American History Questions Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Person running for office?
Activities aimed at weakening established government?
Thomas Paine
Who wrote Common Sense?
Philip II
Ordered the Spanish Armada
Favoring one side of an issue?
The Proclamation of 1763 prohibited colonists from moving west of what?
The earliest Native Americans crossed a land bridge called what?
Managed the manor
The nobles did what?
Religious refuge
Predominant reason for establishing the Massachusetts Bay Company
Town meetings
Contribution of the Massachusetts Colony to colonial government.
The right granted by the Spanish government to the conquistadors that turned Native Americans into slaves was called what?
Printing press
Which invention helped Marco Polo's Travels gain wider circulation?
How did the Hohokam people acquire shells?
Northwest Passage
England, France, and the Netherlands hoped to discover a route through North America. What was it called?
Virginia Dare
Fist while women born in America
Colony that did not require church membership as a right to vote
Navigation Acts
Loosely enforced laws to regulate colonial trade and reduce the strength of the colonies:
Economic resource
How did England view its North American colonies?
Olive Branch Petition
The colonists expressed their desire for peace in what document?
Benjamin Franklin
Who ran the first post office established by the Second Continental Congress?
Sugar Act
The British government tried to stop smuggling with what Act?
A group of civilians trained to fight in emergencies is called what?
Marquis de Lafayette
The French nobleman who became Washington's trusted aide was who?
A person who wanted simpler forms of worship and stricter morals.
Quartering Act
Allowed troops to be stationed in colonial homes:
John Jay
First Chief Justice of the New Supreme Court?
Subsistence farming
What type of farming was practiced in New England?
South Carolina
By the end of the war, African Americans were enlisted in every state except for one. Which one?
Jews, Quakers, Separatists
What groups came to Rhode Island because of discrimination in England?
Corrupt Bargain
Def: a term coined by Andrew Jackson regarding the 1824 pres. election
Context: American politics 1824
Sig: the agreement between Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams in which Henry Clay would be named VP and Adams President. This agreement outraged Jackson, who had won by popular vote. This led to Jackson's fierce pursuit of the Presidency.
Boycott english goods
Passage of the Townshend Acts caused the colonists to:
Albany Plan of Union
What plan called for one general government for all the American colonies?
Henry the Navigator (Prince Henry)
Which Portuguese prince laid the groundwork for a new era of exploration?
Indentured servant
A person who agreed to work for a period of four to seven years in exchange for passage to the New World was known as an
A protest against the tea tax
The Boston Tea Party was:
Santa Maria, Nina, La Pinta
In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed to America on three ships. What where these?
Ferdinando Gorges and John Mason
What two men started settlements in Maine and New Hampshire?
1. Representative government came to America.
2. The first slaves were brought to America.
3. The London Company sent women to America.
What were the three outstanding events in 1619 that had a great influence on the colonies
Wanted the colonies to help pay for the war
One result of the French and Indian War was that England:
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