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Asteriosclerosis loss of elasticity in the walls of the blood vessels
Atherosclerosis accumulation of fat deposits inside of arteries
Axilla armpit
Body Temperature the amount of heat in the body that is balance between the amount of heat produced and the amount lost by the body
Cheyne-Strokes a pattern of breathing in which respirations gradually increase in rate and depth and the become shallow and slow; breathing may stop for 10 to 20 seconds
Congestive heart failure (CHF) the inability of the heart to pump and adequate quantity of blood
Emphysema respiratory condition in which the elasticity of the alveoli is lost
Heart attack /myocardiall infarction (MI) a blockage or clot occurring in an artery in the heart
Hyertension high blood pressure
Hypotension low blood pressure
Pneumonia inflammation of the lungs with fluid accumulation in the affected alveoli
Pulse the beat of the heart felt at an artery as a wave of blood passe through the artery
Pulse rate the number of heartbeats or pulses felt in 1 minute
Respirations act of breathing in and out of the lungs (inhalation/exhalation)
Orthostatic hypotension a sudden drop in blood pressure when the resident moves from a lying to a sitting or standing position; results in fainting
Tuberculosis an infection, primarily of the lung, from mycobacterium tuberculosis
Vital signs temperature, pulse, respirations, and blood pressure
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