Head and Neck Anatomy Quiz Flashcards

Terms Definitions
sternocleidomastoid innervation
greater horn
most posterior
Great Auricular N.
C 2,3
anterior triangle borders
mandible claviclesternomastoid
Transverse Cervical n.
C 2, 3
innervation of thyrohyoid
c1 from hypoglossal
4 Fxns of Larynx
Sound production (phonation)
Regulates amount of air that enters the lungs
Acts as a valve to prevent food in the pharynx from entering the trachea
Provides a sphincter as a part of the valsalva manuever
transverse cervical nerve comes from what vertebral levels?
Loop of L. Recurent Laryngeal
Ligamentum arteriosum
what is just deep to sternohyoid
3 Parts of the brain stem?
medulla oblongata
The region of the highest visual acuity is termed the ...optic discmacula luteavitreous chamberfovea centralis
The carotid sinus ___ reacts to changes in arterial pressureThe carotid body ___ monitors O2 level in blood. It is stimulated by the low levels of O2 and initiates reflees that increase rate and depth of resp, cardiac rate, and BP
Motor to mentalis?
Motor nucleus of VII (Facial)
Which artery directly supplies the lateral and medial pterygoid muscles?
pterygoid arteries
Which artery directly supplies the floor of the mouth and mylohyoid muscle?
mylohyoid artery
Pressure point for the subclavian artery
supraclavicular fossa
investing fascia
Wraps around trapezius, SCM, whole edge of throat necko Covers Forms roof of both anterior & posterior triangle
Cerebralspinal fluid is located in the subarachnoid space, which is between the ___ and ___ mater.
pia, arachnoid
A lesion splits the optic chiasm in the middle resulting in ___ vision loss in both eyes.
When performing an aspiration of the TM, the needle should be inserted in the ___ region to avoid the ___ nerve.
chordae tympani
infection of the ethmoid air cells can cause which of the followingno serior complicationsbreaking through the medial orbital wallpotential blindnessB&C
Where is the cavernous sinus located?
By the pituitary
Which vein directly drains the dorsal and ventral side of the tongue and floor of the mouth?
lingual vein
Which vein directly drains the tissues of the orbit?
ophthalmic veins
Anterior scalenes
O: C 3-6I: First ribIner: Ventral ramus of C5,6
Innervation to the posterior belly of the digastric
CN 7
Carotid canal contents?
Int Car Artery, sympathetic nerves (Horner's)
When Jill gets done with Insanity, she has malar flush over the zygomatic bone that could be confused wtih the disease...Kaposi's sarcomaSystemic LupusInsanityHerpes
Systemic Lupus
The vertebral atery is the first part of the ___ artery. It ascends through the foramina of the transverse processes of C6-C1 and enters the cranial cavity through the ___.
foramen magnum
The ___ serves as a relay station for impulses traveling to and from the spinal cord, brain stem, basal ganglia, cerebellum, and cerebrum
____ tonsil: grows rapidly after birth but then atrophies from 8-10 years. Becomes nasal breathing problem for ~5 year olds.Repair results in impairment of ability of soft palate to close the pharyngeal isthmus fully, causing ___?
pharyngeal (adenoid)
excessive nasality of speech
Intrinsic ligament of the TMJ?
lateral ligament (mandible and articular tubercle. prevents posterior and inferior movement)
What is the direct branch from the aorta (on the right side of the body), which then branches into the common carotid and subclavian?
Brachiocephalic Artery
Which artery supplies the upper lip tissues and facial expression muscles?
Superior Labial Artery
Artery that runs w/ external laryngeal nerve
Superior thyroid artery
The ___ is the site of the emergency airway
cricothyroid membrane
Lympatic drainage of neck
Lymph vessels drain to terminal lymph nodes then to either:
R jugular trunk to jugulosubclavian jxn or right lymphatic duct
OR L jugular trunk to thoracic duct
The ___ is stimulated by the low level of O2 and initiates reflexes that increas the rate and depth of respirations, cardiac rate, and BP
carotid body
Sensory to face. Trigeminal assc. with V3.
Buccal, auriculotemporal, mental (BAM)
Which specific artery can be a source of serious hemorrhage if it is injured during a tonsillectomy?
Ascending Palatine Artery
Which vein drains the pulp tissues of the mandibular teeth and periodontium including the gingiva?
inferior alveolar vein
Floor of the posterior triangle
Vertebral layer of the deep fascia
Thoracic outlet syndrome affects what part of brachial plexus?
Lower trunk (Ulnar n especially)
Contents of the middle cranial fossa
optic canals (optic nerves and ophthalmic arteries)
superior orbital fissure (othalmic veins and nerve, CN III, IV, VI)
foramen rotundum (maxillary nerve (CN V2)
foramen ovale (mandibular nerve (CN V3) and accessory meningeal artery)
Foramen spinosum (middle meningeal artery and vein and meningeal branch of CN V3)
Foramen lacerum (deep petrosal nerve and some meningeal arterial branches)
Cervical plexus: Formed by ventral primary divisions of __-__ nervesSupplies
Supplies some neck muscles, diaphragm, skin of head, neck, and chest
Contents of the PMS? (7)
1. (Long) Buccal nerve, lingual nerve, inferior alveolar nerve, inferior alveolar artery and vein, companion artery of the lingual nerve, auriculotemperal nerve (rarely), sphenomandibular ligament
Which vein is the only vein in the head and neck to have valves near its entry of the subclavian vein?
external jugular vein
Branches of the internal jugular vein
Middle thyroid v., Superior thyroid v., Lingual v., facial v., Pharyngeal v.
CSF travels in which order?3rd vent --> 4th vent --> lateral vent --> subarachnoid spacelateral vent throguh cerebral aqueduct into 3rd vent3rd vent through cerebral aqueduct to 4th vent3rd vent throuhg median/lateral apertures to lateral vent
3rd vent through cerebral aqueduct into fourth vent
A young boy walking on a trail at the Springfield nature center hears a rustling of leaves to his right and quickly turns his head to find a deer looking back at him. To maintain balance, the movement of the endolymph in his semicircular ducts stimulates
maculae and ampullary
vestibulocochlear nerve
What does the lingual nerve supply?
Lingual gingiva, anterior 2/3 of the tongue, and alveololingual sulcus
Arteries taking blood to the head
Vertebral and Internal branch of the carotid a
Perforation of the TM can be caused by all of the following except:Trauma with subsequent fx of the middle ear structuresExcessive contraction of the stapediusinsertion of a foreign body within the ear canalinfection of the middle ear, otitis mediaexcessi
excessive contraction of the stapedius
What is the blood supply to the TMJ?
Branches of the superficial temporal and maxillary arteries, especially ANTERIOR TYMPANIC BRANCH of maxillary.
With what does the cavernous venous sinus communicate?
with eachother on opposite sides of the body of sphenoid bone, pterygoid plexus, superior ophthalmic vein 
After the birth of a couple's first child, they notice their baby boy's head is long, narrow, and wedge shaped. The doctor explains that this can occur when...There is premature closure of the coronal sutureThere is premature closure of the lamboid suture
There is premature closure of the saggital suture
In general, which veins does the pterygoid plexus of veins drain?
deep portions of the face and drains into maxillary vein.
Where is the cavernous venous sinus located?
each side of the body of the sphenoid bone
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