History of Rock and Roll Flashcards

Terms Definitions
79. Roundabout
YesArt Rock
Little Richard
Flamboyant shit
94. Bohemian Rhapsody
QueenGlitter/Art Rock
Georgia Morader
founded Donna Summers
Dick Clark
American Band Slam
87. Paranoid
Black SabbathBritish Heavy Metal
Bill Monroe
The Father of Bluegrass
artier, darker, more introverted, gloomy rock style.Still rebellious but saw an opportunity to refashion public life rather than rejecting/ignoring
The Clash
1976-1986British punk bandfollowing Sex Pistols.emphasized idealistic, positive political platform
74. Sweet Home Alabama
Lynryd SkynyrdSouthern Rock
89. Summertime Blues
Blue CheerAmerican Heavy Metal
The Yardbirds
*The starting point for Clapton/Beck/Page*Early pioneers of psychedelic music*Known for ad hoc jams (called raves)*Raves- mix of R&B with extended guitar/harmonica passages. Blues with a fierce drive to the music
Roger Dean
Artist, designer, architect & publisher
Country Blues
Male singer, solo with guitar/pianocomposed by performer
96. Nothin But a Good Time
PoisonGlam Rock
Popular form of 1950's rock
Doo wop
The Sex Pistols
• The anti-British group• Represented the young bored Brits• Rebelled against the staunch upper class
Race Records
records made for a particular race
106. Concrete Jungle
The Specials2 Tone- British Ska Revival
Mythological things, Plant's traditional operatic voice, mellotron
The Motown Formula
*Repeated uses of catchy hood phrase*Repetition of melodic hooks resulted in familiarity to the mass public*Produced the "Sound of Young America"*Studio musician were known as "The Funk Brothers"
The Ramones
The Ramones created something that was rooted in early '60s, pre-Beatles rock & roll and pop but sounded revolutionary. Their music has been labeled by some as "bubble-gum punk"
Bruce Springstein
1949crafted an imaged based in some old-fashioned rock'n'roll values.Born in the USA
*"Somebody to Love" *"White Rabbit""She Has Funny Cars""Embryonic Journey"
Bob Dylan- Electric Period
*Illustrated wit*Music was a catalyst for the drug culture and the Vietnam war*Dylan's electric band went on to form The Band (Robbie Robertson)*Set the scene for "folk-rock"
The Beatles: The Middle Period
*More acoustic/folk elements (Dylan influence)*Introspective style emerges*Individuality more evident*Social statements in songs*Next 2 albums: Help! (Aug 1965) & Rubber Soul (Dec 1965)
Moby Grape
*one of the best san francisco bands of the 1960's*more versatile than other SF bands*combination of folk, blues, country and class R&R*early airplane played some of moby grape's compositions
Procor Harum
Started off by a pianist, best song was air on a G string
Marty Balin, Grace Slick & Signe Anderson: VOPaul Kanter, Jorma Kaukonen: GTRJack Casady: BSSpencer Dryden & Skip Spence: DR
The Beatles: Music selections from the Late Period
*Tomorrow Never Knows*Strawberry Fields Forever*Helter Skelter*The "butcher Album" Controversy
Punk- the British Connection
*brought to the UK by Malcolm Mclaren*Mclaren became the Sex Pistols manager
What recording company did Chuck Berry sign with? What were some of his biggest hits?
Chess Records
"Maybellene", "School Days" and "Roll Over Beethoven"
Diana Ross & The Supremes
*One of the most important female groups in rock history*The Supremes music is the purest expression of the Motown sound
Leading British Art-Rock bands of the 60's/70's
Moody Blues & Pink Floyd
 Monterey Pop Fest- performance ended with Hendrix famously setting his psychedelically painted Fender Stratocaster on fire. Toured with the Monkees.
Managed by Chaz Chandler. Combined psychadellia with jazz, soul and rythm, as well as studio effects and dylan-esque talking blues style.Plays fender backwards, performs crazy
Eight Miles High (66)
Herald as the 1st drug tune and led 60's music tot he psychedelic period- aka "Acid Rock"
What are some of the main differences between blues and rock?
More instrumentation than blues
Tempo is usually faster
Different beat
Drums important
Rock was dance music
Jimmy Paige - gtrJohn Paul Jones - bs, orgRobert Plant - voJohn Bonham - drums
Off the 2nd Jefferson Airplane album  "Surrealistic Pillow".White Rabbit used a rhythm from Bolero by Ravel.One of the hit songs from the album.
Minor instead of major notes for more meloncholy soundsSimilar drum solos to end the songs Morrison's hip swinging Solo with thirds Tack piano in "people are strange"
"Light my Fire" - first hit"The End" - existentialism, raga rock"People are Strange" "Mack the Knife""Love Me Two Times" - clavient"Touch Me""Riders on the Storm" - Fender Rhodes Piano
What is Teen Idol? Where did it start and why?
Teen Idol music was clean cut and the typical Teen Idol was handsome and safe looking. Music was soft and non-threatening. It started in the Brill Building and adults liked their kids listening to this music
Ulster Defiance association
-Alan Freed, Sam Phillips, Dewey Phillips
Short, repeated, memorable easily identified melodic idea
-Artist want you to remember their tune (the riff)
lou reed
helped define sandy rock/roll
Urban blues types
(1930-1950)emerged from the mississippi blues style.several major urban hubs such as Chicago,Memphis and New Orleans had their versions of urban blues.
Means they could pay money back
Sex Pistols
British Punk Band,Late 1970s,Political lyrics, "Save the Queen", Power Chords
in America punk remained an underground sensation
What happened around 1955?
Movement towards soul music
white performers
Dean Martin,Doris Day and Perry Como
Rockabilly VS. R&B
-Vocal style, clear, from country
-Less focus on sax, more on guitar
-Beat not as hard driving, honky tonk bass
Artists: Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash
music artist who creates and performs vocals for his own original material
manipulating a vinyl record back and forth to produce a sound
frank zappa
his band: the mothers of invasion
Art rock vs. progressive rock
Progressive rock=jazz music
Moody Blues
Anachronistic blend of modern Rock with older Classical (Romantic) music styles
Who is famous for Chicago Electric Guitar?
Chuck Berry
Jimmy Hendricks
Died on his own puke, drug overdosed
Chuck Berry's Stylistic Traits
-agressive guitar sound
-full rhythm section
-verse/chorus(refrain) Blues form
-lyrics directed to pop market - teenagers
-lead guitar and rock rhythm guitar style
New Wave
pop music, pure and simple,like punk with electronics, style and art, Elvis Costello and Devo
White panther party
Far left, anti  racist, white American politican collective founder in 1968
Pink Floyd
Dark side of the moon (73’)Partly inspired by barrets deteriating mental state.
Jefferson airplane
Leaders of the protest movement and supporters of free love
What happened to Buddy Holly?
Died on a plane crash
Eric Clapton
He played blues guitar. He was 1st guitar solo in the yard birds. "Tears of Heaven" The Birds went pop and he quit. He joined the group called John Mayall and the blue breakers.
Grateful Dead
an American rock band formed in 1965 in the San Francisco Bay Area.[1] The band is known for its unique and eclectic style, which fused elements of rock, folk, bluegrass, blues, reggae, country, jazz, psychedelia, and space rock
Tap with the subdivision
3 is more a shuffle (jazz, R&B)
2 is more slow (country, hillbilly)
The charlatans
Considered to be the start of the scene
The Romones
their music has been labeled as bubble gum punk
Who is Sam Phillips?
Founder of Sun Records. He's recording studio was basically a black recording studio. He made all the black musicians on air in the radio and get exposed to the public.
3 very famous hippy musicians
Jimmy Hendricks, Jerry Joplines, Jim Morrison. They all belong in 27 club. (all died in 27)
Rock and Roll
-Rhythm and blues based rock
- mostly black artists
-Development of the rock band
-Blues form AAB
-Boogie woogie style of playing
-Instruments: string bass and underlying shuffle
Punk – the british competition
McLaren became the sex pistols managers
Who is Chuck Berry?
He's from Chicago. He plays guitar and it's probably going to be the beginning of Rock & Roll guitar, he inspired everybody in Rock & Roll. He was in chess records. He was inspired of a little bit of country. One of the first guitar heroes/solos. A little bit of rap in to his groove. He played String bass/Jazz guitar. He made a song called "Roll over Beethoven"
Who is Hank Ballard?
A song writer that sold "the twist" and it got put in the vault.
Artists that worked with sun studios
Howlin' Wolf,Ike Turner and Junior Walker.
Compare two bands active in the ‘seventies and/or ‘eighties who fall at least casually under the umbrella of “heavy metal” but seem fundamentally different in their musical style, lyrical content, or self-presentation. What makes them both heavy m
            Formed in 1970, released Pictures at an Exhibition in 1971, released their second album in 1971 also with their title track Tarkus, they further refined their approach, the title track being among the best the group ever produced. Brain Salad Surgery (Manticore, 1973) contains the band’s most ambitious track, After a two-year break (1975–7), the group released Works, Volume 1 (Atlantic, 1977) and began a tour accompanied by a full orchestra. Logistical and financial problems forced the group to drop the orchestra and continue the tour as a trio. Facing waning popularity, the group broke up in 1978, Emerson and Lake regrouped with drummer Cozy Powell in 1986 to release Emerson, Lake and Powell,    I do believe this group is a rock band because the group became notorious for their rock versions of classical masterpieces. Also, since they were considered a progressive rock group their introduction of the synthesizer fit perfectly, they also contained ‘rock instruments’ such as drums and bass, but did not have a guitar, also Emerson became to be known as a flamboyant performer, which is not a necessary part of rock but many bands do have these
Art rock aka classic rock
Large portion of art rock bands were British
Who is Phil Spector?
A white man. He was a producer that own the spector's record. He developed the all girl group. They're all black. He was in charge in everything they do. He made the grandest pop record of all time, they were like little symphony. He's the one who set up for modern producers. (Producer→ Guy with the cash)
What were the blues derived from?
the blues were derived from field hollers and work songs.Blues songs helped relieve the monotony and pass the time during repetitive tasks.
Velvet underground – new york pronto rock
provided music for the exploding plastic inevitable
What happened to Chuck Berry?
He got caught having sex with a white girl over the state and it was illegal
The san Francisco scene- height ashbury
The acid tests led by writer lean kesey became known as a “happening”
Compare British punk to American punk in the 1970s. Your answer should make reference to the political outlook of each, and to at least one representative band or artist from each side of the Atlantic.
On both sides of the Atlantic, young bands began forsaking the sonic excesses that distinguished mainstream hard rock and stripping the music down to its essentials. In New York, the first punk band was the Ramones; in London, the first punk band was the Sex Pistols. Although the bands had different agendas and sounds -- the Ramones were faster and indebted to bubblegum, while the Pistols played Faces riffs sloppier and louder than the Faces themselves -- the direct approach of the bands revolutionized music in both the U.K. and the U.S. In America, punk remained an underground sensation, eventually spawning the hardcore and indie-rock scenes of the '80s, but in the UK, it was a full-scale phenomenon. In the U.K., the Sex Pistols were thought of as a serious threat to the well-being of the government and monarchy, but more importantly, they caused countless bands to form. Some of the bands stuck close to the Pistols' original blueprint, but many found their own sound, whether it was the edgy pop of the Buzzcocks, the anthemic, reggae-informed rock of the Clash, or the arty experiments of Wire and Joy Division.
The term “New Wave” was applied to many kinds of music that did not necessarily sound all that much alike. Compare the styles of two acts (individuals or bands) that have both been described as “New Wave,” but whose work is markedly different from
Devo: Their music echoed this view of society as rigid, repressive, and mechanical, with appropriate touches -- jerky, robotic rhythms; an obsession with technology and electronics (the group was among the first non-prog rock bands to make the synthesizer a core element); often atonal melodies and chord progressions -- all of which were filtered through the perspectives of geeky misfits
Costello: The sensitive issues he wrote about, combined with the structures in which he composed them, indicated a major talent that would survive and outgrow this musical generation
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