Meteorology Chapter 4 Flashcards

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Terms Definitions
On a hot, humid day in measure of how cool the human skin can become is the:
Wet –bulb temperature
_ will increase the relative humidity in a home during the winter.
Taking a shower and letting the air circulate through the home
Suppose the dew point of cold outside air is the same as the dew point of the air indoors. If the door is open and the cold air replaces some of the warm air, then the new relative humidity indoors would be:
Higher than before
True or false. The relative humidity is a measure of the heirs actual water vapor content.
The total mass of water vapor stored in the atmosphere at any moment is about_of the world's supply of precipitation
One week
Transpiration is:
Release of moisture by plants into the Atmosphere
The main reason why vegetables take longer to cook in boiling water at high altitudes is because:
Saturation vapor pressure decreases with increasing altitude
As the air temperature increases, the air's capacity for water vapor:
As the air temperature increases, with no edition of water vapor to air, the dewpoint will call
Remain the same
The temperature at which water boils depends mainly on:
Air Pressure
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