Harlem Renaissance Flashcards

Terms Definitions
lack of
small talk
sharp points
TWB Tone
Aaron Douglas
Foolish prank
lacking in variety
reduce the light
William H. Johnson
act of flowing in
mysterious, difficult to understand
THe messenger
1917, socialist ties
Who wrote "Harlem"?
Langston Hughes
AHA Device
similes (to grief)
Langston Hughes
movements best known poet
contract for a specific time
What decade was the Bebop
Louis Armstrong
AKA "Pops" and "Satchmo"
"If We Must Die"
Claude McKay
Marcus Garvey
founded UNIA; believed African Americans should form a separate society
Faith Ringgold was born in
Harlem; 1930
her family
worked with fabric from generations
Columbia, most prolific writer, Jess B. Simple
Miles Davis
an example of cool jazz
Which author was from NYC?
Countee Cullen
NCF Theme
There is always hope somewhere
hands on hips and elbows bent outward
will painted
traditionaly but gradually began to alter his style
Romare Bearden
Three Folk Musicians ,Cartoonist, and social worker
Edmonia Lewis
Sculpture, Old arrow maker: woman sittion and man sitting higher than the woman
Coleman Hawkins
tenor saxophonist ,developed a style for his instrument that became the guidepost for the next decade
Which author also wrote popular children's books such as The Lost Zoo with his "co-author," Christopher Cat?
Countee Cullen
Who wrote "Any Human to Another"?
Countee Cullen
Paul Robeson
An international star singer, he performed all over the world. He would not cut his political ties to the left in the 1940s and 1950s so his career suffered.
James Weldom Johnson
poet, lawyer, executive secretary of NAACP; fighting for protection of African Americans rights
his goal was to develop an __________ of the __________ plight of Black Americans
New Negro Movement
An artistic movement of subtle propaganda: uplift a race
Oran (Hot Lips
one of Louis Armstrong's greatest disciples
Which author got his master's degree in English and French from Harvard?
Countee Cullen
Who won more major literary prizes than any other black writer of the 1920s?
Countee Cullen
William Grant Still
Considered the Dean of African American composers. He was one of the first to combine European classical music with American jazz and blues.
worked on cargo ships to Europe and Africa
up until a couple of years ago she still ____________ at________
Great migration
blacks from south to north 3 quarters of a million migrated from the south, 175 thousand moved from the south to harlem
What causes the harlem renaissance to come to an end
The great depression
Swinging the beat
beat happens when the eighth-notes are played unevenly giving the first eighth-note a longer value than the second eighth-note
What was happening in Harlem during this time period?
Civil Rights movement
Ethel Waters
She was one of the first blacks nominated for an Oscar in the film, Pinky.
Born in Jamaica moved to New York to write
not do what is right, go off the right path
Who was the only poet of this movement to earn a living solely by writing?
Langston Hughes
Harlem Renaissance
the turn of the century was a time of optimism
In "If We Must Die", what do the hogs represent?
Black people
Billie Holliday
Also known as Lady D she died of an overdose of heroin.
In "I, Too, Sing America?", why would they be ashamed?
blacks are just as beautiful
the two major events that affected the emegence of a strong black movement in the arts were
WWI: thousands of blacks served in the armed services/ Great migration: thousands of blacks migrated to northern cities
Richard Wright
absolute; complete
Alaine Locke
Howard University
Jacob Lawrence: Died in?
Bessie Smith
Classic Blues Singer
Cab Calloway
Made "scatting" famous
the chest or heart
Jacob Lawrence: Style?
Primitive: child-like, simple
What did Ringgold major in?
faint; barely noticeable; not obvious
a person's breast or chest
Romare Bearden: Strong relationship between _________ and ____.
paintings, jazz
to soothe or cause to sleep
in a haphazard manner; at random
Jacob Lawrence: He taught at the University for how many years?
Epilogue: I, Too, sing America
Langstone Hughes 3
What are "tankas"?
paintings on fabric from Tibet
a belief or practice of heathens; idolatry
William Johnson: Primitive/Naive Style
Flat, somewhat geometrically drawn; Implied lack of training;
How did William Johnson orginally paint?
realistic, impressionistic, expressionism
those who share the same racial or cultural background
Dates towards end of the Harlem Renaissance
(1935)Harlem Riots
Jacob Lawrence: In ____, he became a full-time professor at the University of __________, in Seattle.
1971, Washington
W.E.B. DuBois
One of the founding members of the NAACP
too deep or great to be put into words
The Savoy
most important venue in Harlem for the development of dance in the 1920-1930. for blacks and whites.
William Johnson: Goal:
to develop an awareness of the social plight of Black Americans
What was Jacob Lawrence known as?
second generation Harlem Renaissance artist
Faith Ringgold: Taught where? For how long?
public school for 20 years
What was the Harlem Renaissance
The Harlem Renaissance was a flowering of African-American social thought and culture based in the African-American community forming in Harlem in New York City (USA). This period, beginning with 1920 and extending roughly to 1940, was expressed through every cultural medium—visual art, dance, music, theatre, literature, poetry, history and politics. Instead of using direct political means, African-American artists, writers, and musicians employed culture to work for goals of civil rights and equality. For the first time, African-American paintings, writings, and jazz became absorbed into mainstream culture and crossed racial lines, creating a lasting legacy.
What was Faith Ringgold's childhood like?
sickly, worked with mother at home with art supplies
What style did Bearden switch to by the 1960s?
collage, water color, torn papers, and photos
What were the ideas behind the Renaissance?
It was a way for Negros to escape the racist stereotypes placed on them and excel in society.
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