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Terms Definitions
Genetic make up of an individual.
An observable or measurable feature of an organism. Can be anatomical, biochemical, or behavioral.
Environment vs pheno/genotype
Affects phenotype because traits are adjustable. Genotype is genetic and cannot not be altered.
Two types of Natural Selection
1) Directional 2) Stabilizing
Directional Selection
Natural selection that drives evolutionary change by selecting for greater or lesser frequency of a given trait in a population.
Stabilizing Selection
Selection that maintains a certain phenotype by selecting against deviations from it.
Gene Flow
Movements of genes between populations.
Gene Drift
Random changes in gene frequency in a popluation.
Founder Effect
New populations that become isolated from the parent population carry only the genetic variation of the founders.
Genetic Bottleneck
Temporary reduction in size of a population or species.
Darwin's 2 Components of Sexual Selection
The struggle between males to gain access to females and the struggle of females to choose the right mate.
Sexual Dimorphism
The difference in size, color, shape, between the sexes. (Ex: Males are bigger/stronger than females)
The basis for the study of biological classification today.
Similarity of traits resulting from shared ancestry.
Having similar traits due to similar use (not due to shared ancestry.
Homologous Features
Similar features in two related organisms that look alike because of a shared evolutionary history.
Analogous Features
Features that are similar because of similar pattern of use rather then a shared ancestry.
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