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pointed arches
Jean Pucelle
cologne cathedral, 1248
san francesco, 1253
Salisbury Cathedral- Exterior
country of cologne cathedral
country of salisbury cathedral
virgin and child, 1300
Slender vertical elements or colonettes that divide a window into subsidiary sections
front part that you see
notre dame de paris, 1215
jamb statues of reims, 1230
ornamental stonework for holding stained glass in place
Saint Stephen and St. Theodore
compiling all knowledge into one place
flying buttress
things coming off the side
Notches or indentations, usually with respect to tops of walls, as in battlements.
moralized Bible
Gothic heavily illustrated Bibles, each page pairing Old and New Testament episodes with illuminations explaining their moral significance.
(architecture) a slender upright spire at the top of a buttress of tower
Choir of Cologne Cathedral
Gerhard of Cologne.
stained glass rose window
chartres cathedral 1220.
Ornamental designs made up of three rounded lobes placed adjacent to one another
high gothic
period of notre dame de chartres
(pl., oculi) The round central opening or "eye" of a dome. Also, small round windows in Gothic cathedrals.
nave arcade
In basilica architecture, the series of arches supported by piers separating the nave from the side aisles.
Rib vaulting
vaulting with pieces running along intersections. Primoted the verticality and skeltalness
Cologne Cathedral
Cologne, Germany. Begun in 1248- finished in 1880. Matching towers, very dark. Holds the shrine of the 3 wise men. Gerhard of Cologne.
Salisbury Cathedral Interior
dark Purbeck marble for molding.
Masons at Work
* Contemporary painting
* Shows a building site with masons at work
* Carpenters, stone cutters, and workmen
* Building cathedrals required a lot of money, raw materials, and skilled labor
* A laborer carrying mortar up a ladder to men working on the top of the wall where the lifting wheel delivers cut stone
The lowest stone of an arch, resting on the impost block. In Gothic vaulting, the lowest stone of a diagonal or transverse rib.
Flamboyant style
A Late Gothic style of architecture superseding the Rayonnant style and named for the flamelike appearance of its pointed bar tracery.
Chartres Cathedral
A Cathedral located in Chartres, 50 miles southwest of Paris, and is considered one of the finest examples in all of France of the Gothic style of architecture.
Ekkehard and Uta
German patrons depicted at Naumburg. 1249-1255 AD. Painted limestone sculptures. Donors for the church.
Robert of Luzarches
(born in Luzarches near Pontoise towards the end of the twelfth century) was a French architect who worked on the cathedral of Notre Dame in Amiens.
Beau Dieu- Christ
High Gothic, 1220-1236 Trumeau statue of central doorway. Amiens Cathedral. Human like- how Christ actually was.
A column, pier, or post found at the center of a large portal or doorway, supporting the lintel
royal portal
the doors of the west facade at Chartres Cathedral, contains episodes from the life of Christ
Jamb Figures- Chartres
1145-1155 AD. Kings and Queens (Royal Portal). Survived the French Revolution. Flanking the doorways of Chartres Cathedral. Gothic cathedrals usually have 3 doorways.
Virgin and child and angels
chartres cathedral .1174. survived fire. iron binds.
Abbey Churhc of Saint-Denis, Plan
* West façade 1135-40
* Choir 1140-44
* Nave 1231-81
* Radiatign chapels were reliquaries so people could walk around and look at the relics without interrupting mass
* Ribbed groin vaults, round piers, pointed arches, wall buttresses, and window openings
ogee arch
A Late Gothic arch made up of two double-curving lines meeting at a point.
The Virgin of Paris
(Not exact Picture) Located in Notre- Dame de Paris. Early 14th Century. Queen of Heaven. Late gothic "S" curve- position for a courtly lady of that era. Holding baby Jesus.
Rose Window and Lancets
Chartres Cathedreal, 1200 AD, Gothic / Rose of France
Miniature of the Heavenly Jerusalem, from the so-called Trinity Apocalypse, 1255 - 60, England
Miniature of the Heavenly Jerusalem, from the so-called Trinity Apocalypse, 1255 - 60, England
Quatrefoils, West Façade, Amiens Cathedral
* 1220-36/40
* Signs of the Zodiac (Leo, Virgo, and Libra)
* Labors of the Months (July, August, and September)
* Quatrefoils are four-lobed medallions
*Contain lively illustrations of good (Virtues) and evil (Vices)
Westminster Abbey- Chapel of Henry VII
Robert and William Virtue. London, England. 1503-1519 AD. Decorated Gothic. Fan vaulting- very elaborate.
exterior of notre dame cathedral, paris 1163.
flying buttresses depicted. and the two bell towers.
Virgin & Child and Angels- Chartres
"Notre Dame de la Belle Verriere" Window in the choir of the Chartres Cathedral. 1170 AD.
Abbey Church of Saint Denis- Exterior
Near Paris. 1140-1144 AD. This is where Gothic ism started. A bell tower was destroyed in a fire.
abbey church of notre dame, at fontenay, france. 1139.
abbey church of notre dame, at fontenay, france. 1139.
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