Great Depression Vocab 2 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Hoover blanket
success; good fortune
21st Amendment
repealed Prohibition
aid for the needy
-Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation, political party established in the Great Depression
unable to pay debts (broke)
Margret Sanger
Advocate of birth control.
Bear Market
drop in stock prices
the new word of the 1920s
Hawley-Smoot Tariff
Put increased protection on seventy-five farm products but was ultimately unsuccessful in helping farmers.
Richard Wright
African American novelist wrote "Native Son" about a boy trying to survive in a racist world
Public works
government-funded projects to assist individuals,families and communities in need
Banking Act
established FDIC, introduced banking reforms (some designed to limit speculation)
Herbert Hoover
Republican _________ _________ easily won the election of 1928
True/False: To help older Americans, Dr. Francis Townsend proposed the Old Age Rovolving Pension plan.
What began organized crime in the 1920's?
Number of musicians employed by the Federal Music Project?
Huey Long
Senator; Early supporter of Roosevelt, turned against him later; Wanted presidency for himself; Proposed nationwide social program called "Share-Our-Wealth"
Sherwood Anderson
wrote the book, "Winesburg, Ohio" which was about small town life in America.
A makeshift shack out of scrap metal
fireside chat
Radio speeches giving Americans hope during the depression by FDR
Security and Exchange
regulated the trade and stock
Marian Anderson
concert singer, performed "America" on April 9, 1939
Fireside chats
Roosevelt's radio broadcasts used by the president to inform the public and build morale throughout the depression and WWII
Emergency Relief Act
Authorized the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to lend $300 million to states that had exhausted their own relief funds; Less than $30 million had actually been given out by the end of 1933. Hoover did this.
National Labor Relations Act
Wagner ACT; guaranteed collective bargaining, couldn't interfere with organizing unions
What did the unemployment rate rise to during the early years of the depression?
Bennett Buggy
It was invented during the Great Depression, it was who PM Bennett created a new way of transportation to help people save money on gas. It was a car attached to horses, so that fuel wasn't being used to run the car.
Shelters were built of old boxes and other discards during the Great Depression called Hoovervilles because the people blamed President Hoover
stock exchange
an organized system for buying and selling shares, or blocks of investments, in corporations.
Stock Market Crash
created panic, outrage, and led directly to the Great Depression
laissez faire
criticism of the New Deal program because it is the belief that the government should not get involved
indian new deal
gave native americans more control over their land and economic assistance
Black Tuesday
Market crash causing people to lose money
Dust Bowl
Region of the Great Plains that experienced a drought in 1930 lasting for a decade, leaving many farmers without work or substantial wages.
great depression
bank failures many people lost savings buying on margin
snow white
what was the first feature length animated movie
Urban Sprawl
The process of urban areas expanding outwards, usually in the form of suburbs, and developing over fertile agricultural land.
Kellogg-Briand Pact,
15 nations pledged not to use the threat of war in their dealings with one another.
Frances Perkins
first lady to be on a Presidential Cabinet' Secretary of Labor
Robert C Weaver
department of the interior was advised on the racial matters by
"Black Tuesday"
October 29, 1929; the day the stock market crashed
Harold Ickes
in charge of PWA, FDR's Secretary of the Interior
John Maynard Keynes
British economist who argued that for a nation to recovery fully from a depression, the govt had to spend money to encourage investment and consumption. (1883-1946)
Bonus Army
A march on Washington of nearly 20,000 in reaction to Hoover saying that the government did not have enough money.
buying on margin
Purching stock with a little money down with the promise of paying the balance at sometime in the future
G- men
men; agents who worked to find and destroy illegal alcohol
federal reserve lowered rates and mislead buiness owners
cause of depression 4
Boulder Dam
Hoover Dam in Arizona, built to create jobs and provide electricity, public project; makes Lake Mead
What was the Little Entente?
France's network of alliances with with Czechosolvakia, Romania, and Yugoslavia
Civilian Conservation Corps
Set-up work camps for men 18-25 to provide work such as planting trees and building bridges
bank holiday
FDR made a holiday for all 48 states to close for three days to open on a sounder basis.
The New Deal
name given to the overall program of efforts during FDR's presidency
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)
- Closed all banks and ordered inspections ( 1st 100 days in office )
- Created government programs to help people in need.
- Believed in action and expirementation.
Farm Mortgage Refinancing Act
Created in 1934 to help farmers refinance their mortgages and avoid foreclosure. It created the Federal Farm Credit Corporation that then gave loans to farmers.
Wizard of Oz
Based on the Dust Bowl. Most memorable movie during the depression.
Claude McKay
A poet that wrote a poem after the Chicago riot called "If We Must Die," and he shortly became one of the major figures of the Harlem Renaissance.
Public Utility Holding House Company Act(PUHCA)
aka "Wheeler Rayburn Act", 3 commissions
First 100 Days
March to June 1933 - FDR pushed social programs through congress to provide RRR
What was the Dust Bowl?
REgion in the Central GReat Plains that was hit by severe drought in the 1930s
What were the 3 reasons for Business being a casue of the crash?
1. Speculation
2. Marginal Buying
3.Unsound Corporate Structure
Social Security Act
a 1935 law that set up a system of pensions for older people and set up the nation's first system of unemployment insurance
Dow Jones Industrial Average
This term is the name of the most widely used measure of the stock market's health
Buying on margin is what?
Buying stock by paying only part of its price.
what are three goals for new deal?
1) relief for unemployment 2) plans for economic recovery 3) reform to prevent another depression
Effect on African, Mexican, and Native Americans
african - werent getting the share of the subsity that the agriclutural adjustment act. and the mexicans were deported because they were thougtht to be taking the jobs.
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