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High Classical
circular temple
oriental period
7,000-600 bce
Kroisos, Greece, Archaic
archaic sculpture for males
two-handled Greek storage jar
Lefkandi Centaur, Greece, Proto-Geometric
the carving/design in plaster
a projecting grooved element alternating with a metope on a Greek temple
What did mycenean art depict?
Weary Herakles
Lysippos. Late Classical. 320
Herakles Wrestling Antaios, Greece, Archaic, artist: Euphoronios
triangular area on temple roof
columns =
surround the entire temple
weight shifted stance, S-curve, head turned, step forward. Introduced between Late Archaic and Early Classical
[Hellenistic] (1st Century)
• Story from the Aeneid of the Trojan priest who tried to warn his people of the dangers lurking inside the horse given to Troy by the Greeks; snakes were sent by the gods to prevent him from speaking
• High drama; emotional
• Twisting, curving forms, the eye cannot rest, wanders round the composition; viewing the composition from many angles is encouraged
• Heightened musculature accentuates pathos of the moment
• Negative space
a rectangular column that usually projects about a third of its width from the wall to which it is attached
Calf Bearer, c. 560 B.C.E.Greek Archaic
*stylized hair-natural/realistic
*sacrifice of the cow
*Archaic smile :) =life
* beard=wisdom
Geometric Krater
Dipylon Cemetery, Athens. Geometric. 740
Mycenean Jewelry
Indian sardonyx, borrowed mionan technique
Minoan Woman, Crete, New Palace Period
1 side black, 1 side red
naos/ Cella
Inner chamber of a temple
Minoan Sculpture
monumental; dedicated to kings or gods; snake goddess-bare breasts, skirt to toes, holding up snakes
Temple of Aphaia
Dying Warrior, Archer, Late Archaic
column without flutes/ small at the bottom
A variant of the Ionic, features acanthus leaves and looks like an Egyptian capital.
A form of carborundum mineral crushed or in flakes that was used to work marble to a fine, smooth finish.
Literally the "high city." In Greek Architecture, usually the site of the city's most important temple(s).
small relief sculpture on the facade of a Greek temple
Theater of Epidauros
Epidauros, Greece. Polykleitos the Younger. Late Classical. 350
Apollo Belvedere
Roman Marble copy of Greek original
330- 100 BCE
Hellenistic Style
corinthian order
most ornate and latest to develop
a courtyard flanked or surrounded by porticoes
A bowl with deep, broad body, wide mouth and two lifting handles for mixing wine and water, the usual beverage for the Greeks.
a female figure that functions as a supporting column
The Discus Thrower
[Classical] (450 BCE)
• By Myron
• In-between motion, mid-swing
• Impossible pose to throw the discus, but optically the pose works
• Viewpoint mainly from the front
• Expressionless face, or perhaps thinking
• Use of negative space opens large areas in the sculpture
• Idealized heroic body
a tablet placed horizontally on top of the capital of a column as an aid in supporting the architrave
lost wax process
the means to cast in bronze
a shrine where an oracular god is consulted
geometric sculpture
small broze and marble animals and humans, free-standing, motifs: linear (spirals, diamonds, cross hatching)
cut away material to leave a portion overhanging in a sculpture
a slight convexity in the shaft of a column
Dying Warrior from West Pediment of Temple of Aphaia
Aegina, Greece. 490
ionic order
the second Greek order; the capital is decorated with spiral scrolls
Nike Adjusting Her Sandal
[Classical] (410 BCE)
• From the temple of Athens
• Graceful winged figure modeled in high relief
• Deeply incised drapery lines reveal body, wet drapery
caryatids (male: atlantid)
a building column that is shaped like a female figure
gold leaf
gold in the form of very thin foil, as for gilding
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