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counter culture
Dough Boys
American Soldiers.
Alexander Graham Bell
great plains indians invented
Established by William Penn.
Daytime radio
soap operas/panel discussions/quiz shows
James Madison
1809-1817, Republican, federalist party comes again, against Pinckey
Benito Mussolini
Italian fascist dictator (1883-1945)
Throughout the 1930's, dictators seized control in many countries, but not in ____
religious communities that included a small town, surronding farmland, and a church
Robert Baden-Powell
set up the Boy Scouts
Who was the Red Scare?
the soviets.
Social welfare programs are provided by
Underground chamber in a pueblo village, used by the men especially for ceremoniesor councils
system in which nonelected officials carry out laws
Who is Saddam Hussein?
dictator of Iraq.
Militant effort to do away with slavery.
Bimetallic Standard
_____________ is when currency is based on gold & silver.
compact colony
not a type of american colony
Wanted to worship free of corruption and pagan influences and purify the church, Massachusetts bay colony, came to conquer the world, create a "City Upon a Hill"
Boston Massacre
• March 1770
• British redcoats kill 5 civilian men because colonist continue to harass soldiers. Soldiers were ordered to shoot.
• It effected the colonies in a way that they became unified and spread their cause, Boston becomes focal point
Roosevelt, the President of the United States during the Depression and WWII. He instituted the New Deal. Served from 1933 to 1945, he was the only president in U.S. history to be elected to four terms
Internal improvements
The program for building roads, canals, bridges, and railroads in and between the states. There was a dispute over whether the federal government should fund internal improvements, since it was not specifically given that power by the Constitution.
an irregular armed force that uses sabotage and harassment to win
Elizabeth I
Queen of England who challenged Spain's Philip II
Fifteenth Amendment
amendment to the Constitution that stated the right to vote could not be denied to a person based on race
licenses that give an inventor that exclusive right to make, use, or sell an invention for a set period of time.
Dollar Diplomacy
Taft's foreign policy that involved aggressive US financial investments in less-developed regions
Peninsula Campaign
McClellan attacks Richmond from the peninsula, fewer Confederates. At Yorktown, Confederates make it appear as if they have more troops and artillery. At the Battle of the Seven Pines, Robert E. Lee takes command of the Confederates.
something that is proclaimed; a public and official announcement.
paul revere
warned that the brithish regulars were heading to lexington
manifest destiny
a belief that American expansion was divinely appointed
the killing of millions of Jews and others by Nazis during World War II
Demilitarization clause
What said that Germany will never again be again be able to pose a threat because they will have no navy, subs, or air force (sell to Poland) and cannot have an army more than 100,000 men?
patriot act
(another response to 9/11) power to the government to search and use surveillance
Berlin Wall
Structure built by the Soviet Union starting in 1960 which split the Capital of Germany & symbolized the Cold War.
nuclear family
the typical household made up of mother, father, and kids
What percentage of the population in the North was white in 1800?
98% white
What abolished slavery in the North?
the 13th Amendment
Eli Whitney
an inventor with an idea for mass-producing guns
was the emperor of the asteck empire he was meet by the spainish conquistador and he was over thrown buy them
we hope in god
what does w.h.i.g.s stand for
James Oglethorpe
An English General, and a wealthy member of the Parliament has asked King George II for a colony south of Carolina where the poor could start over in 1720s.
A strip of land that connects to larger masses of land.
army appropriation act
est council for ntnl defense-- planned for nation's resources in event of war
Civilian Conservation Corps
an agency that put young unemployed men to work building roads, developing parks, panting trees, and helping in erosion control and flood control projects.
a cowboy who takes care of the saddle horses
conscientious objector
someone who objects to the war based on moral grounds.
berlin blockade
june 1948, stalin closed all high ways adn ail routes into W. BERLIN (5 weeks)
plessy v/s fergusson
the Supreme Court case that decided that seperate-but-equal was not violating the 14th amendment
Strict Interpretation
What the Constitution does not say, it does not permit
Coral Sea
naval battle in May 1942, in which neither country's enemy ships saw each other
Who won the war of 1812?
no set winner !
How many hours did each slave work per day?
John D. Rockefeller
Donated money to the establishment of the University of Chicago, steel and oil
New England Way
Puritan orthodoxy that was supposed to govern the Massachusetts Bay Colony-Wanted to establish a pure and godly church and society that will conform to God's will
Which queen wanted Sir Walter Raleigh to organize a trip to the New World, but would not let him go on the trip?
Queen Elizabeth I
Lend Lease act
How did FDR aid the allied before entering the war?
Schenck v. United States
Court case that limited freedom of speech 2) upheld the Espionage Act 3) under certain circumstances, the SC can limit free speech.
Samuel Sewell
begins to keep a diary in 1674 which will cover more than 50 years, one of the most important primary sources for this era
Powers of the Nation
running the post office, trade with foreign countries, adding states to the Union, the armed forces, issuing patents
Christopher Columbus
In 1492 he sailed the ocean blue and rediscovered the new world beginning the mass exploration
3-28 Trail of Tears
The Supreme Court ruled that the Cherokees had a right to land given to them in 1791. Jackson did not enforce these decisions. The tribes had to sign a treaty in 1835 where they gave up their lands in exchange for territory in Arkansas, money, and transportation to the new land. Their journey is called the Trail of Tears because of the 12,000 Cherokees who started on the thousand-mile track, 4,000 died on the way.
War Powers Act (1973)
-limits power of the president to send troops
-says the president can send troops without Congressional approval for 60 days
-really aimed at avoiding another Vietnam
Schenck vs. United States
when they were fighting on the new Espionage act.
War Industries Board
Gov. used ___ to try and crush dissent during the war, including the arrest of noted leaders like Debs who spoke against the war.
Who replaced James II after the Glorious Revolution?
Mary (JamesII daughter) and William
What was President Hoover's opposition to direct federal relief?
He feared that deficit spending would actually delay an economic recovery.
How did Native Americans resistance to white settlements end ?
Native Americans were moved to reservations, captured or defeated
Land Ordinance of 1785
came up with a way to divvy up western lands owned by the federal government
What was the treatment like for the blacks in Oklahoma Education
-took class outside of the room
-ate in cafeteria only after it was closed
-had a librarian that go his books for him
How did the government pay for the war?
1) They raised taxes.2) They took loans out from the people.
13th Amendment
Health Education Welfare
President William Mckinley
john rulfur
jamestown and tabasco
indian removal act when??
republican party
new party absorbs Whigs
Jefferson Davis
president of the confederacy
religion speech press assembly petition
investigating anyone suspicious of being a communist
An instrument that helps sailors navigate using the position of the stars
Louisiana Territory
bought for fifteen million dollars
leyte gulf
largest naval battle in history
Carnegie, Andrew:
(1835-1919) Scottist immigrant and steel baron, Carnegie built the largest steel-producing company in the US before selling it to JP Morgan in 1901 when it became the basis for US Steel, the first billion dollar corporation in the US. Carnegie is representative of the entrepreneurs of the late 19th century who took advantage of the competitive market structure of early industrialization including wide-open markets and many competitors to create an oligopolistic market structure dominated by a few large firms.
Great Migration
the population movement of 300,000-500,000 African Americans from the rural south to the northern cities to seek jobs and settle in northern cities was called____
Nathan Hale
a teacher from Connecticut, volunteered to spy on British troops.
Stamp Act
tax on ALL paper goods
mass production
The manufacture of many identical products by the division of labor into many small repetitive tasks.
WEB DuBois
He believed that African Americans should strive for full rights immediately. He helped found the Niagara Movement in 1905 to fight for equal rights. He also helped found the NAACP.
An article of personal or movable property; hence a term applied to slaves, since they were considered the personal property of their owners.
When did war break out in Europe
the first admendment protects all of these rights except of freedong of...?
location of conference between the US and th eSovies union regarding Germany
New frontier
aimed to increase support for education, antipoverty programs, and medical care for elderly; cut taxes; raise min. wage; ban racial discrimination; and raise defense spending
a plan which Native Americans would give up their beliefs and way of life and become parrot of the white culture.
"court packing"
appointing Supreme Court justices in order to gain approval for the New Deal
General William Howe
British commander in New York
the practice of letting voters accept or reject measures proposed by the legislature
Diem made himself even more unpopular by discriminating against one of the country's most widely practiced religions,
triangular trade
pattern of colonial commerce: slaves bought in African with New England rum were brought to the West Indies, traded for sugar which was sent to NE to be made into rum
Edwin Markham
muckracker who attacked child labor in southern cotton mills
bleeding senate
(1856) sen sumners of mass. delivered speech the crime against kansas insulted sen bulter of carolina. brooks canes sumner to the floor
Freedom Summer
a volunteer project in which college students spent their summer vacation in Mississippi, registering African Americans to vote
joint-stock company
An economic arrangement by which a number of investors pool their capital for investment; financial means
a party made up of farmers and laborers that wanted direct election of senators and an 8hr working day
Proclamation of 1763
tried to ease tensions between settlers and Native Americans
iron curtain
a political barrier that isolated the peoples of Eatern Europe after WWII, restricting their ability to travel outside the region
Benjamin Franklin
Came up with Albany Plan of Union
Louisana Purchase
Purchase of French land between the Mississippi river and the rocky mountains that nearly doubled the size of the U.S.
Crystal Night
The 1938 terrorization of Jews known as "Kristall Nicht."
March on Washington
August 1963, 250,000 people arrived, "i have a dream speech"
moderate Republicans
wanted laws that restrained the states from hurting citizens' civil rights, rather than laws which would interfere directly with peoples' lives
Who invented the cotton gin and developed the idea of interchangeable parts?
Eli Whitney
Know-Nothing Party
Political party in 1840's in U.S that was against immigrants and Catholics
John C. Calhoun
advocate of slavery and states rights; South Carolina
Annapolis Convention
Is this the government we need? 1786 Capital of Maryland, discuss trade law
George Rogers Clark
Young American General who is credited with having won the West for the new nation.
Indentured Servant
A servant who became a settler later who gives up five to seven years of their life to work for someone else so that they can get a free pass from the person they're working for to America
Dawes Plan
____- plan to set up a payment schedule by the Germans to the Allies, recognize the German national bank, and to approve a loan to Germany.
Abraham Lincoln
Was the 16th President of the United States, opposed the spread of slavery, issued the Emancipation Proclamation, was determined to preserve the Union, by force if necessary, believed the United States was one nation, not a collection of independent states, and wrote the Gettysburg Address that said the Civil War was to preserve a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people
paris peace accords
this treaty officially ended the us involvement in the vietnam war
Currency Act
an Act of the Parliament of Great Britain (citation 4 Geo. III c. 34) which prohibited the American colonies from issuing paper currency of any form. Additionally, Britain had coined almost no silver or copper between 1760 and 1816 and discouraged any American attempts to do so. The colonies were continuously running trade deficits with Britain and shipping gold and silver to Britain was the only way to balance the excess of imports over exports
Seven Basic Principles of the Constitution
Popular Sovereignty, Limited Government, Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, Federalism, Republicanism, Individual Rights
Controversial part of dred-scott decision?
both missouri compromise and kan-nebraska were unconstitutional. neither congress or territory legislatures could not prohibit slavery in the territories
Balance of power
the distribution of power between the 3 branches of government.
a 40-hour workweek.
The Fair Labbor Standards Act of 1935 provided more protection for workers, the abolition of child labor, and
Central Pacific RR
Worked east from the west, started in Sacramento Calif.
The Jungle
shed light upon what was going on in the meat packing industry, resulted in food and health regulations
McCullouch vs Maryland
state bank could not tan a federal bank; strengthens federal government control over the economy; supported national government over state government
OPEC Oil Embargo
Group of nations that work together to regulate the supply of oil. 13 member countries. Organiszation of Potrolling Exporting Countries
Cabaza de Vaca
One of the survivors of panifilio de nerveaz expedition . Brought back story of 7 great. Irked filled with gold. This story led to two huge expeditions of north America .
Tuskegee Normal & Industrial Institute
aimed to equip African Americans with teaching diplomas and useful skills in agricultural, domestic, or mechanical work
What skills do newcomers need?
the ability to speak english and work
ellis island immigration station
the port of entry for most european immigrants arriving in new york between 1892 and 1954
Treaties of Alliance with France?
Victory of the war wouldn't have happened without France.
What did the land-lease act do?
got arms to Britain without Britain having to pay cash
What was the basic argument between Hamilton and Jefferson over the First Bank of the United States and is their position related to their political philosophy? How?
Jefferson- didn’t want a National Bank, says that although it was convenient it wans’t necessaryHamilton- wanted the national bank, says that people would provide 4/5 of money for it an government would provide 1/5, same ratio in the directors
silence opposition to the American war effort.
During the war, the United States government passed laws to
What was the olive branch petition and who was it to and from?
It was from the second continental congress to King George. It declared loyalty to the king and asked him to repeal the intolerable acts.
the treaty of versailles & the league of nations
what two things did the US never varify after WWI
Exploded in 1986
Battle of 1812
Border Ruffians v. Jayhawkers
wanted the new constitution
hands off approach to government
residential neighborhood on the outskirts of a city
a reason for doing something
a french word for rebirth
Tet Offensive
North Vietnam attacks South Vietnam
Black Hand
Bosnian students 17-21. Wanted independence from Austria and free Bosnia. 3 of the Black Hands were trained in Serbia as assassins and killed Ferdinand.
Daniel Shays
started Shay's rebellion; very important member of critical period; extremest who gathered a following demanding rights
Presidential Electors for the D.C. (District of Columbia)
What was LaFollette's progressive reform program called?
Wisconsin Idea
another meso american tribe that superseeded the societies of the maya regions
White Southerners' derogatory term for fellow whites considered traitors to their region and race for joining the Republican Party and cooperating with Reconstruction
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (1964)
US supposedly attacked
John Brown
abolitionist who was hanged after leading an unsuccessful raid at Harper's Ferry, Virginia (1800-1858)
Bessie Smith
African American blues singer who played an important part in the Harlem Renaissance
(William) Paterson
Who wrote the New Jersey Plan?
the drafting of citizens for military service
Which of the following became a popular form of entertainment during the late 1800s?
War Hawks
Southerners and Westerners who were eager for war with Britain. They had a strong sense of nationalism, and they wanted to takeover British land in North America and expand...
members of Congress who pushed for war against Great Britain beginning in 1810
The colonists who favored war against Britain.
Louis Armstrong
Leading African American jazz musician during the Harlem Renaissance; he was a talented trumpeter whose style influenced many later musicians.
Army of Spanish soldiers that were interested solely on finding gold and slaves than in creating permanent settlements. They did this at all costs.
True or Fase: Korea remained divided after the war
John C. Pemberton
confederate general whose forces covered the area surrounding Vicksburg with heavy guns.
Great Plains
vast grassland between the mississippi river and the rocky mountains
Seven Days
June 1862, McClellands right wing is attacked by Lee, Lee saves Richmond, McClelland pulls back all troops
Zimmerman note
this contained a suggestion of an alliance between Mexico and Germany that deeply angered the American People
William Dawes
With Paul Revere, escapes and finishes ride to Lexington
member of a tribal cheif council in the Leauge of Iraquios
James Buchanan
Northern Democrat who was a minister to Great Britain , didn't have a decision between North and South because he wasn't present in America during the Kansas- Nebraska Act
Franklin Roosevelt
the 32nd president of the United States. He was president from 1933 until his death in 1945 during both the Great Depression and World War II. He is the only president to have been elected 4 times, a feat no longer permissible due to the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution.
Gospel of Wealth
idea that links wealthiness to godliness
rich were chosen to be that way
discouraged efforts to help the poor, but resulted in many donations to educational causes such as libraries
Harbottle Dorr
common shopkeeper in MA, kept readings that he marked and indexed. Ex. Tyranny, dependence, etc. Shares same world view as elite Gov. Hutchinson (worst place-man) - tool of devil Held very strongly to Republican ideals
The Federalist Papers
James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay wrote these series of essays to explain and defend the Constitution.
A form of government in which citizens choose their leaders by voting
Declaratory Act
the British response to the boycott; repealed all acts, but claimed their right to continue taxing
color line
a barrier created by society that seperates whites from blacks
something that goes from one side of a continent to another
Panic of 1837
When Jackson was president, many state banks received government money that had been withdrawn from the Bank of the U.S. These banks issued paper money and financed wild speculation, especially in federal lands. Jackson issued the Specie Circular to force the payment for federal lands with gold or silver. Many state banks collapsed as a result. A panic ensued (1837). Bank of the U.S. failed, cotton prices fell, businesses went bankrupt, and there was widespread unemployment and distress.
Knowles Riots
n Britain's wars of the 1740s Royal Navy press-gangs circulated throughout the Atlantic world attempting to force, or impress, British seamen into naval service. Sailors responded, often with the backing of Atlantic seaport communities, by mounting the most spectacular series of impressment riots in the eighteenth century. These disturbances showed that even while impressment helped to forge a common English-speaking Atlantic world, the institution also operated according to separate laws, customs, and traditions in individual regions of the Atlantic.
Emilio Aguinaldo
a rebel that lead the Philipine troops against the U.S.
Pancho Villa
a. Started to come to America and killing people
"Rosie the Rievter"
A propaganda campaign for women during war time
falling crop prices.
During the late 1800s, many farmers complained about
the first state that seceded from the Union
South Carolina
Battle of Incheon
An amphibious invasion and battle of the Korean War that occured in September 1950 that resulted in a decisive victory for UN forces
Better farm land.
Why did the pioneers in Connecticut move to the frontier?
Compromise 1850
slave trade but not slavery itself be abolished in the district of columbia
Stephen A. Douglas
Replaces Clay. Heads Committee of 13. Breaks down compromise into separate acts. Adds stronger Fugitive Slave Act.
what country dropped out of the war as american was joining?
Middle East
where most crude oil in the world is found
Juan Ponce de Leon
Governor of Puerto Rico, and first known explorer of Florida.
Battle of Bunker Hill
General Gage decided to strike at Breeds hill, British win because they attack 3 times
Dominion of New England
consolidation of New England and parts of New York and New Jersey
Marquis de Lafayette
a French nobleman who joined the fight for freedom and became Washington's aide.
Henry Grady
one of the leaders of the New South movement who wanted to take advantage of the South's resources.
What is a lock out?
Owners close shop & hire outside workers
Civil Rights Act of 1964
This act made racial, religious, and sex discrimination by employers illegal and gave the government the power to enforce all laws governing civil rights, including desegregation of schools and public places.
William & Mary of Orange.
Who replaced James in the Glorious Revolution?
Civilians Support of the War EffortEconomic Impacts?
Economic- War Industries Board help implement new process efficiencies that led to increased production. WIB and other agencies imposed methods of rationing – steel, leather, food, etc.
People look at themselves as the means of helping America; we have to help ourselves
What is the "me" generation?
What did Stephen A. Douglas propose?
he proposed letting the people decide about slavery through popular sovereignty
How did steel help transform the United States into a modern industrial economy?
Steel was stronger and less brittle than iron and was easily shaped
ESSAY # 3:
Describe how Barrack Obama and John McCain each appealed to the ideals/ideas of their supporters in the election of 2008.
In the election of 2008, Barrack Obama promised hope for the future and a less divisive style of politics. He said that he would solve financial problems and bring our American troops home from Iraq. Obama also promised hope and change for all. His right-hand man was Joe Biden.
John McCain clearly stated that our country would win the war in Iraq. He has experience in foreign policy, and he picked the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, as his Vice President. McCain was a previous senator. Barrack Obama won the election as the first African American president in the history of the United States.
How were they able to win at T&P?
It was right after Christmas, so the Hessians were still distracted from the celebrations. Some Hessians were still sleeping.
Southern Colonies
Alexander Bell
invented telephone
Volstead Act
Prohibition of Alcohol
well-guarded capitol of New France
victory for north
lincoln fires Meade
Erie Canal
transportation for NE to MW
Guerrilla Warfare
hit-and-run technique used in battle
intended to withstand or protect against aggression or attack
Leader of the US (-1952)
Harry Truman
the practice of protecting consumers by publicizing defective and unsafe products or misleading business practices
the practice of breeding plants or taming animals to meet human needs.
neutrality acts
Originally designed to avoid American involvement in World War II by preventing loans to those countries taking part in the conflict; they were later modified in 1939 to allow aid to Great Britain and other Allied nations.
thomas edison
American inventor best known for inventing the electric light bulb, acoustic recording on wax cylinders, and motion pictures.
Printing Press
a machine the mechanially prints paper
money available for a client to borrow
One of the last two confederate holdouts remaining to be captured in order for the union to control the Mississippi. Grant was campaining there, and eventually won after the siege. Five days later, the union took the other remaining port, Port Hudson, and had full control over the Mississippi, cutting the confederacy in two.
What struggle was led by Carrie Chapman Catt?
What: states that any law passed by the federal government can be declared null and void by the states When: 1828; the South was extremely upset about the extremely high Tariff of Abominations. "The South Carolina Exposition" written by John C. Calhoun denounced the tariff as unjust and unconstitutional. The document bluntly proposed that the states should nullify the Tariff. Why: The theory of this nullification was further publicized. The even more dangerous doctrine of secession was foreshadowed.
Fundamental Orders
In 1639 the Connecticut River colony settlers had an open meeting and they established a constitution called this It made a Democratic government. It was the first constitution in the colonies and was a beginning for the other states' charters and constitutions
fire eaters
refers to a group of extremist pro-slavery politicians from the South who urged the separation of southern states into a new nation, which became known as the Confederate States of America.
Salutary neglect
a situation in which the colonies benefited from being left alone; gained more independence when England was involved in other affairs
a war measure that isolates some area of importance to the enemy
to strike back in kind; especially to return a military attack
Rosa Parks
Civil rights activist who refused to give up her seat on the bus
Kerner Commission
created in July, 1967 by President Lyndon B. Johnson to investigate the causes of the 1967 race riots in the United States
a person who leaves one's country to settle elsewhere
A siege and massacre at a mission in San Antonio in 1836; Mexican forces under Santa Anna besieged and massacred American rebels who were fighting to make Texas independent of Mexico
judicial review
the right of the Supreme Court to determine if a law violates the constitution
15th amendment
citizens cannot be denied the right to vote because of race, color , or precious condition of servitude
John Bell Hood
This man tried unsuccessfully to draw Sherman out of Atlanta by moving back up through Tennessee and threatening an invasion of the North. Sherman sent troops to reinforce Nashville and in the Battle of Nashville, the Union defeated him
Lowell factory
Francis Cabot Lowell, It was the first factory in the world to manufacture cotton cloth by power machinery in a building.
Santa Anna
The dictator of Mexico and lead the attack on the Alamo.
Idea the U.S. will give aid to Democratic countries to keep them from falling to the Communist.
Truman Doctrine
coureur de bois
a french word meaning "runner of the woods" this was a person who traded with American Indians for fur
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Black crusador for equal rigths who favored the tactic of nonviolence
Jackson and the Bank
Andrew Jackson thought it was a tool of the rich and was determined to smash it. Vetoed the rechartering of it in 1832 and took all the funds from the National Bank and put them in the state banks (pet banks). Caused the Depression of 1837.
Relief, Recovery, Reform
the 3 Rs of the new deal,Relief for the people out of work, Recovery for business and the economy as a whole, and Reform of American economic institutions
What was the Dawes Act designed to do?
-1887; dissolved many tribes as legal entities, wiped out tribal ownership of land and set up individual Indian family heads with 160 free acres
-if they acted good they would get the full title of holdings and citizenship in 25 years
11th president
camp david accords
1st settlement in Georgia
Great Society
President Johnson's domestic program
to arrange for something to start.
list that circulated among employers, beginning in 1947, containing the names of persons who should not be hired
lay organization that (often) helped the poor, etc
perks: paid for your burial, hospital care, nice orphanage for your children, and prayers for your soul
essentially, an exclusive club/status symbol in the New (and Old) world
Guerrillas who fought against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua
Fort in Nebraska that helped travelers on their way to Oregon Country.
unfair treatment of a group, unequal treatment because of a persons' race, religion, ethnic background, or place of birth
uprightness as a consequence of being honorable and honest
imperialism offered a new kind of frontier for American expansion
Panamanian Revolution
After winning independence from Spain in 1821, Colombia faced secessionist moves by its province of Panama, separated by impassable jungle from the rest of the country. Throughout the nineteenth century, Panamanian nationalists rebelled against rule by distant Bogotá. As the prospect of a transisthmian canal began to seem real, they heightened their struggle, hoping for control over this major potential source of revenue.
Hawaiian king forced to sign the Bayonet Constitution.
Lexington Battle
1775- Battle fought by colonials against British close to the town of Lexington, Concord. Considered to be the first battle of the Revolutionary War.
yellow journalism
the use of sensational exposes, embellished reporting, and attention-grabbing headlines to sell newspapers.
Spanish-American Cuban War
The Spanish-American War was a conflict in 1898 between Spain and the United States.[6] Revolts against Spanish rule had been endemic for decades in Cuba and were closely watched by Americans; there had been war scares before, as in the Virginius Affair in 1873.
Henry Bellows
Plotted to take over US government. said democracy isn't best way, we can't afford individual liberties.
Bay of Pigs
Kennedy tried to overthrow Fedel Castro. Closest thing we had to a WWIII
Ordinance of Secession
After the 1860 election, South Carolina held a special election to choose delegates to a convention. In Charleston on December 20, 1860, the convention unanimously endorsed an Ordinance of Secession, declaring the state's ratification of the Constitution repealed and the union with other states dissolved.
Force Bill
the "Bloody Bill" that authorized the president to use the military to collect federal tariff duties
policy by a stronger nation to attempt to creat an empire by dominating weaker nations
Leon Czolgosz
was the assassin of U.S. President William McKinley. In the last few years of his life, he claimed to have been heavily influenced by anarchists such as Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman.
T/F William Howard Taft was a U.S. president
Agustin de Iturbide
creole military leader selected to help bring in new govt when peninsulares and creoles in LA decided to side with revolts and overthrow Spanish rule, declared himself emporer in 1822 but was deposed in 1823
Who was a prominent politician of the west and a rival of jackson
Henry Clay.
Seneca Falls Convention
New York,1848. Womenand even some men went to discuss the rights and conditions of women. There, they wrote the Declaration of Sentiments, which among other things, tried to get women the right to vote.
what did continental soldiers belive in?
freedom i their cause
Weaknesses of Congress
- Lacked the power to regulate commerce
- Because many laws were up to the states themselves, the Congress could not enforce any of them. For example, Congress had to rely on "voluntary taxes", of course which very few actually paid.
- Couldn't act directly upon the individual citizens of a sovereign state.
- The congress couldn't command coerce or control the individual states.
Labor Intensive crops
crops that require stoop labor. crops that called for tedious tiring work.
examples: sugar, tobacco, rice
The Mississippi Compromise
quieted the slavery debate for a while
what public office did he fill after his presidency?
Congressman from Massachusetts.
National War Labor Board
headed by William Howard Taft; tried to head off labor disputes which would hamper war effort
Massachusetts Bay colony
"city upon a hill" - based on puritanism
Pure Food and Drug Act
Federal inspection of meat, labeling, no sale of non-food and poisonous medicine, paves way for FDA
Treaty of Ghent
The 1814 Treaty that ended the War of 1812.
Built their homes partly underground
How did the plateau region people adapt to cold winters and hot summers?
Gross National Product (GNP)
the total value of all the goods and services produced by a country pg. 309
How did Jefferson react to the British attack on the Chesapeake?
He did not declare war. He had Congress pass the Embargo Act of 1807. This hurt Americans more than Britain or France.
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