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Hard disk drive
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hard drive
surtabla komputilo
Wing nut.
SDRAM uses ____ pins.
Nut designations?AN365
Fiber lock nut
DDR SDRAM uses ____ pins.
Fillister head, no hole, nonstructural, 1/4-28 TPI, 6/16 long or 3/8th.
Earlier Pentiums used a(n) ____ socket, with pins aligned in uniform rows around the socket.
The processor comes already installed on some motherboards, in which case you just need to install the ____.
SIMMs have a ____ data path.
DDR2 SDRAM has a ____-pin DIMM.
The most popular motherboard form factor is the ____.
On older motherboards, 30-pin SIMMs are installed in groups of ____.
Parallel ATA allows for ____ connectors on a motherboard for ____ 40-pin data cables.
Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) which are also known as Thin Film Transistors (TFT)
AN500-10-12, 10R12
Fillister head, non-structural, NC, #10 screw size, 12/16 long.
10R12 = #10 screw, Phillips head 3.4 inch long.
expansion cards
circuit boards that allow specific tasks to be performed
__ display is sometimes called passive matrix display.
Most fingerprint readers that are not embedded in other devices use a ____ connection.
The process of marking tracks and sectors to prepare the disk to receive data is called ____ the disk.
You should delete temporary files and empty the Recycle Bin on a(n) ____ basis.
A(n) ____ monitor produces an image using a liquid crystal material made of large, easily polarized molecules.
The most popular technology for desktop and notebook computer wireless connections is ____.
IEEE 802.11
___ printers use a type of ink-dispersion printing and don’t normally provide the high-quality resolution of laser printers, but are popular because they are small and can print color inexpensively.
Thin coaxial cable uses a(n) ____ connector.
In ____ formatting, the OS executes the part of the format process which is not carried out at the factory.
When looking at an advertisement for DIMMS, ____ of the module indicate(s) the width of the data bus.
_ standards include one or more variations of PC Card, CardBus, and ExpressCard.
Zip Disk
Capable of storing tremendous amounts of information
There are several different types of optical disk, although they all look pretty much the same.
Plane Engine nut Steel but high temperature
the places on the outside of the computer case where you plug in hardware.
When you adjust print density with laser printers, you are adjusting the ____ charge on the developing cylinder.
DC bias
Track and sector markings are written to a hard drive before it leaves the factory in a process called ____.
low-level formatting
A motherboard ____ determines the size of the board and its features that make it compatible with power supplies, cases, processors, and expansion cards.
form factor
A ____ volume appears as a simple volume but can use space from two or more physical disks.
With PCI Express, each PCI Express slot for a PCIe card has its own link or bus to the ____.
South Bridge
Word size of today’s processors is ____ bits or ____ bits.
32, 64
On the ____ tab of the printer properties window, you can enable and disable bidirectional support for a printer.
With ____, the memory controller can communicate with two DIMMs at the same time, effectively doubling the speed of memory access.
dual channels
A DVD can hold ____ GB of data.
A memory cache on the processor chip is called a(n) ____ cache.
The reasons BIOS cannot access the drive can be caused by the drive, the data cable, the electrical system, the motherboard, the ____ (if one is present), or a loose connection.
controller card
DVD and CD technologies are known as ____ storage technologies.
___ are circuits or paths on the motherboard that enable data, instructions, and power to move from component to component on the board.
A ____ is an electronic device that limits the amount of current that can flow through it.
The most popular form factor is the ____.
Some scanners have embedded ____ software that can interpret written text so that the text scanned in can be input into a word-processing program such as Microsoft Word.
optical character recognition
Today’s memory uses a new method of error checking called ____ that can detect and correct an error in a single bit.
A storage device that uses memory chips to store data instead of spinning disks is called a ____ device.
solid state
Other than PC Technician, ____ is a utility to test installed memory modules.
One or more serial, parallel, USB, or game ports can be provided by a(n) ____ controller card.
Input devices
There are many input formats which enable us to gather up and collect information, and enter data and instructions into the computer. Input devices can be manual or automatic.
Fiber Lock Shear Nut - thick big brother is the AN365.
In a laser printer, the laser beam is initiated and directed toward the octagonal mirror called the ____ mirror.
Current processor sockets are called ____ sockets.
zero insertion force (ZIF)
When a serial port is used by an external modem, the modem is called the ____ in documentation.
The use of a parity bit means that every byte occupies ____ bit(s).
In the ____ step of laser printing, a laser beam discharges a lower charge only to places where toner should go.
___ is a process that allows the CPU to receive a single instruction and then execute it on multiple pieces of data rather than receiving the same instruction each time each piece of data is received.
Digital cameras
Take pictures and store them as a digital photographic image that can be read by a computer. You can then transfer the images directly from your camera on to your computer.
These can store very large amounts of data - up to a terabyte - and can be plugged in to your computer via a USB or Firewire port to provide extra storage.They hold large quantities of data, and are portable.
Memory sticks
AN507 and 509
507 = machine screw 100 degree countersink. non -structural.
509 = same but structural.
An EIDE drive such as a CD, DVD, tape, or Zip drive must follow the ____ standard in order to connect to a system using an EIDE connector.
Hard Disk Drive
Used to store data inside of the computer
Video digitiser
Takes an image from a video camera or television and converts it so that it can be used by, and stored on, a computer. Video sequences captured using a video digitiser are often used in multimedia presentations.
Touch screen
A special type of VDU, which has a grid of light beams or fine wires criss-crossing the screen. When the screen is touched (usually to choose an on-screen option), the computer senses where you have pressed. The information is stored on the computer and the touch screen is simply an interface. Touch screens have the benefit of being very robust and easy to operate and reprogram, hence why they are used in public places.
A ____ is an input device that uses a monitor or LCD panel as the backdrop for input options.
touch screen
DVD drives are often found on computers as combined DVD and CD-RW drives, so the computer can read and show DVD films, as well as read and write CDs.They can hold a lot more data & multimedia material.
External backing stores: magnetic tape
What are the characteristics of a AN Bolt?
Hex Head
Mild Steel construction
125,000 PSI Tensile strength
Cadmium Plating - gold color
NF National Fine Thread
Class 3 (.003) fit
The width of a data bus is called the ____.
data path size
Washer other designators?What is AN960-10L?AN970?
AN960-10L is a standard washer for a #10 machine screw. L = light or 1/2 thickness.
AN970 is a larger diameter washer.
Laser printers produce a very high quality output, are very quiet and very fast. Laser colour printers are quite expensive to buy.
Ink-jet printers offer black and white or colour printing with reduced levels of quality and speed. Colour ink jet printers are cheaper to buy than colour laser printers.
Which of the following is the first step in the process of replacing a motherboard?
Verify that you have selected the right motherboard to install in the system
NUT designators? How do you designate SST for nuts?
Add a "C" after the AN designator.
AN310C-524 is a standard castle nut, SST for a 5/16 bolt 24 TPI or NF.
SAE Standards have a number of Hash marks on the head. What do they mean?
They indicate the grade of bolt. Add 2 to the number of Hash marks for grade.
Grade 5 and 8 are common. 8 is same strength as AN but no QC.
Casltelated shear nut.
Output formats
printed-papersaved disk filesoundvideoon-screen documents
sound card
operates the computer's sound
Temporary voltage reductions are called ____.
The "brain" of the computer
RAM boards are called ____.
memory modules
Notebooks use ____ for display.
LCD panels
The Surround Sound standard supports up to ____ separate sound channels of sound information for up to ____ different speakers, each producing a different sound.
A new communication protocol used with GSM and TDMA is called ____, which sends voice, text, or video data in packets similar to VoIP.
Information entered into the computer to be processed
They're used to input sound information and can be used with a voice recognition system which processes the information. This can be used with a word processing program to enter text. It can also be used as part of security systems - only certain digitally stored voices will gain access.
Airframe Plane Shear, carries 1/2 tension as AN315, full size Plane Nut.
Disk drives
read information off of storage disks.
The 160-pin SO-RIMM uses a ____-bit data path.
A motherboard comes bundled with a ____ that contains drivers for all the onboard components.
The first ATX power supplies and motherboards use a single power connector called the ____ connector.
Many monitors use ____ technology, in which the filaments at the back of the cathode tube shoot a beam of electrons to the screen at the front of the tube.
Some older motherboards provide a ____ port, which is often used for an external modem or a serial mouse.
If the processor requests something from a device and the device is not ready, the device issues a ____.
wait state
Under all Windows operating systems, a floppy drive is always formatted using the ____ file system.
A device that is not installed directly on the motherboard is called a(n) ____ device.
After you install the motherboard and connect all the cables and cords, you next install the ____ card and plug in the keyboard and monitor.
Memory cache is referred to as ____.
The processor and the ____ determine what type and how much RAM you can use in the system.
Chips sometimes loosen because of thermal changes; this condition is called ____.
chip creek
An extension magnet brush is a long-handled brush made of nylon fibers that are charged with static electricity and easily attract ____ like a magnet.
Different groups of vertical bars that can be read by a barcode reader. Barcodes are printed on nearly every product that you can buy. Shops use barcodes because they enable the shops to maintain their stock control system. The barcode contains the product details such as product name, size, manufacturer, country of origin. The price is looked up from the shop's database. When the bar code is scanned, the shop's stock is automatically reduced by one.
What is AN310-428?
Castlelated nut, 1/4 bolt NF.
AN505 and 510
82 degree countersink machine screws.
505 = NC non-structural
515 = NF non-structural
Read Only Memory can remember what it is told but it can not be given new information. It can read only
____ uses a single public IP address to access the Internet on behalf of all hosts on the network using other IP addresses.
Using regular RAM for video is called video ____.
A ____ is an electronic device that can serve as a gate or switch for an electrical signal and can amplify the flow of electricity.
A component on a motherboard is called a(n) ____ component.
The portion of the internal bus that connects the processor to the internal memory cache is called the ____ bus.
Today's DIMMs have a ____ data path and can thus be installed as a single module rather than in pairs.
A ____ consists of personal devices at close range such as a cell phone, PDA, and notebook computer in communication.
The classic case with four drive bays and around six expansion slots that sits on your desktop doing double duty as a monitor stand is called a ____ case.
The ____ is a series of tests performed by the startup BIOS to determine if it can communicate correctly with essential hardware components required for a successful boot.
A printer connected to a computer by way of a port on the computer is called a ____ printer.
___ are small holding areas on the processor chip that work much as RAM does outside the processor.
Storage Device
Allows you to store or retrieve information
A device that can read text or pictures printed on paper and translate the information into a form the computer can use.
DisadvantagesThey are very slow to find data or files and provide serial access which means that all the data on the tape before the part you need must be read before you can access the required data.
External hard drives
Floppy Drive
Drive that reams and writes to small disks that can be swapped in and out
____ Latency and ____ Latency are two ways of measuring speed.
In a laser printer, the beam detect mirror detects the laser beam by reflecting it to a(n) ____.
optical fiber
A hard boot is also called a(n) ____ boot
The difference between a 0 spot and a 1 spot is the ____ of the spot’s magnetization on the disk surface.
A ____ provides the same functions as a port replicator, but also adds secondary storage, such as an extra hard drive, a floppy drive, or a DVD drive.
docking station
When purchasing an inkjet printer, you should look for the kind that uses ____ separate cartridges.
2 or 4
A ____ disc is purchased with data already burned on it.
regular CD
A device on a network is called a(n) ____.
A system might have up to ____ types of ribbon cables.
Control Unit
Is the "boss" and coordinates all of the CPU's activities
SpeakersLCD projectors
Output can also be in the form of...
What is the purpose of washers?
Protect material under nut.
Prevent bolt from turning.
Locking feature.
Spread load.
Fiber lock nut torqued to work. Shear equal is the AN364.
A ____ is a clip-on device that mounts on top of the processor; fingers or fins at its base pull the heat away from the processor.
heat sink
If a slot does not hold a RIMM, it must hold a placeholder module called a ____ to ensure continuity throughout all slots.
A ____ is a type of notebook computer that is designed for users who require a more graphical, user-friendly interface and need more portability than a full-size notebook allows.
tablet PC
Concept Keyboard
This is a flat board that contains a grid of buttons. Each button can be programmed to follow instructions. An overlay sheet is placed on the grid with an explanation for each button. They are used in primary schools with young children. Many modern fast food restaurants have overlays with either a description or picture of the meals that are available to make ordering easier.
NUTSANXXX-YWhat is x and Y?
XXX is AN designator.

The ____ of a sound card is the number of samples taken of an analog sound signal over a period of time.
sampling rate
Magnetic strip (or stripe) reader
Magnetic stripes are built into many plastic cards such as cheque guarantee cards, cash-point cards and personal identity cards. The magnetic strip on the back of the card can hold the personal details of the card owner and, with the necessary PIN, will allow access to secure information e.g. bank account details. Data stored on the strip is scanned and input into a computer system by a magnetic stripe reader.
Rivet designators:AN430-TT_X-YWhat is TT, X, Y. How specified?
TT is alloy:
X = diameter in 32ndsd,
Y = length in 16ths.
OMR (Optical Mark Reader)
This reads marks made by pencil on a printed form into the computer. OMR systems are suited to reading pre-printed forms and check-boxes such as National Lottery number selection sheets and multiple-choice exam papers.
Machine ScrewExplain grip for Fillister head vs. flat head?
Grip is the unthreaded length from the start of the threads to (flat head) the top of the head, and to (Fillister head) bottom of head.
Cotter Pins?How is diameter and length specified?What are designators?
Diameter is in 1/32nd.

Length is in 1/4 inch.
AN380-3-4 is a cad. plated steel pin, 3/32nd diameter, 1 inch long.
AN381 is SST.
Machine screws diameter and length.AN500- X-YLength = ?Diameter = ?Phillips designator =
x = diameter in tap sizes. or bolt is with 16, 416 is 1/4-28.

Y = Length, always in 1/16th.

Phillips = R,
AN Bolt DimensioningANX-YWhat is X and Y?What is a AN4-10
X = diameter in 1/16th.
Y = length in 1/8ths base 8

AN4-10 is 1/4 inch bolt NF thread, 1 inch long.
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