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Terms Definitions
Goodnight Irene
Broadcasting Music, Inc.
Camp Hollers
Son House
“Last Night”
the Royal Spades
Singer/songwriter in ccr
John Fogerty
The Righteous Brothers
Unchained Melody
General use, acceptance, or prevalence
Pink Floyd
Top Art Rock Bad
counter melody
2nd contrasting vocal melody
Record began Folk-Rock
Mr thambotine man
Otis Redding grown up in
bands played jazz-related music, idividuals were allowed to improvise solos in a jazz style, butbands were bigger and improvation time was limited
Original-Little RichardCover by Pat Boone
David Bowie
known as also David Jones
Led Zeplin, Deep Purple
Origins of Metal
5gh bealtes album and year
Help! 1965
Isle of Wight festival
largest UK festival
when two cultures come together, elements of both may combine to form something new that didn't exist in either culture. occurs in urban centers where you have people from various culturesex: New Orleans
Roy Obsession was born in
Wink, TX
Lynard Skynyrd got name
by PD teacher
HIT SONG: The Ronettes
Be My Baby
having double meaning to a text
Dick Clark
Televised after schoolViewers danced along with kids on TVArtist lip-synced hits Dress code, no sexual overtones Emphasized audience as much as musicClark saw couple doing a "jerky dance" Had Chubby Checker (b. Ernest Evans 1941) record The Twist (originally recorded by Hank Ballard)Lyrics include instructions for the danceEveryone (from all walks of life) began doing the Twist
A musical passage sung to one syllable
Deep Purple
machine head '72, made in japan
Loudmouth, Beat on Beat
Names of Ramones songs
“Lemon Tree”
(#35 1962) Peter Paul and Mary
Little Brenda Lee
twelve year old rockabilly girl
The Twist
Chubby Checker's cover that started named dance crazes
Wilson Pickett
Atlantics best selling southern soul performer
in the midnight hour most successful soul song of the era
Acuff Rose Records
publishing firm headquartered in Nashville
February 1964 (Beatles)
Appeared on ED Sullivan Show
Jimi Hendrix significant because of his use of
Feed Back
T/F: The beach boys were americas answer to the beatles
Playlets is a story-song writing style created by the song writing team of Leiber and Stroller which was used extensively in the music of Drifters
T/F: One of the differences between Miss. Delta blues and Chicago blues is that the latter (Chicago Blues) makes use of accoustic instruments.
pentatonic scales
five-tone note that influenced blues notes
Shake, Rattle and Roll
-Original-Big Joe Turner-Cover-Bill Haley and the Comets
"sweet home alabama"
lynyrd skynyrd - southern rock
"He Hit Me"
The Crystals - Girl Groups
Originally Darlene Love & The Blossoms,
Spector wanted to record He's A Rebel so badly that when the "real" Crystals weren't available he used another group under their name.
He owned both contracts so....
Oddly, this tune is written by a woman (Carole King) who would be famous as a performer in the late 60's on her own.
Lyrics are about her baby-sitter and future singer, Little Eva who was being abused by a boyfriend.
The song was written and intended as a sort of protest song from the point of view of an abused woman.
Phil Spector's arrangement was ominous and ambiguous.
The song might have been meant sarcastically or as a protest against violence against women.
Spector's production failed to capture ay sarcasm or sense of outrage and was seen instead as glorification.
Upon its initial release, "He Hit Me" received some airplay, but then there was a widespread protest of the song, with many concluding that the song was an endorsement of spousal abuse. The song soon became played only rarely on the radio.
Recently covered by Courtney Love
Heroin and Venus in Furs
Two Velvet Undergroud songs
Only beatles double album
The Beatles (the white album)
Chuck Berry
another first crossover to rock and roll; Chess records; St. Louis; R&B plus Country; targeted average teens; most imitated guitar style; clever, accomplished lyrics
jethro tull and yes
two hippie inspired prog rockers
Jimmy Page
along with Hendrix expanded the sonic vocabulary of the electric guitar
Ma Rainey
famous classic blues singer "mother of the blues" and mentor to Bessie Smith
 The Beatles first #1 single in England
Please Please
HIT SONG: Buddy Holly & the Crickets
Peggy Sue
T/F: Bo Diddley's music is known for the catchy melodies rather than the rhythm
T/F: Jerry Lee Lewis, known as "the killer", was a great showman and viewed as Elvis' rival
doo-wop progression
same basic progression at about the same progression at about the same rhythmic rate, reason why so many doowop songs sounded simular
Front Line
The group of lead melodic instruments such as those used in early New Orleans jazz bands, usually including a cornet (or trumpet), a clarinet, and trombone.
A person, such as a writer, living an unconventional life
Ozzy Osbourne
Bit of head of Bat during Black Sabbath concert
The Times They Are a Changin’ came out in
early 1964
4th Beatles album and year
Beatles For Sale 1964
Bill Haley
one of the first successful white acts in Rock and Roll
Art Rock (Classical Rock)
blending of classical music with rock
references to mythology 
use of odd meters and frequent mood/tempo changes
large % of art rock were british bands
33's vs. 45's
33's- single records that lasted 3-5 minutes. made of shellac 45's- made of vinyl and were used for albums. had the ability to record longer on each side
What is the name of the influential bass player that joined the group and changed the direction and sound of the band? The tune "Sex machine" was one of the first songs that illustrated this new direction.
Bo Diddley
Sang "say man", "bo Diddley", and "im a man"
Fats Domino
first song to enter the rhythm and blues charts, the fat man-introduces his rolling boogie woogie paino style to a wide audience- has a long relationship w/ producer Dave Bartholomew
"Stop! In The Name Of Love"
The Supremes - Soul/Motown
H-D-H written song
#1 billboard. Supremes had 5 #1 singles in a row
Choreography by members of Temptations just before London show
THE premier act for Motown in mid 60s
Formed in Detroit high school (The Primettes)
The Temptations (The Primes) were also students at same school
Motown's most successful act
Most successful vocal group in US music history (Rivals Beatles)
Album Supremes A Go Go knocks Revolver out of #1 spot on charts
Holland, Dozier, Holland were writers and producers of 10 of 12 Supremes #1 singles.
Helped pave the way for future African American acts.
“Shake”sung by and who it was produced with
Otis Redding STAX
Brill Building
Artist was not at the center of the process; Return to the way business had been done pre-rock; songwriting teams
Imperial Records
a US based label started in 1947 by LEw Chudd and reactivated in 2006 by label owner EMI
Of whom is your text referring to: To Buddy Holly, "Without [him] none of us could have made it." As for [himself], the center of the storm, it was something over which he professed to have no control. Over and over again in the course of his life, he ref
Elvis Presley
"Papa's Got A Brand New Bag"
James Brown - Soul/Other
Written by Brown
Brown's 1st song in top 10
1st true "Funk" record
Guitar chord hook and rhythm make it stand out from Motown
Recorded in 1 take (Supposed to be rehearsal)
Brown signed with 2 record labels simultaneously
Released similar songs on each label (sometimes instrumental versions)
Led to many, many lawsuits between labels.
Somehow Brown was never the target.
Major theatrical showman (Cape routine)
James Brown influences Mick Jagger & Michael Jackson
Super disciplinarian. Demanded perfection from band
Mistakes meant band paid fines
Playing mistakes, being late, shoes not shined, etc.
Brown would point and signal fines to band members onstage
Brown was recognized by numerous titles, including Soul Brother Number One, Sex Machine, Mr. Dynamite, The Hardest Working Man in Show Business, The King of Funk, Minister of The New New Super Heavy Funk, Mr. Please Please Please Please and foremost The Godfather of Soul.
"You gotta be on time. You gotta have your uniform. Your stuff's got to be intact. You gotta have the bow tie. You got to have it. You can't come up without the bow tie. You cannot come up without a cummerbund ... [The] patent leather shoes we were wearing at the time gotta be greased. You just gotta have this stuff. This is what [Brown expected] ... [Brown] bought the costumes. He bought the shoes. And if for some reason [the band member decided] to leave the group, [Brown told the person to] please leave my uniforms ...."
—Maceo Parker
Frequent trouble with the law
Guns, alcohol, domestic violence
Like Chuck Berry did actual prison time in middle of his career.
After a tour 2006 goes to dentist feeling ill
Goes to hospital never checks out
Dies of Pneumonia Last words "I'm Going Away Tonight".
“Just Like a Woman” written/sung by, when, what album and where
Bob Dylan1966 Blonde on Blonde recorded in Nashville
Dick Dale and the Del-tones
slid hand down guitar strings wihile picking rapidly. surf guitar
Ricky Nelson grew up in front of the nation on the TV family sitcom "The adventures of ____________.
Ozzie & Harriet
Events Leading to the demise of Stax(4)
Death of Otis Reddingrealization of sold masters to Atlanticracial tensions increase from Dr. martin Luther King Jr murder,IRS investigation
Drifters and Ben King and soul
established sweet soul as a style characterized by fluid lead vocal melody, often supported by doo op back up vocals, medium tempo, melodies in strings, sometimes Latin influenced
Managed the beatles and what did for them
Brian Epstien; moptop haircuts, mohair suits
James Wexler allowed Aretha sing how and with whom
in her natural style and with, Muscle Shoals
John Paul Jones
over the rainbow
judy garland
An extended improvisation section usually based on two chords: the minor seventh chord built on the second degree of the scale (supertonic of ii7) and the dominant seventh chord (V7)--in the key of G major the chords Am7 and D7. W as adopted from Mexican mariachi music, in which the improvisation is used to extend the middle of dance songs. Familiar in Dark Star by the Grateful Dead (Live Dead, 1970) and Oye Como Va by Santana (Abraxas, 1970).
be my baby
the ronettes
cont. v-c
Wall of Sound created by...
Phil Spector
Series of pitches arranged in succession and in a particular order.
Most recognizable surf rock artist...
Dick Dale
shake rattle and roll
bug joe turner
A short chord progression that is repeated several times as a means of marking time.
Musique concrète
music composed with natural sounds recorded electronically
The British invasion featured groups that were heavily influenced by...
Black Muscians
Eric Clapton
Blues Revival performer from England who first broke ground as a blues guitarist. In 1966, formed the band Cream with him on guitar, accompanied by a bass and drum playerv(the first of the power trios). Came to America and played on the RKO theater. He took the spotlight becoming one of the first Rock stars to play extended, improvised slots. Eventually the band split and he went on to form a new band--Derek and the Dominos. **The ONLY person to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 3 times--Cream, Yardbirds, and solo.
a type of sound distortion in which the sound is repeated several times very quickly resulting in an echo-like effect.
Standard Song Form
A musical structure that typically consists of two musical parts (A and B) played in four sections. Each section is generally 8 measures long, resulting in a 32-measure form. The A part is played and repeated (8 + 8 measures), followed by the B part or bridge (8 measures), and a return of the A part (8 measures) for an overall form of A A B A in 32 measures.
American Bandstand made these as important as the artists and led to a national craze
Muscians (Fans, ?)
Rock's 1st child star who began recording career at 12.
Brenda Lee
The primary instrument used in 60s folk music.
Acoustic guitar.
John Bonham
Who is the drummer for Led Zeppelin
only the lonely (know how i feel)
roy orbison
A technique used by rap MCs in which the turntable is moved rapidly back and forth.
New Wave
Similar to punk, but not as angry, Less harsh sound than punk, Frequent use of synthesizers, other keyboards, Thicker polyphonic textures, Dance-oriented music, hard and often mechanical beat (use of drum machines), More complex chord progressions, More polished studio sound, Non-political/non-social lyrics, "Fun stuff", party music, More philosophical lyrics (in some bands).
Within a month of their coming to the U.S., this many of the top 5 hits of the Beatles were theirs.
Polyphonic Texture
A musical texture in which two or more independent melodic lines of equal importance or interest sound simultaneously.
The children of WW1 and WW2 that would change the entire music landscape.
Baby Boomers
In addition to writing and performing his own songs, Eddie Cochran was one of the early artists to..
Unwound string to bend pitches...
tutti frutti
little richard
simp v-c
An instrumental embellishment played during breaks (rests) in a vocal melody. The standard 12-bar blues from has an instrumental fill at the end of each sung line. Also refers to anything played by a drummer other than strict time-keeping.
tom dooley
the kingston trio
simp. v-c
A short melodic and/or rhythmic pattern that is repeated over and over while musical changes take place over the fragment. Is often the harmonic and rhythmic basis of the entire song.
The music re-emerged on college campuses in a movement to regain what rock had lost.
Jimi Hendrix
A twentieth-century American musician known for his highly amplified, innovative work on the electric guitar with his most famous group, 'The ___ ___ Experience'. Despite his death at the age of twenty-seven, he greatly influenced the changing world of rock 'n' roll, and was known for lighting his Fender Stratocaster on fire, as well as his amazing rendition of 'The Star Spangled Banner' on electric guitar, which was performed at the famous Woodstock festival.
Placing a strong accent on the offbeats. In a four-beat measure, the drummer typically emphasizes beats 2 and 4, creating the basic rhythm of rock music.
Heavy metal
Derived from Psychedelic Rock. Loud Volume,Lead Guitar oriented, Electronic distortion, Thick-textured sound, and Simple chord progressions.
Artists who recorded Chantilly Lace
The Big Bopper
The caucasian poor's version of the blues...
Rockabilly artist Deca records picked to compete with Elvis...
Bill Hailey
he promised to pull American troops out of Vietnam and won the Democratic nomination in 1972
Used by early rap MCs, the technique of manually reversing the revolution of the turntable to repeat a phrase.
Concept Album
an album whose recording are unified by some theme (instrumental or lyrical or narrative or compositional)
Song recorded by the Kingsmen that caused a congressional investigation of them...
Louie Louie
Most common song form in early rock.
Blues-12 bar
Original owner of Sun records and Elvis' first manager...
Sam Phillips
Robert Plant
Considered one of the best guitarists of the 70's, this man is more well-known as front man for the super group, Led Zeppelin
Two-beat bass
A type of bass accompaniment in which the bassist plays the root of the chord on the first beat of a measure and the fifth of the chord on the third beat of a measure. Associated very strongly with county music.
To slightly alter the pitch of a note by pilling on a string, raising or lowering the voice, or tightening or loosing the embouchure, or mouth position, on a horn.
Garage band known as the "Band that launched a 1000 bands"
The Ventures
Area in NYC where songwriters wrote and printed music...
Tin Pan Alley
Overtly sexual song recorded by Billie Word and His Dominoes
60 Minute Man
Bill Hailey and the Comets started out as what type of band?
Western Swing
"All I have to Do is Dream"
The Everly Brothers
Flat-four beat
A rhythm style in which all four beats of a four-beat measure are equally accented, as opposed to an backbeat rhythm. Prominent in Motown.
Popular 50s tv show that premiered new music acts...
Ed Sullivan Show
Call and Response
A practice in singing in which a solo vocalist is answered by a group of singers. Also heard in instrumental music, or between vocalists and instrumentalists, the style is vocal in origin. Also referred to as antiphonal singing.
Strophic song form
A song form in which each verse of the text is sung to the same music. The music for each verse remains the same while the words change. Most blues songs and folk songs are strophic forms.
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