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Languages of Africa
Terms Definitions
Agriculture is no more than ________.
10,000 years old
The earliest evidence of cave art that we know of occurring in Africa is located at the
Blombos Cave in South Africa
Upper Paleolithic social groups were similar to
foraging bands
When looking at ancient social groups in Africa one would think that they were solely
hunter and not gatherers
It is believed that ancient social groups were mostly
Scholars divided African languages into _____ groups
The language of clicking sounds belonged to the
The Niger-Congo speakers are currently found
West and southern Africa
Nilo-Saharan speakers live along
middle Nile River, inland delta of Niger River, and central Sahara
Linguistic and archaeological evidence suggests that Nilo-Saharan speakers developed an
Aquatic Tradition
It is suspected that candidates for the first modern humans to leave Africa and begin occupation of tropical Asia were
Nilo Saharan
The first modern humans to cross into Asia crossed from the
Bab al-Mandab
The pioneers who ventured into temperate regions of Eurasia and the Americas could be descendants of the following group
Nilo Saharan
The Afro-Asiatic language family by 10,000 B.P. were living off of
wild grains
The Niger-Congo language family by 10,000 B.P. were living off of
grass seeds
By 40,000 the African pioneers who were throughout different environments came into competition with
homo sapiens
By 15,000 B.P. virtually every climate zone that could support human habitation had been occupied by the descendants of
African Pioneers
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