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right ventricle
Terms Definitions
Upper chambers
interventricular sulcus
-Anterior-Posteriordeep groove/boundary dividing the ventricles from a superficial view.
valve composition
dense connective tissue
Heart Skeleton
-fibrous connective tissue
-solid support
-prevent overexpansion
-electrical insulation
----Makes it possible for atria and ventricle to contract at different times
_____ = edv - esv
_____________________ + ______________________ = Thrombin
Prothrombin and Prothrombinase
cardioacceleratory center and cardioinhibitory center are cardiac centers of ___________.
Medulla oblongata
a complication of pericarditis
cardiac tamponade
represents depolarization of the ventricles
recieving chamber from body and lungs
posterior surface of the heart, directed towards the right shoulder
Rhythmic expansion and recoil of artieries resulting from heart contraction, can be felt from outside the body.
points where two arteries come together and combine their blood flow to points farther downstream
Capillaries are also called what?
exchange vessels
Freshly oxygenated blood is first received by the (a) right atrium, (b) left atrium, (c) right ventricle, (d) left ventricle.
the muscular substance of the heart.
True or False
The heart gets five percent of the blood it pumps back
starlings law
nearly as much reabsorbed as filtered
Do pre-menopausal women have a lower or higher risk of heart disease than men
reduces force of cardiac contractions
parasympathetic activity/autonomic activity
coronary artery disease
narrowing of the coronary arteries



the deflection in an electrocardiogram that
represents the electrical activity produced by ventricular repolarization
a point where two arteries come together and combine their blood flow to points fatther downstreatm are called:
non-invasive test that gives graphic representation of the heart's electrical activity
Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG)
The sequence of contraction of the heart chambers is (a) random, (b) left chambers followed by right chambers, (c) both atria followed by both ventricles, (d) right atrium, right ventricle, left atrium, left ventricle.
blood pumped by right ventricle is
oxygen poor
is a cardio pulmoary bypass maching used for cabg
At least 300 grams of selenium is needed to maintain the heart
bulk flow
passive process in which large numbers of ions, molecules, or particles in a fluid move together in the same direction
which layer of the heart wall consists of cardiac muscle
Adjusts hr in response to venous return
atrial reflex
bundle of his
continues signal propagation down the membranous septum after the AV node.
Which part of the serous membrane attaches to the fibrous pericardium?
parietal pericardium
What is rheumatic fever?
Acute inflammatory disease classically occuring in children (5 - 15 years old) within 5 weeks following group A streptococcal infection (usually pharyngitis)
Insufficient blood flow to a tissue is called:
do not give NTG to patient who presents with angina whose SBP is <
Parietal Pericardium
Outermost layer of the heart, covers the fibrous pericardium
A type of cell that adheres itself between two cells to anchor eachother. It is particularly abundant in the heart because the heart goes through a lot of mechanical stress.
pulmonary artery
an artery conveying venous blood from the right ventricle of the heart to the lungs.
the outer layer of the heart is the
How much blood in circulation does a newborn a baby have?
One cup
Blood compostiton
.Plasma(55%).formed elements (45$) .erythroeytes .leunocytes . platelets90% water protiens, eletrolites, and nutrients
Systematic circulation is...
vessels serving organs and tissues of body with the exception of the lungs and liver
Heart wall contains 3 layers:
epicardium-serous membrane on the heart surfaceendocardium-lines the interior of the heart chambersmyocardium-cardiac muscle
Hormones involved in Regulation of BP
Renin-Angiotensin Aldosterone system (stimuli - dec. BP)Epinephrine/ Nor-epinephrineADHAtrial Natriuretic peptide (ANP)
What should the post-op instructions include after an angioplasty (s/t angina pectoris)?
Dietary instructions, lifestyle changes to prevent further atherosclerosis.

Need to stop smoking right away.

Angioplasty doesn’t repair the heart!
What is tamponade
Irritation to parietal layer of Serous Pericardium - Fills with fliud and compresses heart
What are veins?
Vessels that return blood from the tissues to the atia
bicuspid valve
the valve between the left atrium and left ventricle of the heart, consisting of two triangular flaps of tissue, that prevents the blood from flowing back into the atrium.
the amount of blood ejected from the left ventricle into the aorta and the right ventricle into the pulmonary artery is known as
cardiac output
How long does it take the blood to circulate the entire vascular system
20 seconds
First part of Aorta?What's the first branch?What does it bifurcate into?
arch of aortabrachiocephalic arteryright common carotid and right subclavian
There are other systems in the body
Lymphatic systemCerebrospinal fluid system
The walls of the left ventricle are more muscular and about how much thicker than the right ventricle?
About 3 times
What is the bottom, pointed tip of the heart called?
the apex
What is insertion of Pec Minor
Medail and Superior coracoid process
Clinical Effects of sinus Bradycardia
usually none, but..

can decrease the cardiac output therefore causing decreased perfusion leading to fainting, angina, hypotensin, sob
sympatheic impulses to the heart
increases rate and forces of contraction
the posterior descending artery is a branch of
the right coronary artery
2 similarities between cardiac and skeletal muscle
1. action potential leads to appearance of Ca among myofibrils2. binding of Ca to troponin on thin filaments to initiate contraction
What is a paradoxical emboli?
Venous emboli that enter the systemic circulation via a R-L shunt
Stringlike ______ _______ connect the valve cusps to conical _______ _______ on the floor of the ventricles.
stringlike tendenous cords connect the valve to conical papillary muscles on the floor of the ventricle.
what medications should be avoided in a heart failure?
Dilitiazem (Ca++ channel blocker), propranolol and metoprolol (B-adrenergic blockers) have negative inotropic effect and worsen a failing heart
WHere do the pericardiacophrenic arteries derive from
From - internal thoracic - from subclavian
(A) is the highest card that was played in a trick after everyone has played. Whoever played it has the lead for the next trick.
(A) "The" high card
the function of muscles in the tranport of blood is
when skelatakl muscles contractthey force blood back up against gravity toward the heart
Pulmonary circulation consists of
the chambers on the right side of the heart
right atrium
right ventricle
Vasodialation of BV and resistance to flow
inc diameter, dec resistance, inc blood flow, dec BP
How do you spot a 1st degree HB on EKG?
Prolonged PR interval
What does Coronary Sinus Drain
in posterior AV sulcus, Drains Most of heart
endarectomy below the hypogastric is recommended ?
no the failure rate below hypogatric level is high
atrioventricular (AV) node is located where
in the floor of the right atrium between the right AV valve and the opening for the coronary sinus
The Purkinje fibers form a more elaborate network in the _________ ventrical than in the _______
more elaborate network in the LEFT ventrical than in the right.
WHat does the Left Coronary artery supply
L Atrium, L&R Ventricle, anterior 2/3 interventricular septum, SA Node 40% and AV-node 20%
a true aneurysm is
the sac is formes by one or more of the vessel walls
In what order do electrical signals arise and travel through the cardiac conduction system? (Purkinje fibers, AV node, SA node, AV bundle)
1. SA NODE (the pacemaker - initiates heart beat, determines heart rate
2. AV node (gateway to the ventricles
3. AV bundle (pathway by which signals leave the AV node.
4. Purkinje fibers. (distribute electrical excitation to the myocytes of the ventricles.
t/F - the pericardium does not refer pain
False - Refers to ipsilateral upper shoulder
Where is the S-A node located?What is it supplied by?
in the right atrium near the superior caval opening.Supplied by Autonomic nervous system
which body system is in control of the heart at rest (72bpms)
the parasympathetic ( the Sa node fires at 90 100 bpm's, acetycholine is slowing down the heartbeat to 72bpm's
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