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Terms Definitions
non-point-source pollution
term for pollution runoff (precipitation, car washing, watering and fertilizing crops or lawns, applying toxic herbicides or pesticides)
Demotechnic Growth
•Exponential human growth and utilization of freshwater.
•BUT:  consumption increases in response to rising supply.
•Environmental Problems: 
population growth + technological growth
point-source pollution
Pollutants discharged from a single identifiable location (e.g., pipes, ditches, channels, sewers, tunnels, containers of various types).
Invasive species
plants and animals that have been moved to or migrated to places where they are not native, threatening local food chain
a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their physical environment
What are the Standards?

•standard is defined as 0‰. 

•For Carbon, the international standard is Pee Dee Belemnite, a carbonate formation.
•The Pee Dee Belemnite absolute ratio of 13C/12C is 0.0112372.  
•Materials with ratios of 13C/12C > 0.00112372 have positive delta values
•Those with ratios of 13C/12C < 0.00112372 have negative delta values.

•For Nitrogen, the international standard is the Nitrogen content of air.
•The Nitrogen in Air absolute ratio of 15N/14N is 0.003676.
•Materials with ratios > 0.003676 have positive values.
Future of great lakes

•Some progress, some signs of recovery, but pollution will continue to be a major concern in the years to come.

•A broader scope of regulation of toxic chemicals may be necessary as research and monitoring reveal practices that are harmful.

•More stringent controls of waste disposal are already being applied in many locations.

•Agricultural practices are being examined because of the far-reaching effects of pesticides and fertilizers. 
What are stable isotopes
•Isotopes are atoms of the same element that differ in atomic mass, due to differences in the number of neutrons contained in the atoms' nuclei.
– 12C (6 neutrons, stable)
– 13C (7 neutrons, stable)
–  14C (8 neutrons, unstable)

•Stable isotopes are measured by gas isotope-ratio mass spectroscopy.

•The sample is converted into a gas (CO2, N2)

•The gas molecules are ionized in the Ion Source 

chemical pollution in great lakes

Many of the chemical pollutants discharged in the Great Lakes can mimic hormonal activity:
•  Development
•  Sexual differentiation


Chemicals with hormonal activity include, among others:
•Halogenated aromatic      compounds such as PCBs  and PBDEs
•Synthetic estrogens
•Natural estrogens

•  Runoff into streams (urban, industrial, agricultural)
•  Storm sewers 
•  Waste water treatment plants’ discharge
Lake Superior
Borders Ontario
Lake Superior
paper products
Name Wisconsin's key product.
Henry Ford established his auto company in this city, making Michigan the country's leading auto producer.
what is another word for basin
corn, manufacturing
What are Illinois' key products (2)?
love hormone
made in the hypothalamus and released in the posterior pituitary gland and released at orgasm and during nursing.
-promotes pair bonding
Harmful substances in the air, water or soil
Lake Huron is the second largest of the Great Lakes.
great lake states are diverse
because of many immigrants
food web
a diagram that shows the feeding relationships between organisms in an ecosystem
Sears Tower
In 1974 this skyscraper opened as the tallest building in the world, and it held that title for nearly 30 years.
Ah receptor
dioxins and some PCB's bind the Ah recptor, dislocating it from heat shock protein 90 and P50
Great Lakes State, Wolverine State
What are Michigan's two state nicknames?
What are the types of foliages found in the G. Lakes region?
Coniferous, deciduous, tall-grass, prairies, bogs, wetlands, fresh water dunes
Louis Jolliet and Father Jacques Marquette
Who explored the area which is now Illinois for the French in 1673?
industrial waste
center of activity
substances that cause cancer
Great lakes formed
10,000 years ago
Hoosier State
What is Indiana's state nickname?
prairie style of architecture
Frank Lloyd Wright
Endocrine disruption
exposure to chemicals that later hormonal signaling
kinds of transportation
railroads, highways, and busy airports
oats, corn, soybeans
What are Minnesota's key products (3)?
Type 2 diabetes
a metabolic disorder characterized by the relative deficiency of insulin production and a decreased insulin action and increased insulin resistance. Formerly called non-insulin-dependent, adult-onset, or type II diabetes.
great migration
african americans came from the South to cities in the North for work
Is the third largest of the Great Lakes. It is the only one of the Great Lakes wholly within the borders of the United States. It is the largest lake entirely within one country by surface area. and the 5th largest lake in the world.
mississippi and rhine rivers
both inland waterways connect industry to ocean ports for trade
Lake Victoria
What is the name of the largest lake of Africa?
where barges carry goods
south to mississippi river to gulf of mexico; east on st lawrence seaway to atlantic ocean
= E
10x worse of ache
What is the capital of Indiana?
other immigrants
from Asia and Arab countries
formation of birth defects due to environmental agents (ex. viruses, chemicals, etc...)
city hosts a popular auto race
Indianapolis (500)
Willis Tower
What is the Sears Tower called today?
What percentage is the Great Lakes of Fresh water supply in the world?
industrial economy
brought jobs to region especially in FACTORIES
Strait of Mackinac
Name the strait that connects Lake Michigan to Lake Huron
Detroits Motown Sound and Chicago's blues and jazz music
African Americans created this
United States and Canada
What two countries share the coastline of the Great Lakes?
Most recent immigrants to come to great lake states
Latin Americans mostly from Mexico
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