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Terms Definitions
Matter Anything that has mass and takes up space
Matter is made up of ? that are too small to see. Particles
One way to identify matter is by its --- Properties
Some easy properties used to identify matter are: Color, size, shape, texture, smell, taste ( one c, three s, and two t)
Two other properties you can test are See if it is affected by MAGNET or can ELECTRICITY pass through it
Particles move. The movement of particles in matter determines its form or --- State
The three states of matter are: Solid, liquid, and gas
One substance that you can find naturally on Earth in all three states Water
Describe size, shape and particles in the three states of matter SOLID:same size, same shape, particles packed together. LIQUID: same size, not same shape, particles move a little. GAS no size, no shape, particles move a lot
Weight depends on force of --- so it can change. Gravity
Mass is the measure of how much --- is in an object, MASS CANNOT CHANGE Matter
Scientists use --- units when they measure and compare matter Metric
--- is the amount of space matter takes up Volume
The amount of mass in a certain volume of matter is a property called --- Density
An objects density determines whether an object sinks or --- Floats
A --- is a combination of two or more substances Mixture
Substances in a mixture can be --- Separated
In a --- one or more substances are dissolved into another substance Solution
A substance that is dissolved into another is called the --- Solute
A --- takes in or dissolves the other substance Solvent
A change in size, shape, or state of matter is a --- change Physical
A physical change does not change the --- that makes up the matter. Particles
Give one example of a physical change Freezing water into ice
A --- produces a completely different kind of matter Chemical change
An example of chemical change Rust on metal
Forms when two or more elements are combined chemically Compound. Once the elements are combined the properties are different from each of the original elements
Substance that is only made up of one type of matter or only has one type of atom Elements
Building blocks of matter Atom
Periodic table of elements Lists all known elements and are classified according to their properties. When combine elements together you can create different types of matter.
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