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Health Care
Terms Definitions
through, complete
Visually pleasing
lung, air
pregnant woman
straight, right
diagnostic examination
second-hand smoke
Nausea & Vomiting
red blood cell
x-ray cassette
image receptor
female reproductive cells
cephalexin; bacterial infection
protection, revets penetration, perception, emp. regulation, identification, comminication, would repair, absorption and excretion, production of vitamin d
inflammation of the pharynx
condition of the urine
Human imuno deficiency virus.
Your ability to recover
Lab Value
Serum Na <136mEq/L
Sever <120
pertaining to below the stomach
inflammation of pleura; characterized by sharp chest pain with each breath; also called pleuritis
Outpatient benefits
1. Surgical procedures2. Rehabilitation therapy3. Physical therapy
essential organic compounds that promote health and reproduction and help maintain life and health

Physical Activity—

intentional, voluntary movement directed toward achieving an identifiable goal
                  -3 ways to learn: watching/performing, scholarly study, professional practice
generic - niacinindication - hyperlipidemia
Genital Warts
Pathogen: virus (papilloma virus)Transmitted by: contact during intercourseSymptoms: pinky brown raised raised areas w/tendency to form a cauliflower-shaped mass on external genitaliaTreatment: washing w/soap and water twice daily, painting lesions w/podophyllin, surgical removal
agents that cause mutations, include radiation, some viruses and chemical substances in the air
green pigment in plants that accoplishes photosynesis
Smallest subdivision of the bronchial tree
Secondary Malnutrition
Malnutrition that results from condition rather than primarily from dietary intake.
any chemical that a person
dark sticky mixture formed when tobacco burns
particles in cigarette smoke that adhere to air passage and lungs.
abnoraml crackling sounds heard during inspiration when there is fuild blood or pus in the alveoli
Adrenal Glands
Help body deal with stress
what is an effective refusal skill?
say NOO!!!!!!
characteristics of type B personality
relaxed and contemplative
root word pertaining to split or cleft
What connective tissue forms the rings to keep the trachea open?
immune system that is unable to respond properly to pathogens; also called immunodeficiency disorder
x-ray image of the uterus and fallopian tubes (after injection of a contrast agent)
The science of measuring the human body and its parts.
what is the most commonly used radionuclide in diagnostic imaging
another name for addiction, drug use, and abuse
body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)
psychological disorder characterized by excessive preoccupation with a real or imagined defect in one's physical appearance.
an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchi.
health education
the providing of accurate health information to help people make healthy choices
gentle exercises that let your body adjust to the ending of a workout.
Training Program
A program of formalized physical preparation for participation in a sport
Skin Injection Types
1.Dermal Absorption- topically & only affects that certain area2.Transdermal- affecting your whole system
I message
a statement that contains a specfic behavior or event, the effect of the behavior or event and person, and the emotions that result.
risk factors for atherosclerosis
smoking, physical inactivity, high cholesterol levels, hypertension and diabetes
Describe Channels.
AKA ion channels are Passive only, Very fast, Channels are “gated” (ligand, voltage, or mechanically gated)
Electronic Funds Transfer Act
established the rights, liabilities, and responsibilities of participants in elec­tronic funds transfer systems
Where is Basal Cell Carcinoma found?
Bottom of epidermis
esophageal atresia
congenital absence of part of the esophagus. Food cannot pass from the baby's mouth to the stomach.
Rehabilitation Care
A program that provides physical and mental resotration of disabled insured individuals to maximum independence and productivity. Individuals in need of, for example, orthopedic care transfer from a regular hospital setting to a rehabilitation hospital where they receive care from a mix of providers, such as occupational therapists, physical therapists, doctors, and nursing staff.
middle stage alcholism
can't stop drinking after one drink
risk factor
any action or condtion that increases the likelihood of unjury, disease, or other negative outcome
The amount of alcohol found in a typical drink is about:
Medication aides/ assistants
Administer medications to people in long-term health care facilities or home health care
tapping on the surface to detemine the difference in the density of the underlying surface
What is psycotherapy?
Ongoing dialouge between patient and mental health profesional
Inguinal Hernia
a weakness in the lower abdominal wall that allows a small loop of intestine to bulge through
chlamydia is diagnosed through
urine screening and is easily cured
Name the four most notable side effects of high-ceiling (loop) diuretics



Hypotension, hypokalemia
What gland is the salivary glands and sweat glands?
Exocrine Glands
implantation, nidation
embedding of the zygote in the uterine lining. The process normally begins about 7 days after fertilization and continues for several days.
What becomes electronic with EMR's?
- demographics- physician clinical notes- test results- computerized drug orders- computerized test orders- public health reporting
muscular endurance
working a specific set of muscles for a specific purpose.
a dietary pattern that includes few or no animal products.
·       Vegetarian
(during asthma exacerbation)
a) 40mg of prednisone is advantagous to 60mg
b) IV is better than oral steroids
c)No need to taper CS if <10days
d) Split dosing CS is more effective
e) shouldnt start ICS if already on oral
a) FALSE no advantage to higher doses
b) FALSE no advantage to route
e) FALSE may start ICS anytime during systemic regimen
Disorders associated with nocturnal hypoventilation that generally benefit from NPPV
"central sleep apnea, obesity hypoventilation syndrome, and OSA combined with COPD or CHF"
which of the following would you use to to keep asthma under control?...take asprin...physical activity...managing the enviroment
managing the enviroment
In men, chlamydia causes
epididymitis and causes half the cases of urethritis
Delsuion d/o- erotomanic type
Client thinks that someone of higher status is in love w/ them
What muscle tissue is in the iris of the eye and it will constrict or dilate the pupil?
Smooth Muscle
Explain how often and why a person should undergo a physical exam.
every 2 years
What factors affect hospital costs?
age, # of co-morbidities, flagged interventions (feeding tubes, IV's), other interventions (interventions on top of interventions)
social health
refers to how well you get along with others
Common complication associated with NPPV
"mask related - discomfort, facial skin erythema, claustrophobia, nasal bridge ulceration, acneiform rash. Air pressure or flow-related: nasal congestion, sinus or ear pain, eye irrtation, gastric insufflation; Air leaks; major: aspiration pnemonia, hypotension, pneumothorax"
Jock Itch treatment or prevention
prevented by keeping the area clean and dry and by not wearing damp clothing longer than necessary; treated with over-the-counter medicated creams or ointments
 Are thiazides used to treat edema? 
Thiazides are preferred drugs for mobilizing edema
What are hair follicles and what color are they?
Roots of hair; blonde
al, ic, ous, tic, oid, ac, ile
pertaining to, characterized by, having, resembling, or relating to
What stage of HTN?
a) BP 158/94
b) 118/80
c) 166/100
d) 134/78
a) BP 158/94- I
b) 118/80-Normal
c) 166/100- Stage II
d) 134/78- Pre Hypertensive
What's heart disease? stroke?
failure of the body to deliver oxygen to the heart and brain
 What is the basic mechanism of action that most diuretics share?
Blockage of sodium and chloride reabsorption 
Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
the agency of the federal government authorized to enforce drug control.
3 negative effects of marijuana
loss of energy, loss of memory, and risk of cancer
What are some health and life outcomes that divorcees are more likely to experience than those happily married?
•Lower levels of psychological well-being•More health problems•Greater risk of mortality•More social isolation•Less satisfying sex lives•Greater levels of depression and alcohol use
The Controlled Substance Act of 1973 did what?
was passed to put regulations drugs that had the potential to be abused.
why do enzymes affect a drug's ocular bioavailability
- lysozyme capable of metabolic degradation
What are three physical consequences of medicine abuse?
harm to organs, risk of overdose, and risk of contracting diseases
Trend in number of nursing home beds?
- number of nursing home beds has declined slightly, BUT- number of elderly is growing faster than number of elderly in nursing homes
What are the factors affecting rate of absorption with the intravenous administration of a drug?
When a drug is administered IV, there are no barriers to absorption. Recall that absorption is defined as the movement of the drug from its site of administration into the blood. Since IV administration puts a drug directly into the blood, all barriers are by passed.

body movements used to guide the flow of conversation
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