Georgia Constitution Flashcards

General Assembly
Terms Definitions
Article VII
Article X
amending constitution
Article V
executive branch
Article I
Bill of Rights
What is "homestead exemption"?
Judges are selected
in nonpartisan elections
Minimum age for Georgia Senate
Only amendments allowed now
general Assembly amendments
Georgia's General Assembly is
a bicameral body
Name several county elected officials whose positions are provided by law in the Georgia Constitution.
Name several purposes for which guaranteed revenue debt can be incurred by the state
Which office under the Governor's direction manages the strategic planning for state
government, as well as consolidates all the expenditure requests from various agencies
into one unified budget proposal which the Governor sends to the General Assembly
What does a grand jury do?
Does the Georgia Constitution have a Bill of Rights
The salary of judges
is prescribed by law
What court has jurisdication over a broad
range of cases and is the court of original jurisdiction in felony trials?
The State of Georgia requires a majority, not a plurality, in the vote count for the election of several of its constitutional officers. Explain what happens if a candidate does not garner at least 51 percent of the vote (Article II, Section II, paragraph
Georgia's general sales tax is levied on what items?
In repaying bonds (revenue bonds and general obligation bonds) there is a limit on how much the state can incur debt service. see Article VII, Section IV para. II (b) How is this calculated?
For what do local governments use local option sales taxes?
Governors may
succeed themselves for one term after having served one term.
The presiding officer of the House of Representatives is
what does the constitution describe
fundamental powers of government
Who has the power to discipline or remove judges?
Give the titles of the state executive officers who are not appointed by the governor but who are elected in statewide elections.
What are the key sources of income (types of tax revenue) for Georgia's government?
In what type of legislation does the Governor of Georgia have the line-item veto power?
Who is the executive officer of the State Board of Education?
How many terms can a Governor have
two consecutive terms
The president of the senate and presiding officer is
the Lt. Governor
What does it mean to have an open, direct primary?
wat type of legislature
house of assembly ,had most power
The Georgia Constitution calls for the branches of government to
be separate and distinct
who could vote
free white males over the age of 21 with 250 acres of land and a trade or craft
Vacancies in the General Assembly
occur when a member moves into another district
Special sessions of the General Assembly:
A special session can occur without the Governor issuing a
call for one.
is true about the veto powers of the
The Governor may veto individual appropriations within bills
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