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Battle of Verdun?
When was Khrushchev elected?
USSR has how many republics?
19th Amendment
women earn right to vote
Who won Russian Revolution?
Lenin and Bolsheviks
What year did Gorbachev become leader?
Polish labor union leader, Nobel laureate, and President of Poland from 1990 to 1995. He was instrumental in the collapse of communism in Poland and throughout Eastern Europe through the work of the labor union Solidarity.
•stop work in order to press demands
What group in the Ottoman Empire expreienced genocide?
Who was supreme commander of the Allied forces in Europe during WWII and later President of the US?
Who wrote the _Wealth of Nations_ which discussed the benefits of capitalism
Who was the Mexican Dictator who invited foreign companies to invest in Mexico?
When the United States sent military aidto African governments to help them resist communism, it was continuing a foreign policy first asserted in the
Truman Doctrine.
a form of government whose head of state is not a monarch
Who is Stein?
He noticed the disillusionment (lack of expectation) in the young American writers living in Europe after WWI and stated "aall of you young people who served in the war (WWI) are the lost generation"
What country lost the most soldiers in WWII?
What was all that remained of the Ottoman Empire at the end of WWI?
What Chinese leader began China's move away from Communism?
Deng Xiaoping
Who fought for land reform in Southern Mexico?
Rape of Nanjing
six-week period following the Japanese capture of the city of Nanjing
In the struggle to gain control of the SovietUnion in the 1920s, Stalin’s chief political rival was
a person who has possession of a new enterprise, venture or idea and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome. They obtain money from lenders and investors. They use the money to obtain necessary resources.
What is militarism?
Policy of glorifying power and keeping an army prepared for war
What Japanese cities were the atomic bombs dropped on?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Solidarity Movement
•a union of interests or purposes or sympathies among members of a group
In the 1920s, who did China's peasants begin to align themselves with?
the Communists
Who was the leader of the Chinese Communists during the Civil War and after?
Mao Zedong
What feature of modern Western democratic government reflects Aristotle’s views?
the requirement that government actions must adhere to the law
What is Classical style?
Artists and architects worked in a simple and elegant style style that borrowed ideas from Greece and Rome.
What was addressed at the Nuremberg Trials? Who was accused?
The Holocaust; Nazi leaders
Which three leaders are Fascist leaders?
Hitler, mussolini, and Franco (Spain)
The economic recovery of Japan followingWorld War II focused primarily on
developing industry and an export economy
What was command economy?
an economic system in which the state or workers' councils manage the economy.
Who were the Axis Powers in WWII?
Japan, Italy, and Germany (JIG)
What did Japan conquer in WWII?
western China, HOng Kong, Southeast Asia, and the Phillippines
Financial crises in 1873, 1893, and 1907 influenced the creation of the
Federal Reserve Act, regulate the amount of money in circulation, inspire consumer confidence
What did "tyrant" mean in Greece?
any leader who took over a government
How did Germany lure U.S. into WWI?
By unrestricted submarine warfare; type of naval warfare in which submarines sink merchant ships without warning; Germany sank U.S. Lusitania
Who/What helped the Spanish conquer the Aztecs?
Native enemies of the Aztecs, the spread of disease, and the possession of superior weapons
One major purpose of the Yalta Conference in1945 was to decide
how to restructure Europe after the war.
What is true of socialism and communism?
Communism is a form of complete socialism in which the people own all production and property called public ownership.
What did Stalin want Churchill and Roosevelt to do?
Form a western front against Germany (Russia would attack from the east to 'smash' Germany
What Key factor that led to formation of Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente?
Germany's fear of France's army and BRitain's fear of Germany's empire
How did Deng Xiaoping increase China's agriculture production?
He allowed farmers to sell crops in excess of a set quota
What was one means by which Greco- Roman and Judeo-Christian values spread throughout Europe in the first centuries A.D.?
The spread of the Roman Empire was one means by which Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian values were dispersed.
Battle of Marne
Who launched Sputnik?
Soviet Union
Who was the Aztec King?
What do Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian government beliefs share?
individual choice
What was Nazism?
German form of Facism
During the Cultural Revolution, who were the "new heroes" of China?
The 18th Amendment
Prohibition Volstead Act enforces it
Which nation sought to establish the GreaterEast Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere between 1931 and 1945?
How many countries were economically assisted?
16+ countries
During the Nuremberg Trials, how many were put on trial?
Yalta Conference
where Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill planned the final stages of World War II and agreed to the territorial division of Europe
Who was the light skinned, bearded Aztec god?
Treaty of Versailles
a diplomatic agreement between Austria and France signed on 1 May 1756 at Versailles Palace in which the two states offered each other mutual assistance if attacked by other powers
a political concept in which a group of members are bound together by covenant
Nineteenth -century socialists argued that government should do what?
Actively plan the economy
What country did Hitler take over first?
Anschluss, AUSTRIA
Who was the Native American who helped Cortes as a translator?
Keeping cool with Coolidge
pro business, Should the federal government regulate business/ monopolies?
Great Britain’s stated reason for declaring waron Germany in 1914 was the
German invasion of Belgium
What is hegemony?
Domination over the world economy, by one country through a combination of military, financial, and cultural means.
Who was the leader of the Red Army under Lenin and forced by Stalin to flee the Soviet Union to Mexico?
Which two countries recieved help from Marshall Plan?
Greece and Turkey
What did Israel return to Egypt in exchange for peace after the Camp David Accords?
Sinai Peninsula
Women became involved in politics
in the Temperance and Progressive Movements
Lenin hoped that the Russian Revolution of1917 would
incite similar socialist rebellions throughout Europe.
During the Age of Imperialism, the majority of American colonies were located on what?
islands in the Pacific
In what part of Europe were the Western and Eastern Front?
France and Russia
What is Japan's Meiji era known for?
The modernization of Japan
What is a concept from classical Athens that is central to Western political thought today?
Individual achievement, dignity, and worth are of great importance.
What are the main forces of imperialism?
Missionary impulse, Economic reasons, Nationalism
What was the name of the first satellite sent into space? What did it start?
Sputnik; the space race
Why did the US enter WWII?
The Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor
Where and when was the first universal election? Who won?
South Africa; 1994; Mbkei
The Arab oil embargo against the United Statesin 1973 was initiated because of U.S. support for
Israel in the Yom Kippur War.
Why was WWI considered "total war"?
It brought great suffereing to all civilians
When and what was D-Day?
June 6, 1944, the Allied invasion of France, also known as Operation Overlord
Who was the leader of the Chinese Nationalist during the Civil War?
Jiang Jieshi / Chiang Kai-shek
What basic idea was shared by both Britain andFrance at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919?
German military power should be permanently restricted.
What was the main purpose of the Berlin Conference?
to prevent fighting of European nations over the division of Africa
Who were the victims of the Shanghai Massacre, and who were their murderers?
Chinese Communists were killed by Chinese Nationalists
What was the main cause of inadequate food supplies in Africa during European colonization?
Europeans insisted on the growth of cash crops, such as cotton
Why did most of the combat on the WesternFront in World War I take place in a relatively small area?
The armies became immobile because of trench warfare.
What were two things they agreed in the Berlin Conference?
To tell each other; to show they can control the colony
Great Plains
dust bowls, drought
Mao Zedong
Chinese communist leader
Who conquered the Aztec Empire?
•a political theory advocating state ownership of industry (More equality for the workers, than owners, unlike capitalism)
What country suffered greatly because of war debts (WWI)?
What country invaded Manchuria in 1931?
states joined for foreign affairs,congress reigned supreme( lacked executive and judicial),one vote per state,2/3 vote for bills unanimous for amendment;too much power to state,unable to regulate commerce o taxes.
How long was the Panama Canal?
51 miles
In what country did the Bolshevik Revolution take place?
Where did the Chinese Nationalist flee to after losing the Chinese Civil War?
Populists wanted to have public control of railroads because they thought it would
help small farmers
Who believed that in an ideal society the government should be controlled by a class of “philosopher kings”?
Which historical event occurred during WWI?
the Russian Revolution
What is Dickens's book?
_Great Expectations_ that is considered Victorian literature.
Who did the Soviet Union invade in 1979?
Boris Yeltsin
President of Russia. He was elected before the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991. He served until 1999. Yeltsin was instrumental in keeping a cout d'etat from occurring which would have returned hard line communists to power in Russia.
Who was the Mexican Warlord who fought against Diaz in Northern Mexico?
"After all, the chief business of the American people is business. They are profoundly concerned with producing, buying, selling, investing and prospering in the world."
Calvin Coolidge
factory act
passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom to limit the number of hours worked by women and children first in the textile industry, then later in all industries.
French Indochina = Modern what?
Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand
What was Detente?
The policy to reduce Cold War tensions
What's the Great Purge?
A campaign to eliminate Stalin's opposition in 1934-39)
Who was the leader of Mexico while the French ruled?
Farmers increased production during WW1
they expected that the increased demand would continue
What demonstrated that popular protest would play a role int he French Reovlution?
the trial of Louis XIV
At the end of WWI, all that remaind of the Ottoman Empire was _______?
What is Anschluss?
This is the invasion of Austria by Germany
Who is known as the "Father of modern China?"
Sun Yixian
Which factors have made the Middle East significant to the rest of the world?
Religious and ethnic conflict; Existence of vast oil reserves
What's important about Mill, Owen, Fourier, and Saint Simon?
They were the nine-teenth century socialists who argued that governments should actively plain the economy.
What was the title of Hitler's book (German and English)?
Mien Kampf, "My Struggle"
What has even moderate China's governments refused to change?
China's political system/ amount of freedom
How did Russia’s participation in World War Iaffect its empire?
Economic hardships brought on by the war resulted in the downfall of the czar.
Who were the Central Powers? Why were they called this?
Germany and Austria-Hungary; because of their location in the heart of Europe
What's the Kellogg-Briand Pact?
The pact to renounce war as a national policy
A major goal of France and Great Britain atthe Conference of Versailles following World War I was to
keep Germany from rebuilding its military forces.
What were the long-term effects of Marx and Engels's pamphlet _the Communist Manifesto_?
working classes world wide demanded a more equal distribution of wealth (economic equality)
How did the Cheka (secret police) help Leningain control of Russia?
They used terror tactics against the enemiesof Bolshevism.
________ was ruled by Great Britain during the Age of Imperialism. Why?
India; India was the jewel in the British crown
Why didn't Germany win WWI once Russian dropped out of the war?
The US entered the war on the other side
Why did the Jews want a homeland in Israel?
They believe it was promised to them by God
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