Anatomy Final Exam Flashcards

Terms Definitions
oculus/ orbital
diabetes mellitus
Studies diease
estrogen stimulates _____
Schwann Cells
p. 72
terminal hairs
head hair
lifting barbells
-flex elbow-biceps brachii
Refers to the tongue
vesículas seminales (f)
seminal vesicals
Smaller structures within myofibrils
functional unit of contraction
ileum (part of small intestine)
detectable by touching or feeling

Origin: transverse process of C4-T12
Insertion: spinous process of C & T vertebrae & occipital bone
Action: Extends spine & head
Contralateral rotation of spine & head
Nerve: Posterior rami
clear fluid that resembles plasma
Superficial Muscles
anterior flexes head and chest
sournd the nucleus as a cloud
Simple Cuboidal Epithelium
Function: secretion and absorption
separates the abdominal and thoracic; a dome-shaped muscle used in breathing
chemical thats toxic which kills cells
Innervation to abductors of hip
Superior gluteal
What is a ion?
a charge particle
abnormally low concentration of oxygen n the tissues
anal canal
contains small logitudinal folds called anal columns
ability to be stretched or extended
urogenital diaphragm (action only)
support pelvic organs
the expanding and contracting opening in the iris of the eye, through which light passes to the retina
filum terminale
Enter your back text here.
The opening between the pharynx and the larynx is the...
Triceps brachii
Origin: Lateral head: superior lateral humerus
Medial head: posterior humerus
Long head: infraglenoid tubercle of scapula
Insertion: Olecranon process of ulna
Action: Extends eblow
Innervation:Radial Nerve
Equal sharing of electrons in a covalent bond.
caudal maxillary sinus comm with
middle nasal meatus
structure that responds and restore to set point
Integumentary System
skin, hair, nails, sense receptors, sweat glands, sebaceous glands
Class ----- MHC molecules present antigen to CD--- positive cytotoxic T cells
1, 8
What are the movements of the coccygeal vertebrae?
Stratum Corneum
upper most layer dead keratinocytes no nucleus
A horizontal plane situated at right angles to the long axis, or sagittal and coronal planes; placed crosswise.
vericose vein
dilated veins with stretched vessel walls and incopetent valves, dark purple or blue
the navel is on the blank surface
sensory areas of parietal lobe
primary somatosensory cortex
somatosensory association cortex
the transparent anterior part of the external coat of the eye covering the iris and the pupil and continuous with the sclera
flow per volume or mass of tissue
The number of pairs of spinal nerves is...
total of 206
number of bones in your body
pH scale
Negative logarithm (base 10) of the hydrogen ion concentration on a scale from 0 to 14.
transverse processes
'wings'; biggest in lumbar, big in cervical, small in thorax
Serratous Posterior Inferior : Insertion
Inferior borders of ribs 9-12
B cells mature and become _____.  these in turn get make copies and get dumped into blood & lymph as _____.
-plasma cells
NAMEpicks up fluid leaked from blood vessels and returns it to the blood, disposes of debris in the lympathic system, and houses white blood cells
Lymphatic system
organ system
group of organs with a unique collective function Ex: circulation
coronary sulcus
groove that marks the border between the atria and ventricles
Which hormone is the most important regulator of calcium ion?
Parathyroid (PTH).
Positive Feedback Mechanisms
Increase the original disturbance or stimulus and push variable further away from its original value
cardiac veins join to form what?
a coronary sinus
a blood vessel that conveys blood from the heart to any part of the body
location of the thymus?
most anterior component of the superior mediastinum, immediately posterior to the manubrium.
what is the space between the arachnoid and dura matter called?
the subdural space
Epidural space
Subdural space
Subarachnoid space
Epidural - between skull and dura
Subdural - potential space above arachnoid
Subarachnoid - between arachnoid and pia; filled with CSF
contents of vertebral canal
spinal cord, meninges, roots, and vessels, CSF
Plantar aponeurosis (fascia)
Deep fascia bound to skin and superficial fascia of the plantar surface of the foot - attached from the medial process of the calcaneal tuberosity (most ant. portion of the calcaneous) and has 5 bands that approach the digits.
Distally, has transverse fibers that form superficial transverse metatarsal ligaments.
Supports the longitudinal arch and protects deeper structures.
ligaments of the knee joint
1.capsular2. Oblique popliteal- comes off of semimembranosus3. Medial colateral-like a bandaid, most injured, prevents abduction, connected to medial meniscus, covered by pes anserinus (tendon from sartorius, gracilius, semitendonosus). Lateralcolateral- goes under biceps femoris, prevents adduction, like a cord-anterior cruciate- prevents the forward displacement of the tibia on the femur-posterior cruciate- prevents the posterior displacement of the tibia on the femur-ligament of wrisberg- connects lateral meniscus to medial condyle of the femur- coronary ligament- connects meniscus to tibiatransverse ligament- connects meniscus in the anterior
A break in the structure of the bone caused by a force(direct or indirect)
Which of the following response is parasympathetic?
lacrimal gland secretion
Carotid Triangle
~Within this triangle one can feel the strong pulsation of the carotid artery
bile duct
a large duct that transports bile from the liver, having in humans and many other vertebrates a side branch to a gallbladder for bile storage
List 4 different types of acquired immunity
Active natural immunity
Active artificial immunity
Passive natural immunity
Passive artificial immunity
chromosome pairs separate into 2 daughter cells with 23 chromosomes and half the DNA complement
during the 1st meiotic division..
What are the two types of T Lymphocytes?
CD4 and CD8
What are polar molecules?
molecules w in unequal electron pair sharing
Primary Types of glia: astrocyte
structural/ metabolic support- next to the neuron, takes away waste and makes sure neuron has enough energy and oxygen
Muscles of Facial Expression
~These muscles have their origin in the superficial fascia or on the skull and their insertion in the superficial fascia of the skin
~Most of these muscles are innervated by cranial nerve VII (CN VII), the facial nerve
~~~Buccinator:compresses the cheek against the teeth
Right Atrium
1. Inside structures
2. vessels going into it
1. -Pectinate muscles on inner wall and inner wall of right auricle
-Oval Fossa-(on the interatrial septum)
2. SVC, IVC, Coronary Sinus-(drains heart)
whawt is the endocrine system composed of?
a group of ductless glands
Superficial fibular nerve supplies innervation to
motor innervation to the muscles of the lateral leg (fibularis longus and brevis); then exits lateral compartment and provides sensory innervation to the dorsum of the foot.
process of how NMDA receptors work
-glutamte binds to receptor and voltage change releases block and Ca comes into cell and brings about change
midcarpal joint the joint which connects the proximal and distal rows of carpal bones
a series of synovial plane joints; small ranges of motion are permitted between carpal bones which take on an additive effect because there are several articulations in a proximodistal row (wrist, midcarpal and carpometacarpal joints); the midcarpal and i
At adolescence, red bone marrow is confined to...
Axial Skeleton & proximal humerus, femur
The lymphoid tissues is made up of what 4 items?
1. Lymphnodes2. Spleen3. Thymus gland4. Tonsils
What 4 chemicals are found in the small intestines?
proteases, amylases, lipases and buffers.
4 types of tissues in the body and two examples of each
epithelial- simple squamous, stratified squamous
connective- bone, blood
nervous- neurons, glia
the proximal end of the femur articulates with what FEATURE OF WHAT BONE?
How many cavities in second week and what are they?
2, amniotic cavity and yolk sac (remember rule of 2's for second week)
What are the 3 nerves in the head that carry preganglionic parasympathetic innervation?
- CN 3
- CN 7
- CN 9
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