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main entrance
Four-lobed decorative patterns
top on post
salisbury cathedral, 1250
Scene of Pity
Salisbury Cathedral
England 1220-1330
country of san francesco
country of sainte chapelle
level with small columns
pointy things coming off top
rose window
a circular stained-glass window
* Coppo di Marcovaldo
* Tuscany, Italy
* 1250-70
* Tempera and gold on wood panel
* Represents the Christus patiens, or suffer Christ
jamb sculptures
sculpture on sides of door
An engaged column, pilaster, or similar element that either projects from a compound pier or some other supporting device or is bonded to a wall and carries one end of an arch.
Originally a derogatory term named after the Goths, used to describe the history, culture, and art of medieval western Europe in the twelfth to fourteeth centuries.
Louis IX, Queen Blanche
Moralized Bible, 1226-34
Chartres Cathedral 2
rebuilt 1194.1st flying buttresses.
hunting violence and war. low relief
high gothic
period of notre dame de amiens
The fenestrated part of a building that rises above the roofs of the other parts. In Roman basilicas and medieval churches, the windows that form the nave's uppermost level below the timber ceiling or the vaults.
tall, narrow windows ending in pointed arches in a gothic cathedral
Doge's Palace
Venice, Italy. Sucular Gothic Art. 1340-1345 AD. Next to St. Marks.
Reims Cathedral
Reims France. 1225-1290. stain glass windows fill the tympana
Christ: Beau Dieu
* Trumeau, central portal, west façade, Amiens Cathedral
* France
* 1220-36/40
* Means "Noble (or Beautiful) God"
* Christ as the teacher-priest bestowing his blessing on the faithful
fan vault
radiating ribs form a fanlike pattern in this structure
The part of a column between the capital and the base.
A variety of gypsum or calcite of dense, fine texture, usually white, but also red, yellow, gray, and sometimes banded.
fan vaults
radiating ribs form a fanlike pattern in this structure
Beau Dieu- Christ
High Gothic, 1220-1236 Trumeau statue of central doorway. Amiens Cathedral. Human like- how Christ actually was.
Lux Nova
"New Light" Light shining in, like from the heavens.
Laon Cathedral
1190. deep porches infront of doorways early gothic facade
Church of Saint Francis
* Assisi, Italy
* 1228-53
* Partially ruined in the 1997 earthquake
* Assisi was Saint Francis's birthplace
* Much more richly decorated than most Franciscan churches but with simpler architecture
Abbot Suger
served as regent of France, abbot of Saint-Denis and was responsible for its rebuilding. coined term "lux nova"
A short rib that runs from one main rib of a vault to another.
Royal portal
the doors of the west facade at Chartres Cathedral, contains episodes from the life of Christ
Chartres Cathedral
Began in 1134 and Rebuilt in 1194. Chartres, France. Contains the Mantel of the Virgin Mary- worn by Mary when she gave birth. One tower is from the original church and the other was rebuilt after a devastating fire.
easy solution to make a square into an octagon. Support for a dome
St. Chapelle, Paris 1243-48.
5 yearS??emphasis of verticality. no more clerestory to let in light but windows, light architecture, usage of buttresses that could make the walls thinner and add more windows.
kings gallery
A line statues at Notre Dame in Paris of 28 kings of Judah and Israel
Notre- Dame de Paris
1163 AD Paris, France. Dedicated to "Our Lady" the Virgin Mary. Early Gothic cathedral once at the heart of Paris. There are Roman ruins underneath the courtyard. Pointed arches, rose window, two heavy bell towers, flying buttresses (all make it French Gothic).The north bell tower is wider than the south. The entrances usually faced west. The stones were imported so this took time to build. The sculptures on the outside were once painted. The kings and queens sculpted on the outside were destroyed by the lower class during the French Revolution.
The Virgin of Paris
Virgin and child notre dame paris france. early 14th century. elegant and mannered. late gothic.
West Façade, Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Reims
* France
* Rebuilding begun 1211, façade begun 1225
* Finished for the coronation of Philip the Fair in 1286
* The two towers were never finished because of weight and funding
* Large windows in the tympana instead of sculpture
Cult of the virgin
as mother of Christ Mary stood b/t Last Judge and horrors of Hell and could intercede for those faithful to her. Worshipers in the late 12th and 13th Centuries sang hymns to her, put her image everywhere, and dedicated catherdrals to her. Christian knights dedicated their lives to her
abbey church of st Denis. Paris, 1140-1144.
4 years??shows progression of apsidial chapels--ribbed groin vaults, held together by columns and corbels on the walls.
Notre-Dame de Paris-- Gargoyle
Used to ward of evil spirits and also as drainage fountains.
perpendicular style or perpendicular gothic
a Gothic syle in 14th and 15th century England characterized by vertical lines and a four-centered arch and fan vaulting
fan vaulting
sides of door
sainte chapelle, 1248
Saint Chapelle- Exterior
king's college chapel, 1505
ekehart and uta, 1250
notre dame de reims, 1260
lancet window
skinny window on churches
notre dame de amiens, 1236
country of ekehart and uta
ornamental stonework for holding stained glass in place
Saint Maurice
* Magdeburg Cathedral, Magdeburg, Germany
* 1240-50
* Dark sandstone with traces of polychromy
* Maurice was the commander of Egyptian Christian troops in the Roman army
* Often depicted with black African features
thomas equinus
reconciled aristotle with catholic thought
Choir of Cologne Cathedral
Gerhard of Cologne.
Saint Chapelle
1243-1248. Paris, France. Palace Church. Bottom church for court personnel and top floor is for nobility. The top church walls are 3/4 stained glass. Huge rose window taking up most of the front wall.
Amiens Cathedral Choir Vaults
creates buoyant lightness
* Nicola Pisano
* Detail of pulpit
* 1260
* Marble
* Virgin reclining in the middle
feet look like they're floating in space
rayonnant style
the "raidant' style of GOthic architecture, dominant in the second half of the 13th century and associated with the French royal court and Louis IX at Paris
Pointed arch
an arch with a pointed apex
Cologne Cathedral
Cologne, Germany. Begun in 1248- finished in 1880. Matching towers, very dark. Holds the shrine of the 3 wise men. Gerhard of Cologne.
Ste Chapelle, Paris
Louix 9th. Royal Family. 1243-1248
Pulpit, Baptistry, Pisa
* Nicola Pisano
* 1260
* Marble
* Inscription that says "In the year 1260 Nicola Pisano cared this noble work. May so gifted a hand be praised as it deserves."
* 6-sided pulpit with Gothic trefoil arches and Corinthian capitals
flamboyant style
a late Gothic style of architecture supersceding the Rayonnant style and named for the flamelike appearance of its pointed bar tracery
Perpendicular style
The last English Gothic style, also known as Tudor, characterized by a strong vertical emphasis and dense thickets of ornamental vault ribs that serve entirely decorative functions.
A vaulted space under part of a building, wholly or partly underground; in medieval churches, normally the portion under an apse or a chevet.
Rayonnet style
Radiant style; lots of light flowing in, quite beautiful
Amiens Cathedral
Robert de Luzarches, Thomas de Corment and Renaud de Cormont. begun 1220.fully high gothic--started as such from the beginning, very pointy--pinacles, recessions, projections. pointed arches. little solidity of the outside walls. moving upward. quadrapartite vaulting. unity--greater integration of space. trancept is shrinking, more toward center. huge clearstories.20 feet higher than chartres. different proportions: longer vertical than Laon.
Ambrogio Lorenzetti
Peaceful City, from Effects of Good Government in the City and in the Country, Palazzo Pubblico, Siena, Italy, siennese painting, (Early 14th)
The Visitation, jamb statues
Reims Cathedral. 1230-1255. detached arms. converse through gestures.
Dormition of the Virgin
* South transept portal tympanum, Strasbourg Cathedral
* Strasbourg, France
* 1240
* Reflects the Mosan style as interpreted by Reims masters
* Depicts the death and Assumption of Mary
rib vault
a vault in which the diagonal and transverse ribs compose a structural skeleton that partially supports the masonry web between them
A hall church. A type of Gothic design much favored in Germany in which the aisles rise to the same height as the nave.
west portal of the notre dame cathedral, in chartres france. c 1145-55
chartres, 1145-55.more info...
West Façade, Amiens Cathedral
* 1220-36/40 and continued through the 15th century
* Central portal: Last Jugment; trumeau: Christ; jambs: Apostles
* The façade is stylistically more coherent than those of many other cathedrals
* Right portal is dedicated to Mary, left is dedicated to local saints
Chartres Cathedral- Interior
1194 AD. Dark colors in their stained glass. Gradually gets lighter in newer work. Very dark inside b/c the stonework is covered in soot. Pointed arches, tryphorium, clerestory. Groin vault and Lanset Windows.
Robert Luzarches, Thomas de Caumont, and Renaud de Caumont, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Amiens, France, 1220.
Robert Luzarches, Thomas de Caumont, and Renaud de Caumont, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Amiens, France, 1220.
Chartres Cathedral, North Transept, Rose Window and Lancets
* 1220
* North Transept
* Stained and painted glass
* Known as the "Rose of France"
* A gift from Queen Blanche of Castile
Abbey Church of Saint Denis- Interior
Commissioned by ABBOT SUGER. Uses pointed arches instead of rounded-- distributes weight better, allowing the walls to be opened up to stained glass windows. Flying buttresses were added to the outside for extra support. Stained glass is typical of Gothic cathedrals. The Choir was redesigned- opens up the ambulatory and adds radiating chapels. Groin vaulting with pointed arches. Rose windows are common in Gothic churches and usually found on the arms of the transept.
Tree of Jesse, West Façade, Chartres Cathedral
* 1150-70
* Stained and painted glass
* In the west wall of the cathedral
* Inspired by a similar window at Saint-Denis
* Jesse, the father of King David and an ancestor of Mary, lies at the base of the tree whose trunk grows out of his body and literally connects Jesus with the house of David, acting like a family tree
Virgin & Child and Angels- Chartres
"Notre Dame de la Belle Verriere" Window in the choir of the Chartres Cathedral. 1170 AD.
Royal Portal, West Façade, Chartres Cathedral
* 1145-55
* Right side of central portal
* Detail: prophets and ancestors of Christ (kings and queens of Judea)
* Monumental jamb figures
* Symbolize that biblical kings and queens support Mary and Christ in the tympana above
Queen Blanche of Castile and Louis IX
* Paris
* 1226-34
* Ink, tempera, and gold leaf on vellum
* Placed at the end of the manuscript as a colophon
* Blanche of Castile was Louis IX's mother
1318 black death
bubonic plague
book of hours
prayer book
nave arcade
arcade in nave
art for private devotion
the 1300s, or 14th century
Rayonnant "radiating"
*great sheets of stained-glass-like rose windows
*refined tracery
ex: Saint-Chapelle
scrovegni family
one of the wealthiest families
Early Gothic
*round columns in the interior
*rib vaults start at the ceiling traveling down to the top of the column capitals
ex: Notre Dame & Saint-Denis
Late/Flamboyant "flaming"
*highly decorative
* a mass of pinnacles and tracery
* ogee arches (2 S-shapes)
ex: Faint-Maclou
a tall narrow window ending in a pointed arch
A rain spout carved or formed to resemble a grotesque monster. It is a common feature of Gothic cathedrals.
series of images beneath the main part of altarpiece
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