History of Rock 2 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Blues harp
Brian Epstein
Beatles manager
Peggy Sue
Buddy Holly
*know Motown sound*
Funk Brothers
Songwriter for  Kinks
Ray Orchis
Good Lovin by
Young Rascals
Yes - progressive rock
Describe Punk
Rebellion, revolutionary against traditional values, unusual fashions, provocation of audiance
Maxine Powell
Motown finishing school lady
Motown was created by
Berry Gordy
Aretha Frankling first #1 record
work songs
singing during slave work
-Original-Chords #5 on pop charts-Cover-CrewCuts #1
Moody Blues
"nights in white satin" '67
AC/DC, Scorpions, KISS, Aerosmith
Heavy Metal Groups
Had a Live, spontaneous session environment
gifts for DJ's; record store giveaways; a spot in jukeboxes
the people responsible for ensuring artists and composers are paid when their material is used commercially
The leader of Grateful Dead
Jerry Garcia
Type of guitar helped the folk-rock
The Mills brothers(from the 1930's) and the Ink Spots(1940's) are considered to be the doo-wop groups of the pre-rock era
three or more notes played together
Little Richard
Real Name = Richard Penniman
Composed of elements drawn from many sources
Punk Populism (Hard Core)
Anti-establishment genre of punk
when did Folk becomes popular alternative to rock and roll
Late 1950s
folk music with big band jazz feel
American Bandstand
Familiar radio show adapted to televisionBest-known host was Dick ClarkLip-synched performancesFacilitated interest in dancing
Stevie Wonder
Most successful artist in motown history
first big hit was fingertips part 2 age 12
first live recording to hit #1 in rock history was "Little"
120 page contract with motown made business history 
by the 70's he was playing most of the instruments on his album
the person who creates the music, either by notation or oral tradition
Coon Songs
accompanied a simplified version of piano ragtime musicfascination of black people by white people
The Rolling stones original Hit
The Last Time
Younge singer in Spencer Davis Group
Steve Winwood
HIT SONG: The Shangri-Las
Leader of the Pack
T/F: Howie Greenfield and Neil Sadaka were the most prolific writing duo at Aldon Music during the Brill Building Era
T/F: Fats Domino's music is an excellent representation of the rockability style
Soul Stirrers
Group that influenced other gospel groups
The Who Members
Pete Townshend - guitar/vocalsJohn Entwistle -bass/Fr. hornRoger Daltrey -lead vocalsKeith Moon -wild druming
"Raw Power"
Iggy pop & stooges - Punk
"She's Not There"
The Zombies - British Invasion/Pop Star
Formed around Rod Argent (keyboards)
Argent wrote the song
Top 10 US, #2 in Canada
Unusual for the time: Electronic Keyboards
Minor key, jazz influence
Sent to US to tour by management
Played 7 shows a day on NY theater
Both as headline band and backing for others (The Shangri-Las)
Argent quits to form "classic rock" band Argent
Still tours with both groups
Use of Orchastra
Used synthesizers to mimic orchastra during live performances
How Stax grew
by chance w/o clear business plan
Sam Phillips
started Sun records and first signed Elvis Presley
the rock musician has the responsibility to produce sophisticated music using whatever means at their disposal
the hippie aesthetic
Proto Punk
never quite fit into mainstream rock and roll of the late 60's early 70's
early punk bands from Detroit
MC-5, The Stooges(Iggy Pop), Alice Cooper
Sam Cooke
lead of the Soul Stirrers eventually left and became a successful pop sings/sex symbol
Why Memphis recordings has a consisten sound
Same Baking
Grandmaster Flash
(Joseph Saddler) born in Barbados / Grew up in the Bronx/ Furious Five included Melle Mel as lead rapper / Flash was a successful turntablist and perfected scratching, backspinning, cutting, variable spin control / Utilized sampling-taking other recorded material and mix/repeat sections for background music / The Message, 1982 (Grandmaster Flash not on this selection)
________ the genius, the high priest of soul.... For black america he brought the feeling of the church into secular music and crystallized an era
Ray Charles
T/F: Bo Diddley's music is known more for the catchy melodies rather than the rhythm
simple 3 chord notes with no added 7ths
The practice of singing in which a solo vocalists, the caller, is answered by a group of singers. The practice is also used with instruments, but its origins are vocal.
Music heard at the beginning of a song before the lyrics begin
Led Zeplin
First to dethrone Beatles from top of popularity charts
“Day in the Life” author and album
Sgt. Pepper’s (Lennon/McCartney)
Elvis Presley
first rock and roll artist to draw interest from major labels;
Big Brother and the Holding Company
Janis Joplins backup Band
The Jackson 5
Fronted by the 10yr old Michael Jackson
He danced like a mini james brown
 transcended all races and age barriers
Nashville Sound
formed during the late 1950s as a sub-genre of american country music replaced the chart dominance of honky tonk music (most popular in 1940s and 1950s)
Leiber and Stoller turned to a more serious approach with the drifters(compared to the coasters) to develop a high-tech production style known as _______
Uptown R&B
Sam Cook
a rock singer and writer popular in the late 50's
"I Get Around"
The Beach Boys - Surf
by Brian Wilson and Mike Love
Front to back structure.
Chorus first, then verse
B-Side for Don't Worry Baby
1st #1 song for band
Brian Wilson wrote Surf City for Jan & Dean (#1 1 year BEFORE any Beach Boys song made #1)
Angered their father/manager
Known as "America's Band"
Helped re-introduce (along with Surf in general) Band concept
The group has had thirty-six U.S. Top 40 hits (the most of any U.S. rock band) and fifty-six Hot 100 hits, including four
number one singles.
According to Billboard, in terms of singles and album sales, The Beach Boys are the No. 1-selling American band of all time.
Brian Wilson has anxiety attack in 1964 and leaves tour
Focuses on writing and production
No more live shows and travel
Wilson is influenced by The Beatles (esp. Rubber Soul) and they by him
Friendly competition for creativity and studio mastery
Rubber Soul vs. Pet Sounds
Then Sgt. Pepper tried to top Pet Sounds
Pet Sounds only #10 disappoints Wilson
“A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall” Written/Sung by, Album it was on, and meaning
Bob DylanFreewheelin’ Bob Dylan,what a post-nuclear world might be like.
Ray Charles
had a number two hit by setting a gospel tune to secular lyrics
king crimson and emerson lake and palmer
two first prog rockers
Ahmet Ertegun and Herb Abramson
both were producers at Atlantic Records who worked closely with Ruth Brown, and are responsible for developing a style that fused elements of blues, jazz and pop (r&b)
What was the name of freed's first radio show in Cleveland? It was also Freed's nickname.
The Moondog Show
Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean"
Sung by Ruth Brown
Written by Herb Lance, John Wallace, Charlie Singleton
Label Atlantic
Bringing it All Back Home came out in and by whom
1965 Bob Dylan
Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds
first international folk rock #1 hit
Blood, Sweat and Tears
a 1963 album by Johnny Cash / Canadian-American group
Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyds album that had the longest shelf life and stayed on top 200 list for 14 years
Be my baby - Phil Spector
ronnetes song that "created an aural impression of grandness of scale that made it stand out from the rest of what was on the radio at the time; unique sound developed by ________
“Respect” singer and where it was recorder, when and with whom
Arthea Franklin, recorded in New York, with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section in 1967.
“Green Onions” sung by and year it went to #3 and who it was produced with
Brooker T and the MG’s 1962 STAX
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