American Government Semester Exam Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Keepers of freedom
Having absolute authority
It is illegal to...
Tax Exports
spying for a foreign power
National government's job to protect the people
only crime specifically mentioned in the Constituion which is declaring war against one's own nation
10 years
Maximum time a president can serve
Abraham Lincoln
Said that the government should provide essential services for the people
Establishment Clause
government cannot endorse (support or recommend) a certain religion
freedom to gather with others to express views on public matters
Free Exercise Clause
government cannot interfere with personal religious choices
Constitutional Republic
A system of government where teh people are the ultimate source of governmental authority
Pure Speech
The verbal expression of though and opinion before an audience
Presidential Appointment
Gives president right to choose judges and other positions
John Locke's Political Writings
Influenced American colonies for independence
An ethnic term referring to races or other large groups of peopole.
an example that is used to justify similar occurrences at a later time
symbolic speech
burning the U.S. flag, picketing, and wearing non-offensive clothing are legal examples of this form of expression.
concurrent jurisdiction
authority shared by both federal and state courts
Parlimentary Gov
for of govin which the executive branch is made up of the prime minister and the cabinet and voters choose the legislature who chooses the prime minister
The legal process by which a person a person is granted the rights and privilege of a citizen
Someone who is in the middle in terms of politics. Best change of being elected President
States came about by
force, evolution, divine right, and social contract theories
criminal case
case in which a person has been accused of breaking a law
civilian tribunal
a court operating as part of the judicial branch, entirely separate from the military establishment
the authority of a court to rule on certain cases
original jurisdiction
the authority to hear cases for the first time
Manifest Destiny
NOT a theory of The Origin of the State
Legislative Power
The power to make law and to frame public policies.
5 freedoms in the First Amendment
Speech Press Assembly Religion Petition
the force theory
one person or a small group takes over and forces their way of rule on everyone else.
equal protection of the law
a standard of equal treatment that must be observed by the government
limits placed on freedom of religion
cannot break the law, offend public morals, threaten health or safety, no polygamy, can be drafted
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