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Health Care
Terms Definitions
baş dönmesi
tired (feminine)
sakit kepala
rapid, fast
ince bağırsak
small intestine
to yearn for
une infection
an infection
Self disicipline
Controlling your conduct
Basic Hospital policy covers
el dedo gordo (de mano)
controls balance, posture, and coordination
the enlarged, muscular, expandable portion of the oviduct in which the fertilized ovum implants and develops or rests during prenatal development; the womb of certain mammals.
involuntary muscles
move without your knowing it
to concider worthy of high reguard
Alarm stage
“ Flight or fight” response due to activation of sympathetic nervous system. May enhance fast action, but immune function impaired
Health Belief Model
Cues to action
Individual perceptions
Perceived susceptibility (personal fable)
Perceived seriousness
Modifying factors
Perceived threat
Demographic variables (age, sex, race, ethnicity)
Sociopsychological variables (personality, social class, peer pressure)
Structural variables (knowledge, prior contact)
Likelihood of action
Perceived benefits vs. perceived barriers
Self-efficacy – belief of competence to be able to do it
Action is taken (or not taken)
avoir de la fievre
to have a fever
3rd leading cause of death
2nd hand smoke
TRUE OR FALSE:A person's self esteem can be changed.
tiny tubes that carry from the arteries to the body's cells and from cells to the veins
the sensation of flavor perceived in the mouth and throat on contact with a substance.
a common form of arteriosclerosis in which fatty substances form a deposit of plaque on the inner lining of arterial walls.
anger management
1know what triggers your anger 2reconise your anger 3choose to do something to cool off
the slight, constant contraction of a muscle that is due to the contraction of some of its fibers
Muscle Tone
que fait l'endurance?
elle permet une recuperation plus vite et permet d'utiliser plus d'energie plus efficacement
the mass of neurons that controls all actions, emotiona, thoughts, and memory
poster(o) - posterior
nearer to or toward the back
the state of well being, or total health .
ecstacy (MDMA)
feel very alert or hyper
~man made drug that has some properties of stimulants and hallucinogens
~comes in a pill, tablet, or capsule of ten with design or logo pressed into it.
suture of, sewing up of a gap or defect
How many drinks per hour would cause theis person to feel slightly warm?
1 Drink
Chronic obstructive lung disease (COLD) is a chronic disorder in which airflow in and out of the lungs becomes progressively limited. COLD is made up of two separate, but related diseases. Chronic ____________ is the persistent inflammation and infection
Bronchitis. With chronic bronchitis, excess mucus is produced in response to the effects of smoking on airway tissue, and the walls of the bronchi become inflamed and infected. This produces a characteristic narrowing of the air passages. Breathing becomes difficult, and activity can become severely restricted. People who stop smoking can reverse chronic bronchitis.
platonic friendship
a friendship with a member of the opposite gender in which there is affection but the two people are not considered a couple
The amount of money you have in your bank account
What are 4 cardiovascular diseases associated with unresolved stress?
Atherosclerosis (blood vessels become damaged and caked with fatty deposits and block arteries), heart attacks and stroke, impaired immune function, and accelerated aging.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder that involves persistent thoughts and behaviors. The thoughts and behaviors are repetitive and urgent. The book gives an example of checking to see that the windows and doors are locked over and over a
Post-traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder that involves a traumatic situation in someones life. Persistent dreams or a sudden feeling that the event is occurring all over again are symptoms of this type of anxiety disorder.
has 6 sections 5 of which are nutritious foods
the food guide pyramid
For pathogenic agents to cause diseases and illnesses in others, it is necessary that they leave their reservoirs. The third link in the chain of infection is the ____________ of exit, or the point at which agents leave their reservoirs.
Portal. In terms of infectious diseases that involve human reservoirs, the principal portals of exit are the digestive system, urinary system, respiratory system, reproductive system, and the blood.
What are 3 things that are needed for wellness?
physical, mental, and social
hearing, accident on job, digits, loss of use of limb- must be dismembered
Basic hospital and surgical expense policies follow the principal of ___.
One example of an ____________ relationship is controlling behavior, when one partner attempts to manage the daily activities of the other partner.
Unhealthy. There are many signs to an unhealthy relationship, they include emotional and physical abuse, excessive jealousy, dishonesty, irresponsibility and drug abuse.
Cancer of the colon and __________ has a combined incidence and death rate second only to that of lung cancer.
Rectum. Two types of tumors, carcinoma and lymphoma, can be found in both the colon and rectum. When diagnosed in a localized state, colorectal cancer has a relatively high survival rate of 90% through the first five years. Symptoms associated with colon and rectal cancers include bleeding from the rectum, blood in the stool, or a change in bowel habits. The treatment of colorectal cancer involves surgery combined with the use of chemotherapy drugs. A colostomy is required in 15% of the cases of colon and rectal cancer.
abnormal condition
strange, foreign
fallopian tube
pil, trich
colp, vagin
quetiapine; schizophrenia
Cadeia alimentar
Food chain
bit of flesh
human immunodeficiency virus
syn, sum
similarly, with
Cardio Pulmenary Recessitation
Overworking the body
health care reimbursement account
after death has accured
unable to produce children
responsible for mad cow
between 4.8-6 in long
excessive demonstration of or obsession w/ religious ideas and behaviorex: client believes that voice he/she hears is God
incision into the (nasal) septum
surgical fixation of the uterus
determines moisture content of film

A strong belief or ideal.
relatively stable mind-sets towards physical activity
generic - fluoxetineindication - depression
Forms the noun from the root
Topical retinoids are Vitamin D derivatives
Vitamin A
destruction of tissue by caustic chemicals, electric currents, heat, or freezing
What does the skin regulate?
Body temperature
closure of the uterus (uterine cavity)
The penile ejaculate containing a mixture of sperm and secretion from the testes,prostate,and other glands. It is rich in zinc,fructose, and other nutrients. Also, called seminal fluid.
chemical substances that are produced in glands and help regulate many of your body's functions
the process of attaching the blastocyst to the wall of the uterus
The ideas, beliefs, and attitudes about what is important that help guide the way you live.
insect or insect-related; any member of phylum arthropoda
What are irregular heart beats called?
Prostate enlargement
enlargement of the prostate gland; happens with age; causes frequent and slow urination
you should only use oral therapy for acne if absolutely necessary
point-of-service plan
delivers health care services using both an HMO network and traditional indemnity coverage so patients can seek care outside the HMO network.
pertaining to a structure or organ either above another or toward the head
ejection of semen from the male urethra
inflammation of the inner lining of the cervix
Venous Thromboembolism
 A blood clot in a vein.
kilo, oligo, poly, hemi, proto, haplo, diplo
ethyl alcohol
is the common psychoactive ingredient in all alcoholic beverages.  CNS depressant
Peer pressure
Others try to influence your decision-making.How to Not Crumble:1) Strong set of personal values2) Self confidence/ High Self Esteem3) Willpower
benefits of quitting smoking
Stop polluting air(immediatly)
Blood pressure dec(20 min)
Carbon monixide in blood drops(12hr)
Chance of heart attack dec(1day)
Nerves regrow(2day)
Bronichial tubes relax(3days)
Circulation imp(2-12 wks)
Sickness dec(1-9months)smoke related heart attack cut in half(1yr)
dying from heart disease and stroke cut in half(5yr)
risk of dying from lung cancer(10yr)
Life expectancy by 15 yrs(10-15 yr)

Quantitative Analysis—
evaluating movement based on numerical measurements obtained though using an instrument [stopwatch]
The first step in the metabolic breakdown of glucose in which glucose is split into 2 molecules of pyruvic acid and some ATP is produced
entended family
group of close relitives living together or near each other
medicenes can do many things such as preventing alcoholism...true/false
Black Seaman Law
1822Restricted the movement of foreign black sailors that docked in SC ports. The SCers were afraid that these would implant subversive ideas in the head of the enslaved black population
Gerota's fascia
A fibrous capsule that encircles the kidney to aid in keeping the kidney in the correct anatomical position and to cushion it from injury
What gland has goblet cells that secrete mucus?
Unicellular Gland
hemoglobin (Hgb, hb)
blood test; measures amount of hemoglobin present in given volume of blood
Epithelial Tissue
Cover all body surfaces inside and out. The most obvious protective layer, the skin, as well as the inner lining of the body cavities.
Conquered Most of the known World
Alexander The Great
Vas deferens
tubes that extend from each epididymis to the urethra
pubic lice
crab lice, tiny insects that infest the hair around the genitals
the ending phase of a workout that helps the body progress gradually from exercise to rest.
COPD Classification and Tx
 FEV> 50 and <80, SOB with exertion + cough sputum production
Moderate Stage II
Smoking Cessation, Influenza Vaccination, SABA prn + LABA
first aid
is the immediate, temporary care given to an ill or injured person until professional medical care can be provided.
What organ is the main sight for alcohol metabolism (oxidation)?-
Tells if a woman is a virgin or not.
The Missouri Compromise
1820Does not allow slavery north of the 36-30 line; ME admitted as non-slavery state along with MO as a slave state.
What is affinity?
o Affinity is the strength of the attraction between the drug and its receptor. High affinity = strong attraction, Low affinity = weakly attracted. Affinity is related to potency because drugs with a high affinity are effective in low doses, which means that drugs with high affinity are very potent; conversely, drugs with low affinity must be present in high concentrations to bind to their receptors. Accordingly, drugs with low affinity are not very potent. o Intrinsic activity is the ability of a drug to activate a receptor on binding. High intrinsic activity = intense receptor activation. Low intrinsic activity = slight activation. The intrinsic activity is related to efficacy
What do the ends of hair get color from?
Connective Tissue
Groups of cells located in all parts of the body; they bind structures together, provide support, and protection.
Which of the following best describes what the acronym RID means for the recovering addict or alcoholic who is experiencing subconscious drug-cravings?
Restless irratable discontent
minerals most lacking in american diet
iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium
Lifestyle Disease
a disease you get from the lifestyle you choose

Sphere of work—
some have more physical activity than others
Normal for the PaO2/Fio2 ratio
400 mmHg - 500 mmHg
Prostate enlargement
Treatment or Prevention
Medical care required; may be treated with medications or surgery
Tariff of Abominations
1828 Protective Tariff - goal was to boost Northern economy by increasing the price of European goods.
Describe the mechanism of G-protein linked receptors.
G-protein linked receptors are activated by appropriate ligands causing the G-protein to be activated inside the cell. The G-protein in turn activates a 2nd messenger (in our case cAMP, IP3, DAG Ca2+, and cGMP) and the 2nd messenger causes a cascade of enzymatic reactions that result in genes in the nucleus being turned on and/or off.
When is a living will written?
While compitent or while alive
Why have specialty hospitals developed?
- High reimbursements for certain procedures- Physicians' desire for greater control over management decisions affecting productivity and quality- Specialists' desire to increase their incomes in the face of reduced reimbursement for professional services- Notion of "focused factories"
effects of regular exercise
lowers HR rest, BP rest, platelet "stickiness", body fat; Increases lean mass, insulin sinsitivity, boned density  and HDL's
a) What are the carbonic anhydrase inhibitors used for glaucoma?
b) MOA
c) drug interactions
d) Administration
e) Monitoring
a) acetazolamine, brinzolamide, dorzolamide
b) decrease production of aqueous humor
c) other carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, salicylates (metabolic acidosis)
d) 2-3 times/day
e) hepatic/renal dysfunction and sulfa allergy
Why IPPB declined in the 1980s
"a randomized, controlled trial rvealed no benefit, compared with results of the use of a small-volume nebulizerin the tx of pts with COPD"
how long is incubation period for HPV
4 weeks to 6 months
What is illness/disease?
Disease can be view as a disruption of homeostasis. Disease represents the sum of the deviations from normal.
What is the DOC for gastric and duodenal ulcers and what is the MO?
Histamine-2 Receptor Antagonists-MO: block receptors which stimule gastric acid secretion, reducing gastric juice and h+ ion concentration
How is performance measured among western nations?
set of 40 indicators including: suicide rates, breast & cervical cancer screening, wait times, vaccine rates, smoking rates, patient doctor communication
Recommendations for initial settings of HFOV
mPaw (analogous to Paw on conventional ventilation) - 3-5 cm H2O above the observed Paw during conventional ventilation (25- 30); Amplitude starting point of 6-7; frequency 5-6 Hz; Inspiratory time percent 33% (1:2 I:E ratio); bias flow - 25 - 40 L/min
examples professional negligence
if u leave gauze or some surgical tool inside patient
cut off wrong leg, etc.
What are the six Rights of Drug Administration used by nurses?
Right drugRight doseRight patientRight timeRight routeRight documentation
Why the growth in LTC?
- medical tech. has prolonged life for previously fatal conditions- Growth of the older population- Increased longevity of the older population- PPS for in-patient care reduced length of hospital stay, promoting post-acute care- Desire to keep people out of hospitals- Desire to keep people out of nursing homes (home care)
Stage and Tx
FH reports to the ED, with an acute asthma exacerbation. She can only speak in short phrases and is using accessory muscles to breathe. Her RR is 25BPM and HR is 110BPM. She is wheezing loud on expiration.
How long will her symptoms persist
Moderate exacerbation
Tx with O2+ SABA + high dose of oral CS monitor therapy
Symptoms will persist for 1-2 days
which of the following is an example of distress? stating up late to study...or...a somach ache before a test
a stomach ache before a test
Explain plasma protein binding and its effect upon serum drug levels.
Plasma albumin is the most important protein to which drugs can bind due to the fact that it is the most abundant protein in the plasma. The binding between Albumin and drugs, as a result, a drug may exist either bound or unbound (free). Because of its size albumin always remains in the bloodstream and consequently, any drug bound to it will also say in the bloodstream. This is significant because it does not allow the drugs to reach their sites of action, metabolism, or excretion. The percentage of drug molecules that are bound is determined by the strength of the attraction between albumin and the drug. An important consequence of protein binding is restriction of drug distribution. In addition to restricting the distribution of drugs, protein binding can be a source of drug interactions. Because the number of binding sites on albumin is limited, drugs with the ability to bind albumin will compete with one another for binding sites. As a result, one drug can displace another from albumin, causing the free concentration of the displaced drug to rise. By increasing levels of free drug, competition for binding can increase the intensity of drug responses. If the intensity increases excessively, toxicity can result.
Where is the money 'spent' in hospitals? (Which part of the hospital takes up the most budget?)
Most money is spent on paying salaries. Withing the hospital nursing inpatient services and diagnostic and therapeutic services get the biggest part of the budget. 
What is the function of the excretory system
system that removes waste from the body and controls water balance
what are the steps involved in HME
- drug is embedded in a carrier formulation consisting of one or more meltable substances and optionally other functional excipients. The meltable substances may be polymeric materials or low MP waxes- recent studies demostrate potential continuous formulation process for the production of tabs or films
where and in what amounts in glycogen stored
one third in your liver cells, the rest in muscle cells
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