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Holy war
money for investment
murder of Thomas Becket
philosophical and theological system of medieval schools, attempt to reconcile faith and reason
Liege Lord
One you must obey
Estate- General
( I dont know)
troubadour poetry
most popular vernacular literature, product of nobles and knights, focused on courtly love
Third Crusade - Richard the Lionhearted concludes treaty with Saladin
thomas aquinas
probably the greatest medieval philosopher who wrote summa theologiae which summarized medieval Christian through.
The Merchants Promise of Later payment. The customer would sign a document to ensure their trust
Who issued the Papal Bull?
Pope Boniface VIII
4th Crusade
crusade where th crusaders sacked Constantinople
The Reconquering of Spain from the Muslims in 1492 by Ferdinand and Isabella. This unified Spain into a powerful nation-state.
The practice of lending money for interest.
People who hold religious beliefs that are contrary to the official teachings of the church.
long poems describing heroes and great events
Spanish Church court that tried people for heresy
Treaty Troyes
French King Charles VI gives daughter Catherine to Henry V as wife and cedes France to their child
Europe will double from 38 million to 74 million people
impact of crusades
showed power of church, expanded trade
vernacular languages
people who had little languages spoke this
the everyday speech of the people (as distinguished from literary language
one of the most vital Hanseatic cities that was a commercial city in the 1300s, and was also known as the "City of Bridges."
king edward III
claimed throne of french from mother, started 100 years war
Who was the father of the Scientific Method?
Roger Bacon
St. Francis of Assisi
Italian saint who founded the Franciscan order of friars; treated all creatures, including animals, as spiritual brothers and sisters; born to wealthy merchant family and willingly gave up a life of comfort to live a simple and spartan way
Pope Clemant 6th
proclaimed "Remission of Sin" for all who died of the plague
the Hapsburg
a family that ruled a small estates (switzerland) but then became emperor
What is the name of the group of craftsmen and tradesmen?
a Muslim living in the mid 1100s that wrote a book known as "new geography;" he is believed to have made the first globe (which melted) by etching out major trade routes, the continents (the ones which were known of during the middle ages), and the oceans on a 1,000 pound ball of silver.
Treaty of Troyes
agreement signed by King Charles VI (France) in 1420 saying that Henry V (England) and his heirs would inherit the throne (France); led to fight for throne of France
pilgrims and pilgrimages
people who went on journeys to see relics and honor the saints that the relics represented
joan of arc
helped bring the trone back to the orleans and was eventually burned at the stack
Louis VII
the king of France that led his armies to the Holy Land in the second crusade.
Defender of the Peace
Book written in 1324 AD by Marsilius of Padua. Argued that Roman Catholic Chuch should be second to the government, not over the government.
Why was Richard called "the Lion-Hearted"?
His reputation as a great military leader and warrior
What was remarkable about Queen Eleanor?
she was the only woman to be both queen of England and France; she was the mother of 2 kings and 2 queens
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