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10 commandments
women (delilah)
samson's weakness
name means "princess"
founded the northern kingdom
Who is Isaac's wife?
(bread of haste) unleavened bread
What are Abraham's followers called?
non-writing, known for healings and miracles similar to Jesus
Laban's younger daughter who Jacob wants to marry but is tricked into marrying her older sister, Leah, first.
she has two sons: Joseph and Benjamin (Jacob's favorites)
representative of the false Egyptian gods
tribal leaders, core members of societies-only those people were the core members of society
conquered the assyrians in 609 bc
Relative of Naomi who marries Ruth.
Welcoming care for those in need
after a mysterious encounter Jacob is told that he will be called Isreal( meaning "one who has contended with divine and human beings") Jacob, and his descendants, the choosen ones, will be known as Isrealites.
people whom gideon captured by using the torches and horns to confuse them
Writing prophets
Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea Amos, Micah, Jonah, Zechariah
took care of her mother-in-law; symbol of faithfulness & loyalty
lord, master, storm god, god of fertility
official list of books belonging to the Bible
Where did Abraham first receive the call from God?
led the people into the Promised Land.
The official teaching voice of the Church, consisting of the pop and the world's bishops.
Who does offer the first covenant to?
3 Main Branches of Judaism
orthodox, conservative, reform
son of David, helped by the prophet Nathan, becomes the third king. Builds Temple in Jerusalem. Known for wisdom, his reign is a disaster, marked by oppression and idolatry
The 2nd KING of Israel. defeats the philistine Giant Goliath. was secretly annointed by Samuel. Sins with Bathsheeba and has her husb killed.
carved or inscribed stone or slab or pillar
catholic bible
46 books in the old testament
23 books in the new testament
babylonian exile
609 bc; conquered assyrians and exiled everyone
he has dreams
Why do the brother hate Joseph?
Jacob's son who becomes a governor in Egypt.
A mourner says Kaddish after the death of a parent, spouse, sibling or child. A person says Kaddish for a parent for 11 months during daily services (held three times per day) where there is a minyan present. For all others, Kaddish is said for only 30 days.
Holiness Code
shows how true worship is expressed in everyday life
Wife to Ahab. Evil queen of the North. Bad guys agains Elijah and Elisha. Ordered the slaughter of all the prophets of Israel.
a ritual action in which oil is poured on someones head marking a transition from one position to another; a major part in the coronation of a king
2nd creation story
uses land for creation, order: man plants animals, God is more of a craftsman, names Adam and Eve, temptation, continued population of world
What new name is given to Jacob after his night-time wrestling match?
First book of the Bible- put in final form during the Exile
Priestly Author/Source
where? - exile; God - Elohim: powerful and majestic and believed that God was "above" humans; writing styles - repetition, details, dates, ages, etc; themes - reteaching beliefs and practices lost in the exile
A prophit of God who was sent on a mission to go to Ninevah to tell the people to stop being bad. He didn't want to go and tried to avoid/escape by going to TARshish. But in the end he went and the people of Ninevah were saved.
dead sea scrolls
scrolls in clay jars in caves along north side of dead sea, 1900 - 2200 years old
Tent of the Meeting
The portable tent where Moses meets God in prayer throughout the journey in the desert.
Jews belief in Resurection
jews brought in the belief in Daniel defies foreign rule, gets in pen of lions, martyrdom=good
6 Stages of Hebrew Bible Formation
1. Experience 2. Oral3. Written4. Editing5. Canon (God guides Church with this)6. Translation
What did the Deuteronomy writers believe about Israel's king?
Thought that he lead to Israel's downfall
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How did Ezra see Nimrod experiencing Tohu-wah-bohu?
Why did God create Adam and Eve?
To enjoy the delightful garden and be intimate companions for each other
What is the purpose of the Books of Samuel and the beginning of the Book of Kings?
To describe Israel becoming a nation and first 3 kings
What kind of king did Saul turn out to be?
He was unfaithful to God and swayed by his own anxieties
Hosea's wife
Prophet: pre-exilic, Anger,
military freedom fighters
means "law" in hebrew
Taking only one wife
Exodus Pattern
outline of exodus event
What priest is Samuel's mentor?
restatement of the law, with whole-hearted love for God. At the end of Deuteronomy, moses has died, the isrealites are on the brink of entering the Promised Land, Canaan.
year when all debts are forgiven
Hebrew for give praise to Yahweh
rachel's maidservant; mother of dan and naphtali
False Witness
Giving false testimony or lying.
Who is Abraham and Sarah's son?
Theory of creation now taught by Catholics
Redaction Criticism
a literary method of Biblical interpretation-looks at the editors how they edited and put the sources together and why they did it the way you did
son of adam, killed by his brother
What is the Biblical ideal of marriage?
Who is the father of biblical faith?
Message of Jonah
God's love is for everyone
an order to destroy everything in a town and have nothing to do with it
baby angels in which God places to guard the gates to eden
Sons of Jacob
formed the 12 tribes of Israel
a person or item that can participate in a ritual
chosen by God to lead the israelites out of egypt, received the 10 commandments, raised by pharoh, never went into the promised land
to Mennonites
To what people do Joseph's brothers sell him?
Chief of Solomon's labor force for the Temple's construction. After Solomon's death, forms a kingdom(Israel) in the North with ten of the tribes.
Davidic Covenant
Nathan, the prophet, tells David of God's promise that his line of descendents will be a royal line and "will endure forever".
Who is the prophet that plays an important role in the lives of both David and Solomon and also tells David to postpone building the Temple?
Ephraim & Manasseh
Josephs two sons that Jacob adopted- therefore making them 2 of the tribes
sign of the covenant on the part of the body responsible for producing offspring-all males are supposed to be circumcised-babies circumcised at eight days
spiritual sense
refers to how the words of scripture can be signs of something more profound
First covenant
Made with Noah. God's promise that he would never again destroy the world by flood.
Salvation History
the pattern of events in human history that reveal God's presence and saving actions
Adam and Eve
SYMBOLIC of the first humans and their relationship with God
covenant with abaraham
if abraham goes to canaan, God will make a great nation out of him
Yom Kippur
Also known as the Day of Atonement. A day of prayer and fasting for Jewish people to make up or atone for the sins of the past year.
O.T. God is represented as
like a father, actively involved in thier lives
sin connected to relationship with God
sin damages, bad things happen when sin against God like karma it is a cycle sin-- repentence--- etc
What were David's accomplishments as king of Israel?
He conquers bad people, slayed people who captured his men, defeated Phillistines, captured Jerusalem, unified tribes
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What is the name for Old Testament books not found in Jewish or Protestant Bibles?
When was most of the Old Testament story finally written down and put into its final form?
Babylonian exile in the sixth century BCE
What does the rainbow at the end of the Flood symbolize?
Symbolizes God's love for creatures on the earth and a promise that the world will never again by destroyed
Daily bread
mother of jacob
Deborah, Gideon and Samson
Belief in one God.
land of milk and honey
a ruler of ancient Egypt
Original Sin
First sin of humankind
this early minor prophet summarized the requirements of the law and prophets when he told the people that all God asked of them was "to do justice (Amos), love loyalty (Hosea) and walk in humble faith with our God (Isaiah)"
(Zephaniah) he itroduces this idea that the unfortunate and poor will become a remnant, a new kind of "chosen" from whom God will build the new Israel after the Exile
Samuel's dad, married to Hannah; samuel was a nazarite
1st 5 books of the bible
The Deuteronomus
part of Joshua's reform movement
Captured Canaaite walled city which David makes his capital city. Both a political and religious capital.
a prostitute who helps the Isrealites enter the walls of Jericho
used "living parables" to preach about a new covenant, this time written on the hearts of God's people
Wadi Kirshon
where the battle between Canaanites and Deborah happened
The Kings-David
Killed Goliath, made Jerusalem capital ; Israel's greatest King
who you are; your reputation depends on this
unusual birth story, true strength in God not hair, betrayed by delilah
During Deborah's time, the general who leads the army against Jabin's army under Sisera.
female founders of the jewish faith: the wives of the Patriarchs (Sarah, Rebekah, Leah, Rachel)
David's son who rapes his half sister Tamar and is killed by Absalom
Who are the three kings?
Saul, David and Solomon
What is the name of the Promised Land?
natural law
participation of man in God's eternal law
What is changed because of the Tower of Babel?
One of the nonwriting prophets of the Northern Kingdom. Recognizes God in a "gentle breeze."
Who were the writing prophets?
Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Micah
a person through whom God delivers the people from destruction
Jacob ("Israel")
One of Isaac's twin sons (brother to Esau). His mom Rebekah knew that the younger twin was destined to be the principle heir. So rebekah and him trick esau into swearing his birthright to jacob. To escape esaus fury, he flees to Haran, where abraham first heard his call from God. While there, he stay's at his uncle Labans house, he is inlove with rachel but is tricked into marrying leah first. it has been 14 years and he wants to travel back to Canaan, on his way there, he wrestles with a divine being until morning and asks for a blessing. The being renames him Israel (one who has contended with divine and human beings). he has many sons, but the most important is Joseph.
What book of the bible is the Moses story?
What does the eight commandment against "false witness" forbid all forms of?
Forbids giving false testimony
Mount Zion
Where does Genesis says that God asked Abraham to sacrifice?
The ten events that happen in Egypt to convince the Pharoah to let the people go: blood, frogs, gants, flies, sickness of the cattle, boils, hail, locusts, dakness and death of the first born.
What speaks to Elijah of God's presence at Mount Horeb?
A gentle breeze
epic narrative
a long story with a hero using the epic style
spy who is sent to find out how samson was so strong
non wiriting prophet
messages that aren't passed onto us in the bible. ex) Nathan
Four Sections of Hebrew Bible
Torah, Wisdom Books, Prophetic Books, Historical Books
Abraham is considered the Patriarchal Father of ALL religions
Abraham is considered the Patriarchal Father of what religion?
Ezra and The Priests
Who wrote the story of Abraham and the Patriarchs?
What does the Seder celebrate?
the passing over of the Angel of Death and the Israelites' flight from Egypt
What are the thirteen attributes of Gods revealed to Moses?
"The Lord is the Lord", "A God", "Merciful", "Gracious", "Slow to Anger", "Abounding in steadfast love", "Faithfulness", "For the thousandth generation", "Forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin", "Yet by no means clearing the guilty,/but visiting the iniquity of the parents.upon the children/and the children's children/to the third and fourth generation"
he is the first born of Rachel
Why does Jacob love Joseph as best of all his sons?
What does Moses do after he sees the people worshipping the golden calf?
Breaks the tablets of the Law, has idolators killed except Aaron, begs for God's forgiveness for the rest of the people
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