#3 company officer Flashcards

Terms Definitions
The act of directing overseeing or controlling the activities and behaviors of employees
To maximize success as leaders company officers must master
Good listening skills
One trait of an effective leader is
What determines whether current policies are effective and enforceable
A policy analysis
A fire officer must develop and initiate three things in accordance with local policy upon arrival at an emergency seen what are they
Incident action plan incident safety plan and the ICS system
The Firemans rule states that property owners cannot be held responsible for firefighters injuries unless the injury was A result of a crime gross negligence or disregard for their safety
A guide to decision-making in an organization is called a
What part of the rope is used for work
The running end. I.E. Hoisting
What is the most common source of heat energy in combustion reaction
Chemical heat energy
A written communication closely related to a policy is called
This is a guide to decision-making
The capacity to perform work is called
A predetermined plan for an emergency or nonemergency is called a
Standard operating procedure
The following are functions of the company officer as a supervisor
Giving advice, acting as a role model, and negotiating conflicts
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