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Outwardly bowed.
sculpture over door
Ekkehard and Uta
Interior Laon Cathedral
country of canterbury cathedral
Rib vault
Groin, quadripartite, complex
vault with outline part thinggg
abbet sugare
designer of st denis
sculpture in middle of door
portal sculptures of chartres cathedral, 1150
In making stained-glass windows, fusing one layer of colored glass to another to produce a greater range of colors.
Life of the virgin
1330. England
An association of craftspeople. The medieval guild had great economic power, as it set standards and controlled the selling and marketing of its members' products, and as it provided economic protection, group solidarity, and training in the craft to its members
a system that rejects religious beliefs and focuses on humans
Chartres Cathedral
Early Gothic Cathedral, has assymetrical spires (one is High Gothic)
The "radiant" style of Gothic architecture, dominant in the second half of the thirteenth century and associated with the French royal court of Louis IX at Paris.
Florence Cathedral
plan 1294/ construction begun 1296
Cologne Cathedral
13th and 14th centuries.towers finished 19th c. with the train station right next to it.largest church in norther europe.begun 1248 done 1880.
422 feet long nave.150 coir. quest for height.
Bar tracery
Mullions divide the space into vertical segments and form decorative patters at the top of the opening or panel
The vertical elements found on both sides of an opening in a wall, and supporting an arch or lintel
late gothic
period of notre dame de reims
stained glass
the colored glass used for windows
A vertical member that divides a window or that separates one window from another.
The crossed, or diagonal, arches that form the skeletal framework of a Gothic rib vault. In sculpture, the framework for a clay form.
Rose windows
round stained glass windows, borrowed from the Roman oculus, let in more light= closer to God
Doge's Palace
Venice, Italy. Sucular Gothic Art. 1340-1345 AD. Next to St. Marks.
Amiens Cathedral
Robert de luzarches, Thomas de cormont, and Renaud de cormont. begun 1220. self sustaining skeletal architecture.the angel tells mary and she is prego
Notre Dame
a famous early gothic cathedral in Paris (started 1163); the Virgin Mary
groin vault
Formed by the intersection at right angles of two barrel vaults of equal size. Lighter in appearance than the barrel vault, the groin vault requires less buttressing. See vault.
Lux nova
Abbot Suger saw the light coming through the sacred windows of Saint-denis, and he called the colored light, lux nova, "new light."
VESPERBILD, 1330 German
meaning evening prayers, gave rights to the word for the image of Mary mourning her son.
Virgin with dead christ
Rhineland germany. painted wood. represents trouble in the land. 1300-1325.Rottgen Pieta
Comparative Cathedral Nave Elevations
* From Louis Grodecki, Gothic Architecture
* 1985
* Paris, Chartres, Reims, and Amiens Cathedrals
* New York
* Compares the naves of different cathedrals
A shape or plan in which the parts assume the form of a cloverleaf.
kings gallery
the band of statues on the front facade of a Gothic Cathedral
Lancet Window
a tall, narrow window crowned by a sharply pointed arch
support of a dome to make an elegant dome
Psalm 1 (Beatus Vir)
* From the Windmill Psalter
* London
* 1270-80
* Ink, pigments, and gold on vellum
* French Gothic with the English tradition of draftsmanship
compound pier
A pier with a group, or cluster, of attached shafts, or responds, especially characteristic of Gothic architecture.
Christ's Crown of Thorns
Located in the Norte-Dame de Paris treasury. Made of crystal and gold. Thorns purchased by St. Louis- supposed to be the actual thorns that Jesus wore on his head. No thorns left on it, they have all be broken off and given away as gifts. Only brought out and showed at 4:15pm on Fridays during Lent for an hour and 15 minutes.
Virgin of Jeanne D'Evreux
Abbey Church of St. Denis (first gothic church). 2ft 3 1/2 inches tall. Silver gilt and enamel. Late gothic "s" curve. Baby slightly more lifelike than Virgin of Paris. Used to wear a crown.
Tree of Jesse, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Chartres, France, c. 1150 - 70, stained glass.
Tree of Jesse, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Chartres, France, c. 1150 - 70, stained glass.
West Façade, Abbey Church of Saint-Denis
* France
* 1135-44
* Engraving made before 1837
* Had great symbolic significance for the French monarchy
* Housed the tombs of the kings of France and their courts, regalia of the French Crown, and relics of Saint Denis (the patron saint of France)
Abbey Church of Saint Denis- Interior
Commissioned by ABBOT SUGER. Uses pointed arches instead of rounded-- distributes weight better, allowing the walls to be opened up to stained glass windows. Flying buttresses were added to the outside for extra support. Stained glass is typical of Gothic cathedrals. The Choir was redesigned- opens up the ambulatory and adds radiating chapels. Groin vaulting with pointed arches. Rose windows are common in Gothic churches and usually found on the arms of the transept.
abbey church of st Denis. Paris, 1140-1144.
4 years??shows progression of apsidial chapels--ribbed vaults, like a forest of columns.
Abbey Church of Saint Denis- Exterior
Near Paris. 1140-1144 AD. This is where Gothic ism started. A bell tower was destroyed in a fire.
Shrine of the 3 Kings
Nicholas of Verdun. Gold castor. The 3 wisemen are buried inside. A wooden portion used to be inside the gold w/ inlaid paintings on it.
Virgin with the Dead Christ- Rottgen Pieta
NOT EXACT IMAGE. 1300-1325 AD. Painted wood. Germany. Heads are huge. Gives an emotional impact rather than realistic.
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