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Colorbond Technology
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Colorbond Technology
High tenacity dyes, Ceramides, Cationic conditioners, Coconut oil
High tenacity dyes
Lock color
Repair surface
Cationic conditioners
Perfects shine
Coconut oil
Protects the vibrancy
Natural balance, Natural Fashion, Fashion, High-Lift, Hi-Fusion
Processing time for color fusion
35 -45 minutes
Off scalp processing
30 minutes
gray coverage ratio
Up to 25% = 1/2 oz N or Gb. 25-50%=1oz. 50-75%= 1 1/2oz. 75%-100%= 1 3/4oz
Hair 50% gray or higher...
Use cover fusion alone
Natural balance
Produces "natural balanced" results....ASH/green, ASH/blue, ASH/violet....Black to Gray.....NEUTRAL, GOLD/beige.....Brown to Tan
Natural Fashion
Creates vibrant, yet believable results, even on gray hair....GOLD/gold, GOLD/orange, GOLD/copper, GOLD/red, BROWN/copper, BROWN/red, MAHOGANY/violet, COPPER, COPPER/red....Brown to Tan background
Ultra vibrant results on natural hair-color.....COPPER/copper, RED, RED/violet, VIOLET/red, background color
Color fusion extra lift
Achieve up to 5 levels of lift and control warmth in a single process...violet (7-10)....light neutral (6-10)....Blue (5-7)....Titanium (3-5), medium neutral (1-5), Green (1-3) background color
Amplifier or tonal highlights...Blue, Violet, Yellow, Red, Orange, Chrome direct dyes
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