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Cascading Style Sheet rules are comprised of
Elements and Attributes
When CSS is coded in the body of the web page as an attribute of an HTML tag it is called ________.
Items that can be used as a CSS Selector
a class name
an id name
an HTML element
The CSS property used to set the text color on a web page is
To apply a style to one or more of elements on a web page, configure a CSS _____________.
An External Style Sheet uses the _____ file extension
Use the_______ tag to associate a web page with an External Style Sheet
Select the code that configures a class called “offer” with blue text using CSS.
offer { color: blue; }
CSS selector that will configure the anchor elements within the div element
div a
configures a class called “offer” with blue text, 1.2em, and Arial or sans-serif font using CSS.
.offer { color:blue; font-size:1.2em; font-family:Arial,sans-serif;}
The _______ is the area between the content and the border.
The default value for the border property for an element is?
When using the box model, the _____ is always transparent
configures a margin for an element with the following values: top margin 30 pixels, left margin 150 pixels, right margin 0 pixels, and bottom margin 0 pixels?
margin: 30px 0px 0px 150px;
top - right - bottom- left
configures a 1 pixel, solid black border for an element?
border: 1px solid #000000;
Use the __________ property to configure bold text using CSS
configures Arial, Verdana, or the default sans-serif font for an element?
font-family: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif;
The _______ pseudo-class configures the styles that will apply when the mouse is placed on a hyperlink.
The ________ HTML5 element is used to tangential or supplemental content.
The ________ HTML5 element is used to group to or more heading elements and show that they have a semantical connection.
element is used to create a un-semantic divide of content on a website?
The ________ HTML5 element is used to configure the main navigation area on a web page.
The ________ HTML5 element is used to configure the top logo and navigation area on a web page.
The main content area of the site should be placed inside of which HTML5 element?
most common web grid used today?
not one of the standard column counts for the 960 grid?
most common screen resolution which web designers design for?
1024 x 768
The rules for the 960 grid are created in a separate CSS file and linked to the HTML document by which of the following HTML elements?
<link href="css/grid.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">
the gutter spacing between the columns in a 12 column, 960 grid?
What is the size of a single column in a 12 column, 960 grid?
In the un-semitic grid, what is the smallest column width in percentages?
In the unsemeantic grid, what property is used to create the gutter spacing?
What term is used to describe the method used to load different css files when a the viewport of the browser changes between a certain pixel size?
The unsementic grid uses what measurements for their columns?
What term is used to describe the method where the web page content moves in response to the changing of the size of the browser viewport?
Which is the correct method for writing HTML comments?
<!-- Comment -->
All visible content of the web page is placed inside which HTML element
Which of the following is the correct method of adding a <title> element
<title> Page Title </title>
he <!doctype> element goes
Before the HTML element
the charset value for HTML documents?
Informational content about the web page is placed within what HTML element?
HTML stands for
Hypertext Markup Language
the correct method for adding the language attribute to the HTML element with a value of English?
<html lang="en">
All HTML tags must be
lower case
HTML elements are placed within?
Less than and Greater than symbols
The content that displays in the browser is contained in the body section.
the preferred tag pair to use when emphasizing text.
tag pair is used to create the largest heading?
<h1> </h1>
tag pair contains the items in an ordered or unordered list?
<li> </li>
special character that is used to indicate a blank space.
type of HTML list would be good to use to display a list of terms and their definitions?
description list
type of HTML list will automatically place a bullet point indicator in front of each item?
unordered list
tag pair is used to create a new paragraph?
<p> </p>
tag is used to force the browser to display the next text or element on a new line?
attribute of the anchor tag can cause the new web page to open in its own browser window?
How would you link to the named fragment #school on the page resume.html from the home page of the site?
<a href="resume.html#school">Educational Background</a>
correct method for creating a hyperlink to the about.htm page of a website?
<a href="about.htm">About</a>
define a fragment identifier in a paragraph, called “top”?
<p id="top">
configure a hyperlink to an email address?
<a href="mailto:[email protected]">Email me </a>
hyperlink indicates the exact location of a resource on the Web?
Organized file structure suggests that images be placed?
in a separate imgs folder
the correct method for placing an image on a website?
<img src="imgs/pic.jpg" alt="Picture">
The resolution of images saved for the web should be set at?
300 ppi
web safe images?
jpg, gif, png
Background images are set up in the?
Cascading Style Sheet
Valid <img> elements require what accessibility property be included?
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