Terms Definitions
cutting into
swollen; embryo
condition; hyperthyroidism
body; chromosome
one who specializes
birth; prenatal development
form, shape; cytoplasm
decrease or lack of
pertaining or related to
surgical removal of, excision
infammation; gastritis (inflammation of the stomach)
compression; peristalsis (muscular contractions that propel food along the digestive tract)
instrument to view or examine
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arrest, fixation; hemostasis (arrest of bleeding)
partition; diaphragm (which separates the thoracic and abdominal cavities)
thirst, dry; polydipsia (excessive thirst associated with diabetes)
carry; efferent nerves (nerves carrying impulses away from the CNS)
medical specialty; geriatrics (the branch of medicine dealing with disease associated with old age)
condition of the blood; anemia (deficiency of red blood cells)
referring to; cardiac (referring to the heart)
referring to, of; auditory (referring to hearing)
reconstruction of a part, plastic surgery; rhinoplasty (reconstruction of the nose through surgery)
condition; insomnia (condition of not being able to sleep
urine; polyuria (passage of an excessive amount of urine)
juncture; synapse (where two neurons communicate)
speech; aphasia (lack of ability to speak)
destroy or kill; germicide (an agent that kills germs)
able to, capable of; viable (ability to live exist)
an instrument used for recording data or writing; electrocardiograph (an instrument used to make an electrocardiogram)
-form, -forma
shape; cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone
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