CDE Program Development Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Grade 1 research design
blind and randomized study
Grade 5 research design
descriptive study or expert opinion
DCCT study with intense BG control
60% reduction in microvascular if hga1c 7
UKPDS study
10year risk reduction if hgac <7
intense <6 % associated with increased mortality of participants
Fasting BG high why:
not enough basal or inadequate oral med evening
Effective behavioral changes
set realistic goals
Comphrensive Coordinated Care
Community Services; Endo; GI, Gyn, Nephro, Ortho, Podiatry, MNT, Urologist
Dietary fat intake
<7% of total caloric intake
PNA vx
recommended for all over ag e 2
Goals for HDL
goals for TG
Beta Blockers and CVD event
Use for at least 2 years
Eye exam and good glycemic control
q2-3 yrs, following 1 or more normal exams
Screening for eye and neuro in type 1
start 5 years following
HTN when to interevene
if goals not achieved in 3-6months
children and lipid screen
start age 10 and family hx > 2y
Statins and children
LDL >160 and >10yo; if CVD factor LDL >130
Disinfect finger or insulin insert?
Proactive process for preventive management
protects people with DM at work including insulin usage; letter would be helpful
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