Human Genetics Scientists and Theories Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Jean Baptiste Lamark
Proposed that, over generations, the environment influenced traits so that offsprint inherit traits that the parents learn/get via the environment
August Wiesmann
Was against the theory of inheritance of acquired characterisitcs and proposed that cells have no information about their environment
C. P. Snow
Wrote "The Two Cultures," which explains that to be an informed citizen, one needs to know both the sciences and the art
Principle of Parsimony
We should adopt the simplest explanation possible to accurately describe phenomenon
Jacques Monod
"What's true of E. Coli is true of the elephant"
Henrietta Lacks
The donor of HeLa cells, used to study cancer around the world
Erwin Schrodinger
Discovered that while most things are largely present in cells, each cell only has 23 pairs of chromosomes
Gregor Mendel
Discovered autosomal dominance using his pea plants
Walter Sutton
Created the Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance which states that 1)Chromosomes occur in pairs 2) One of each pair goes into each sperm or egg 3) Mendelian genes are real!
Theodor Boveri
Discovered that organisms require all of their chromosomes to develop normally and that the scrambling of chromosomes results in a cancerous cell
Nettie Stevens
Discovered that genes occupy specific locations on chromosomes through her work with meal worms
Julia Bell and J. B. S. Haldane
Discovered x-linkage correlated to colorblindness and hemophilia
Thomas Hunt Morgan and Alfred Sturtevant
Crossed flies and discovered genetic mapping
David Botstein
Proposed a method for constructing a genetic linkage map for humans
Karl Pearson
Created the formula for chi square and p-values
R. A. Fisher
“Every experiment may be said to
exist only to give the facts a chance
of disproving the null hypothesis”; aka, created the null hypothesis
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