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Vertebrate trachea
Terms Definitions
what should be clearly shown in the Lindblom method exposure?
clavicles lying superior to the apices, apices and lungs in their entirety
what is the respiration for an AP axial projection?
exposure at the end of full inspiration
where do you center the IR to for the AP axial projection?
to the midsagittal plane at the level of T2
when is the AP axial projection used
when the patient cannot be positioned into the lordotic position
where is the central ray directed for the AP axial projection?
at an angle of 15-20 degrees cephalad
what does using the decubitus position demonstrate?
it is used for determining change in fluid position and reveals any previously obscured pulmonary areas
what is the central ray for a lateral decubitus?
horizontal and perpendicular to the center of the IR
when you are not using a grid ... technique is needed
less technique
before doing a lateral decubitus, how long should you have the person wait if you are looking for fluid or air levels?
5 minutes
to demonstrate air, you want to position the patient on the ... side
opposite or unaffected side because air rises
to demonstrate fluid, you would place the patient on the ... side
same or affected side
what does the respiratory system consist of?
pharynx, trachea, bronchi, and two lungs
the air passages of the respiratory organs communicate with the exterior through what?
the pharynx, mouth and nose
a fibrous muscular tube with 16-20 C-shaped cartilaginous rings embedded in its walls for greater rigidity
this organ lies in the midline of the body, anterior to the esophagus in the neck
in the thorax, this is shifted slightly to the right of the midline as a result of...
the trachea and because of the arching of the aorta
what are the structures shown in a PA projection of the chest?
air filled trachea, the lungs, the diaphragmatic domes, the heart and aortic knob, and if enlarged laterally the thyroid gland.
what structure is shown from an oblique angle Chest?
bronchial tree
if you see the spine to clearly in a PA chest, what is there to much of?
to much technique (kVp)
what structures is the left lateral chest position used to show?
the heart, the aorta, and left sided pulmonary lesions
what structures is the right lateral chest position used to show?
right sided pulmonary lesions
in the LAO position, what structures are best seen?
the maximum area of the right lung and the thoracic viscera, trachea, carina, entire right branch of the bronchial tree, the heart, the descending aorta and the arch of the aorta. the left lung is superimposed by the spine.
in the RAO position what are the structures shown?
maximum area of the leg lung, thoracic viscera, the trachea, the entire left branch of the bronchial tree. the anterior portion of the right lung is superimposed by the spine
what structures do the AP axial and AP axial oblique positions show?
the apices and conditions such as interlobar effusions
what is an Acute Abdominal Series used to see?
bowel obstruction or some other obstruction
in a lateral chest xray, what are you looking for to be in line when to see if the person is rotated?
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