with first moving assembly line
common schools
The early nineteenth-century movement was grounded in the belief that a successful republican government depended on an educated citizenry. This defined a need for free tax-supported public schools, which all children were expected to attend. Horace Mann was the recognized leader of this movement.
The rebuilding and restructuring of the United States after the American Civil War
trained the south vietnamese while u.s. withdrew
Henry David Thoreau
American transcendentalist who was against a government that supported slavery. He wrote down his beliefs in Walden. He started the movement of civil-disobedience when he refused to pay the toll-tax to support him Mexican War.
Govenor Coolidge
Ends the Boston, Massachussetts police strike
Andre Dubus III
House of Sand and Fog
Religious followers of George Fox and Margaret Fell. They had a society different form the Puritans. They rejected the concept of predestination, and believed that all people were equal in the eyes of God. Church rights were equal between the men and the women. Other religious groups looked down on them because of their democratic ways and radical views.
Bill of Rights
First 10 amendments-protection of individual rights
Ida Tarbell
journalist wrote about d. rockfellers standard oil company
New England Way
Puritan commonwealth which was based on cooperation between church and state
Gertrude Ederly
first swimmer to cross the English Channel
Aaron H. Devor
Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender
Mexican War
Claiming that Mexico had "invaded our territory and shed American blood upon the American soil," President Polk stirred Congress into declaring war against Mexico on May 13, 1846. This war marked the pinnacle of U.S. expansionist feeling (Manifest Destiny). On February 2, 1848, representatives from both countries signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. In return for $15 million, Mexico surrendered New Mexico and California—the "Mexican Cession"—to the United States. Would slavery be allowed in this land? The war had tremendously important consequences in the growing sectional controversy and contributed substantially to the coming of the Civil War in 1861.
Great Awakening
Beginning in the 1730s, it emphasized the potential for everyone to break away from their past constraints to start a new relationship with God. It reflected the desires to break away from their family or community to start a new life.
The breaking apart or splitting of the United States. The South left the Union
the first part, or introduction, of a documnet.
Jean Kilbourne
Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt: Advertising and Violence
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
This treaty ended the Mexican-American War. Mexico had suffered badly in the war and was compelled to relinquish vast amounts of land as well as abandoning all claims on Texas. In exchange, the United States paid Mexico $15 million. In the United States, the additional territory secured by the treaty reunited the fires of sectional controversy by raising questions regarding the expansion of slavery.
Radio & TV
A way of communication between familes and the outside world. They were more connected with the news, sports, and other entertainment.
Kansas Nebraska Act
Law of 1854 that created the territories of Kansas Nebraska and allowed voters to choose whether to allow slavery
NATO/Warsaw Pact
the us, canadam and 10 nations western europe. made for mutual defense. warsaw pact was wen the ussr collapsed
Hudson River School
a group of American painters of the mid-19th century whose works are characterized by a highly romantic treatment of landscape, esp. along the Hudson River
Salem Witch Trials
An example of hysteria in the 17th Century New England towns. Witch accusations were made by young girl causing chaos and people going to prison. 19 people ended up dying as a result of people's belief in witchcraft.
Began in 1817 as a series of houses where conductors hid runaway enslaved persons and helped them reach the next safe house.
T shirts
Evelyn Shakkir
Oh Lebanon!
Al Capone
public enemy #1
Mississippi Burning
Director: Alan Parker
Shirley Temple
1920s and 1930s
Charles Atlas
super 1920's weight lifter
Sergio Arau
A day without Mexicans
Free market and private ownership
republican administrations
tariff rates are usually higher
Sue Monk Kidd
Secret life of bees
Loyalist-colonist loyal to the British crown
The right for women to vote.
Romanticism, which was a reaction to the classicism of the early 18th century, favored feeling over reason and placed great emphasis on the subjective, or personal, experience of the individual. Nature was also a major theme.
Red Grange
Galloping Ghost of University of Illinois
The Alamo
This was an 18th-century Spanish colonial mission located in San Antonio, Texas. It was the site of one of the most dramatic battles of the Texas Revolution, which involved Texans fighting for independence from Mexico. All 187 Texan defenders, including Bowie and Crockett, were killed by Mexican General Santa Anna's army; but estimates put the number of Mexican Army casualties at anywhere from 600 to 2,000. The fall of this mission became a rallying cry for those fighting to secure Texas' independence and the 13-day siege quickly became enshrined in the public's mind as one of America's most heroic moments.
found expression in the clothes they wore, their hairstyles, speech, and behavior.
They smoked, drank, attended dances, clubs and parties, wore makeup and their clothes were very seductive.
Reflected a want for independence and freedom
The process of Native Americans to become part or like white Americans forced to change language, clothing and way of life
Spearheaded the campaign or common schools. He was concerned about poor children.
Mayflower Compact
Agreement drawn up by Pilgrim leaders for men to sign, which established a self-governing colony based on majority rule of male church members
Cecil B. Demille
Great producer of the film industry
Affirmative Action
a policy designed to redress past discrimination against women and minority groups through measures to improve their economic and educational opportunities
a custom that is passed on to others
High Brow/Low Brow Culture
During the industrial revolution, wealth was unevenly distributed. 45% of the wealth was in the hands of 10% of the population. Those who had wealth were showy about it. The majority of Americans were poor and struggled to survive. The number of people living like this continued to grow.
Chain Stores
An example is Sears--same store in different locations selling the same products
Declaration of independence
a document staring the thirteen colonies were separate from great britain.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
A member of the women's right's movement in 1840. She was a mother of seven, and she shocked other feminists by advocating suffrage for women at the first Women's Right's Convention in Seneca, New York 1848. Stanton read a "Declaration of Sentiments" which declared "all men and women are created equal."
Texas Annexation
On March 1, 1845, the U.S. Congress passed this joint resolution extending an offer to the Republic of Texas. The Texas legislature accepted the offer at a convention on July 4. The people of Texas ratified the convention's acceptance on October 13, and Texas officially joined the Union on December 29, 1845. The Mexican government was infuriated by this and soon the United States and Mexico were at war.
yellow journalism
the newspaper was a way to get information regarding many topics out into the public. It was a new way to communicate.
Yellow Journalism- an exaggerated form of press that wasn't always accurate. Today this would be compared to the tabloids
Uncle Tom's Cabin
A novel written by Harriet Beecher Stowe in the early 1850's proved to be important antislavery literature
when blacks would come in and sit in white restaurants
Rudy Valentino
actor who died at age 31, very popular and attractive
march on Washington
in 1963, over 200,000 marched down the Mall in D.C. in the greatest civil rights demonstration. the march was supported by President Kennedy. This was also the time at whicj MLK gave his "I have a Dream" speech.
One of the two founders of the women's rights conventions.
Jefferson memorial
The Beatles
Kayo Hatta
Picture bride
Billy Mitchell
ardently for airpower
Horatio Alger
Harlon L. Dalton-critique
Marilyn Monroe
1940s and 1950s
president with least political experience during the 1920's
David Gutterson
Snow falling on Cedars
Ban or not allow liquor.
Ford's mass production _______ the price of cars
Randa Jarrar
A frame in the sky
John Wilkes Booth
Assassinated President Abraham Lincoln
The freeing of all enslaved persons
Allied countries
Owed the U.S. money from WWI
Harper Lee
Author of To Kill A Mockingbird
Santa Anna
This Mexican leader supporrted the revolution that resulted in independence from Spain in 1821. By 1833, he was elected president of Mexico, but by 1834, he declared himself dictator. In 1836, with an army of 6,000 men, he defeated Texan rebels at the Alamo but was badly beaten by Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto. He ultimately signed the Treaties of Velasco, which granted Texas its freedom from Mexico. Returning from exile in 1846, he commanded Mexican forces again--this time against United States troops in the Mexican war. But he was again unsuccessful; Mexico city fell to General Winfield Scott in 1847.
Harlem Renaissance
After WWII, African culture influenced a new genertion of black artists and intellectuallists. Jazz and theater became a major part of thier life.
A business organization is under legal and or state rights
A reformer (changer) who, with others, worked to change Americans' ways of thinking about these institutions and the mentally ill inmates
Common School Movement
Horace Mann advocated for public schools.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Coined the phrase "the jazz age"
Ralph Waldo Emerson
He was the leading transcendentalist thinker of the early nineteenth century. Optimism and self-confidence marked his philosophy, and, like other romantics, he glorified individualism. His essay "Self-Reliance" articulated a particularly American notion of the independence of the individual within society. He is widely regarded as the father of American literature.
Cowboy Culture
Romantic outlook- they were seen as free man who were one with nature and able to live their own life
Reality- life was difficult and they faced hardships
The role as cowboy was just like any other job with low pay and great discomfort
While out on the job they faced a great deal of lonliness
The pop culture in America, such as novels and other forms or entertainment, portrayed the cowboy as a great hero of the frontier. It painted a false picture of what they really faced.
Emmanuel Gottlieb Leutze
Washington Crossing the Delaware and Westward
Reserved Powers
Powers the state governments have only to them. Example: Driver's License
Nellie Bly
did an investigation on brutality an how they neglect at an insane asylum
Great migration
began in 1630 when more than 40,000 people left England for the America's
Anita Hill
She is best known for claiming at Thomas' 1991 Senate confirmation hearings that Clarence Thomas had made provocative sexual statements to her while her supervisor.
Compromise of 1850
This was Congress's attempt to settle several outstanding issues involving slavery. It banned the slave trade in Washington, D.C.; admitted California as a free state; applied popular sovereignty to the remaining Mexican Cession territory; and passed a more stringent Fugitive Slave Act. Although many other men played important roles in hammering out the compromise, this controversy is remembered as the last crisis in which the three congressional titans of the day—Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and John C. Calhoun—all played a part.
Chief Joseph
The leader of the Nez Prece attempted to escape to Canada
Brown vs. Board
when the surpreme court ruled for equal rights for black and whites to go to the same school
American History X
Directed by Tony Kaye; Cam Alexander = man of ideas, Derek Vineyard = man of action; anti-Immigration, anti-blacks, and anti-Jews.
Civil War
The war in the United States fought on the premise of state's rights and to abolish slavery
Olive Branch Petition
A Letter of peace drafted by the second Continental Congress to Great Britain
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