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Terms Definitions
To approve
executive branch
enforce laws
Held Salem Witch Trials
Captain Henry Glass
captured Guam
Red Scare
led to palmer raids
SNCC leader, "Black Power"
Stokely Carmichael
_____________________- troops were segregated and rarely allowed to fight.
African Americans
the planned management of natural resources, involving the protection of some wilderness areas and the development of others for the common good
American victory that convinced the French to sign a treaty of alliance with the US and lend support
Brooklyn Bridge
Without the Bessemer process, Americans might not have been able to create the
NAACP Leader, assassinated in Mississippi
Medgar Evers
Joseph Pulitzer
Used outlandish headlines and illustrations which became known as "yellow" journalism
Flappers danced this dance, which embodied the spirit of the Jazz age.
Theodore Roosevelt
26th president, known for: conservationism, trust-busting, Hepburn Act, safe food regulations, "Square Deal," Panama Canal, Great White Fleet, Nobel Peace Prize for negotiation of peace in Russo-Japanese War
most wartime mobilization agencies relied on ______to prepare the US for war
voluntary compliance
collective bargaining
negotiation between an employer and trade union
Social Reforms
included Prohibiton, end of child labor, immigration restriction, eugenics, settlement houses
a white Southerner who joined the Republican Party after the Civil War
American Imperialism
Imperialism- the policy in which stronger nations extend their economic, political, or military control over weaker territories. Americans had sought to expand the size of their nation and the 19th century they extended their control toward the Pacific Ocean. The three factors fueled the new American imperialism: • Desire for military strength • Thirst for new markets • Belief un cultural superiority In 1867, William Seward brought Alaska from Russian for 7.2 million. The Hawaiian Islands has been economically important (sugar canes) to the United States for nearly a century. On August 12, 1898m Congress proclaimed Hawaii an American territory, although Hawaiians had never has the chance to vote. In 1959, Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States.
Northwest Ordinance
Described how the Northwest Territory would be governed and be admitted as a new state
Oral history
Native Americans passed down their traditions from generation to generation through
Native Americans
poorest of Americans and suffered highest unemployment
Social Darwinism
justification for the big businessmen to justify the fact that they were very rich and there workers were very poor, if you work hard, you will survive and prosper
Rough Riders
volunteer soldiers led by Theodore Roosevelt during the Spanish American War
______________ migrated to the north in the early 1900s because of an industrial boom.
African Americans
Roosevelt Corollary
Addition to the Monroe Doctrine asserting America's right to intervene in Latin American affairs
to let people do as they choose
a machine that sends electric signals over wires
Perfected the incandescent light bulb at his reseach laboatory in Menlo Park, New Jersey
Thomas Edison
Scientific Management
The application of scientific methods to increase efficiency in the workplace*this is one of the inspirations for the creation of assembly lines at the Ford Motor Company
Which of the following most freed manyfacturers from restrictions on where factories could be built?
progressive movement
solved child labor law and exposed meat industry and such (started by a white college professor)
Bessemer process
a cheap and efficient process for making steel, developed around 1850
Yellow press
also called yellow journalism, a term used to describe the sensationalist newspaper writings of the time of the Spanish American war. They were written on cheap yellow paper. The most famous yellow journalist was William Randolph Hearst. Yellow journalism was considered tainted journalism - omissions and half-truths.
Benedict Arnold
Former hero of the America Revolution who committed treason when he tried to betray his country selling the plans to capture the garrison at West Point
A system of government in which power is shared between different levels of government (the national gov't, state gov't, and the local gov't)
bureau of indian affairs
government agency responsible for managing american indian issues
White supremicist group who used terror tactics such as bombing churches
Ku Klux Klan
Electoral College
the president is elected by the electoral colleges and the # of votes each state is the number of the states representatives and the senators
Who was Andrew Carnegie?
famous for vertical "business" concept; owned everything to do with making steel; 2nd richest person
The rapid development of the mass media during the 20s was promoting the creation of _____________________.
National Culture
Most Americans opposed the Central powers because of...
Germany's frightening militarism.
Gentlemen's Agreement
This agreement was to stop japanese workers from coming into the US
The last of the Reconstruction era amendments to pass was
the Fifteenth
Neutrality in WWI
Americans had sympathy for Great Britain and France byt still wanted to remain neutral
Open Door Policy
a policy, proposed by the United States in 1899, under which all nations would have equal opportunities to trade in China
Jim Crow laws
another name for segregation laws that came from a popular old minstrel song
Mao Zedong
This man became the leader of the Chinese Communist Party and remained its leader until his death. He declared the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949 and supported the Chinese peasantry throughout his life.
Declaration of Independence
Written by Thomas Jefferson (with help from John Adams, Ben Franklin, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston)
jim crowe laws
laws that enforced segregation in the south
AIM organized the following protest
occupation of Wounded Knee, SD
Plessy v. Ferguson
ruled that separate, but equal was fair
What does Gilded mean?
Covered with thin layer of gold
In the 20s people began to buy goods on _______.
George Pullman
designed sleeper cars and built a city outside of chicago for his workers to live in
Tampico Incident
An arrest of American sailors by the Mexican government that spurred Woodrow Wilson to dispatch the American navy to seize the port of Vera Cruz in April 1914. Although war was avoided, tensions grew between the US and Mexico.
The incident that caused the clash between Congress and President Johnson to explode into the passage of Johnson's veto of the bill extended
the Freedmen's Bureau.
FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)
a federally sponsored corporation that insures accounts in national banks and other qualified institutions
the use of both gold and silver as a basis for a national monetary system
Further European colonization in the Western Hemisphere was prohibited
The Monroe Doctrine states that
war industry board
The works of all these boards was coordinated by the government's central way agency, the War Industries Board (WIB). Its director, Wall Street investor Bernard Baruch, had overall responsibility for allocating scarce materials, establishing production priorities, and setting prices.
Emilio Aguinaldao
former friend of the US who led the fight against the US
Francisco "Pancho" Villa
name of the mexican bandit or rebel who raided u.s.
Which was a technique used by labor unions in the lat 19th century to win workers' rights? (may be more than one answer)
arbitration, collective bargaining
Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand
-Heir to the throne of the Austria-Hungarian empire
-Touring city of Sarajevo
-Shot by a Serbia nationalist, member of the Black Hand
-June 28th, 1914
Technological advances and financial investments
The expansion of American industry was spaked mainly by
Who was Geronimo?
leader of the apache he was the verry last native american to surrender
Settlement houses and women's club movements were crucial centers of female progressive activity because they
introduced many middle class women to...array of urban..
Spain ceded Florida to the US
In the Adams- Onis treaty of 1819
beliefs and ownership of the land
main reason for the problems that existed between Native Americans and English colonists
The gospel of wealth endorsed by Andrew Carnegie
The wealth should display moral responsibility in the use of God-Given money
What is Manifest Destiny?
The idea that it was God's will for Americans to settle from the Atlantic to the Pacific
it helped make religion in the colonies more democratic
what effect did the great awakening have on religious life in the colonies
durring wwi civil liberties in the us were
severely damaged by pressures for loyalty and conformity
The slave trade continued within the uS
After the importation of slaves to the US was banned,
What did Hawaii, Cuba, PUerto Rico and the Phillipines have in common?
They were all forced to submit to U.S. authority
What was the purpose of the 14th Amendment?
It gave citizenship to anyone born in the United States,except Native Americans
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