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Common carotid artery
Terms Definitions
What fills spaces and binds muscles?
What are the 6 groups that the face is divided in?
Orbit, mouth, nose, ear, scalp, platysma
What are the 5 main branches of the facial nerve?
Temporal, zygomatic, buccal, mandibular, cervical
What does the marginal mandibular branch control?
lower lip
What muscle does the cervical branch go to?
What are most important nerves to eating and speaking?
Buccal & marginal mandibular branches
Which nerve is the sensory nerve?
Which nerve is the motor nerve?
What are the 3 divisions of the trigeminal and what are they associated with?
V1: opthalmic, V2: maxillary, V3: mandibular
What does the V1 include?
Upper face: skin, orbit, sinuses
What does the V2 include?
Middle face: lips, skin, nose, teeth, gums, sinuses, alveolar nerve
What does the V3 include?
Lower face: lips, skin, teeth, gums, anterior tongue, muscles of mastication, mental nerve
Where is the danger zone of the face?
From the root/base of the nose to lateral angles of the mouth
What 4 things does the parotid gland relate to?
auricle, sternocleidomastoid, masseter, skin
What muscle closes the eyes?
orbicularis oculi
What are the two deep muscles of the face?
Levator anguli oris & buccinators
What does the buccal fat pad do?
Occupies space in the face, gives it contour, stiffens baby's cheeks so it can suck
What is the modiolus?
Hub of insertion of muscles at the corner of the mouth. A thick area important in denture design
What are the 4 attachments of buccinator muscles?
Maxilla, external oblique line, pterygomandibular raphe, modiolus
How is bell's palsy caused?
Injecting anesthetic into the parotid in a failed mandibular block
What does bell's palsy do?
Pulls the face toward the normal side
What are the 3 major sensory nerves to the anterior face?
supraorbital, infraorbital, mental
What is the origin of the supraorbital sensory nerve?
opthamalic division
What are the 4 pressure points for controlling bleeding in the facial region?
facial notch, modiolus, philtrum, side of the nose
What is the origin of the infraorbital sensory nerve?
Maxillary division
What is the origin of the mental sensory nerve?
Mandibular division
Where does the parotid node drain?
Posterior face
Where does the submental node drain?
chin region
Where does the facial node drain?
Face region between parotid & submental nodes
Where does the submandibular node drain?
Submandibular region, facial & submental nodes
Where does the facial lympth drain?
deep cervical chain of nodes, empties into the venous system at the base of the neck
What do lymph nodes do?
Filter the blood and kill pathogens
What are the 4 border structures of the parotid gland?
laterally skin, posterior auricle, sternocleidomastoid, medial masseter
What are the 5 structures found within the parotid gland?
great auricle nerve, auriculotemporal nerve, facial nerve, retromandibular vein, external carotid artery
What are the 2 branches on the left side of the aortic arch and where do they go?
left subclavian ( to upper limb) and common carotid (to head and neck)
What are the 2 branches on the right side of the aortic arch and where do they go?
Brachiocephalic (gives rise to both subclavian and common carotid)
What are the 2 branches of the common carotid and where do they go?
1) internal carotid (no branches in neck, 1st branch in cranial cavity) and external carotid (branches to neck and head)
What is the carotid sinus?
an enlargement at the base of the internal carotid that detects blood pressure
Where can you detect the carotid pulse?
just lateral to the larynx
What are the 2 terminal branches of the external carotid?
superficial temporal artery, maxillary artery
Where does the superficial temporal artery pass? Maxillary artery?
Superficial temporal artery goes anterior to the auricle and maxillary artery goes into infratemporal fossa
What does the superficial temporal artery supply?
the temporal region w/ anterior & posterior branches
What are the 3 anterior branches of the external carotid?
superior thyroid, lingual, facial
What is the direction of the lingual artery?
runs anteriorly in the floor of the mouth then divides into the sublingual, turns lateral to the tongue and deep lingual then turns medially into the muscles of the tongue
What is the direction of the facial artery and what does it supply?
arise from the external carotid artery above the lingual artery and supplies to the face
What is the origin of the Sphenopalatine artery supply?
origin: maxillary artery through the sphenopalatine foramen
What does the Sphenopalatine artery supply?
supplies the nasal cavity
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