Health Midterm Exam Flashcards

health care workers
Terms Definitions
drop (medication)
sick (masculine)
traditional medicine
tumor, cancer
sac or bladder
to make progress
la grippe
the flu
Physical health
Maintaining you body
Health Reimbursement Accounts
The Employer
the stimulus that triggers stress.
larget gland in the body
relative worth, merit, or importance:
connects skeletal muscles to the bones
expressing feelings in a positive way
Stress response
driven by psychological factors combined with situation
Reinforcing Factors
Positive or negative feedback from:
Health care workers
Law enforcement
The media
prendre la tension
to take your blood pressure
percent of all alcohol which is eliminated by the liver
True or False:Giving you the chance to share you feelings without pressure from others is a benefit of a support group.
passages through which air enters the lungs
Individual based on..
employee's salary level (gross income)
continuing a long time or recurring frequently:
health disparities
differences in health outcomes amoung groups; like learning differences
send impulses to your muscles and glands, causing them to react
Motor Neurons
entrainement par repetition
entrainement a vitesse maximale avec un travail vite et de longs repos
water and undigested food that yuor body cant use passes thro this
large intestine
medi(o) - medial, median
middle or nearer the middle
Risk behaviors
actions or behaviors that might cause injury or have to yourself or others.
Main effects of club drugs
hallucinations, paranoia, and amnesia
31 pairs of nerves that branch off from the spinal cord, passing through openings in the vertebrae
Spinal Nerves
How much would this person have to weigh in order to reduce the effects of alcohol by one-half?
280 Pounds
________________ injuries are injuries that have occurred without anyone intending that any harm be done.
Unintentional. Common examples include injuries resulting from car crashes, falls, fires, drownings, firearm accidents, recreational accidents, and residential accidents. Each year, unintentional injuries account for over 150,000 deaths and millions of nonfatal injuries.
a dendency to give up, give in, or back down without standing up for their owns rights and needs
what is 3 leading american killings?
heart disease, cancer, stroke
What is self actualization?
The highest level of growth in Mazlow's hierarchy. To achieve self actualization one must fulfill a good measure of their human potential.
Define sedatives, hypnotics, depressants, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and inhalants.
sedatives: These are drugs used to relax, calm or tranquilize the user. They are used to reduce anxiety.
in basketball points are scored by making
free throws and field goals
A chronic problem that affects women more than men is ________________, a condition in which bones become weak and brittle.
Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is caused by a loss of calcium from the bone. The bones of people with osteoporosis tend to break easily, and vertebrae of the spine can collapse. In serious cases, enough vertebrae collapse that the back becomes permanently humped.
What is physical health?Name 3 things that support it
How well your body workshealthy dietsleepexercisevisits to Dr. and dentist
benefits- are not taxable
If an insured has a 30 day waiting period, and is disabled for 31 days, how many days of benefits would be paid?
Alcohol, tobacco and marijuana are often called ____________ drugs.
Gateway. They are often referred to as gateway drugs because their use is believed to lead to the use of the stronger drugs (i.e. cocaine, heroin, etc.). In other words, people who start using cocaine don't jump right to cocaine--they generally start out with alcohol, tobacco, or marijuana first.
Power plants that use water from lakes and rivers to cool their stream turbines cause ___________ pollution.
Thermal. When this heated water is returned to its source, temperatures in the water may rise significantly. As temperatures increase, the oxygen-carrying capacity of the water decreases and the balance of aquatic life forms is altered. In water that is raised only 10 degrees Celsius, entire species of fish can disappear and aquatic plants can proliferate out of control.
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