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Symposium (x2)
Sir Arthur Evans
Early/Middle Bronze Age
Iliad adn Oddysey
by homer
Mythical founder-king of Athens.
Athenian leader whorecognized the assembly to play central role in governing
who are the spartan ancestors
reformer, significantly reduced the power of royalty, redistributed lands, equality
Athenian women could not:
Inherit property
Early Bronze Age/Early Minoan
3000-2000 B.C.
Prominent Athenian, and a major character in the Peloponnesian War.
He was never able to lead an army or navy, so he comes up with a plan to conquer Sicily.
He and Nicias were sent.
After the Hermae scandal, he was accused of being a sophist, and fled to Sparta.
He eventually flees from Sparta after sleeping with one of Queens. He flees to the Persian Empire near the island of Samos, where Athenians who did not accept the oligarchy of the 400 met.
They asked him to join them, and they restore democracy in Athens.
a stone coffin (usually bearing sculpture or inscriptions)
Famous Greek Mathematicians?
Euclid, Pythagoras, and Archimedes.
Peisistreus exiled:
Nobles who disagreed with him
Very war driven Greek polis.
Had constant fear of an uprising of their lower or slave class, the Helots.
During the Mycenaean time, Menaleus was the most famous king of Sparta.
Fertile Valley on the Peloponnese, location of Sparta. In Greco-Aegean age this is on of most powerful kingdoms of Peloponnese. During Trojan war according to Homer, this is where Menelaus and Helen ruled. Excellent crops and great harbors, short passage from Crete to Greece.
Philosipher, thought everything was a version of air
simple, loose tunics fastened on the shoulders with pins
Who was the Greek god of war?
vraag over Socrates
een gevaar of een voorbeeld
Minoan civilization
the bronze-age culture of Crete 3000-1100 BC
To grow crops on hill greeks used:
Part of the Spartan agoge (training).
This was a specialized force trained to fight against the helots.
Those who were successful gained the highest rank.
non-IE/ spoken in isolated area of Pyrenees
Lyric Poet Wrote about elite self esteem
Cyrus the Great
remarkable leader who greatly expanded the Persian empire
a natural mixture of gold and silver used to make coins
The Minoan culture probably acquired ideas in the areas of architecture and writing from what two other civilizations?
Egypt and Mesopotamia
who wrote the history of the persian war
boat used by Athens and Greek against Persia
a noble who canceled all farmers debts and freed those who had become slaves
Government in which a king or queen exercises central power.
When someone is exiled from Athens for 10 years.
n Greek it means the "cleansing" or "purging". In plays catharsis is the cleansing of emotions through the triumph of justice.
a Trojan prince who awarded the apple of discord to Aphrodite and was by her help enabled to abduct Helen
What was the name given to the Greek philosophers who valued the art of skillful speaking and who saw success as more important than moral truth?
Wooden Wall
the oracle told the greeks that Athens will win against Persia at delphi
Cambyses II
Son of Cyrus II, ruler of Persia.
Most famous for conquering Egypt.
Killed under mysterious circumstances and succeeded by Darius I.
The only one of the Early 3rd century BC war loards to fight against the romans?
materials used by Greeks for sculpture
marble, bronze, gold, ivory, terracotta, wood
Alexander the Great: Legacy?
Never defeated in battle. Created "One World" with deliberate blending of civilizations. Spread Hellenic customs.
• The Palace at Knossos
- The rulers of the Minoan trading empire lived here. It housed rooms for the royal family, banquet halls and working areas for artisans. It also included religious shrines, areas dedicated to the honor of gods and goddesses
- The walls of the palace are covered with colorful frescoes, watercolor paintings done on wet plaster. They tell us much about society, leaping dolphins reflect the importance of the sea and religious images indicate that the Minoans worshipped the bull and a mother goddess.
The persians suffered major losses when the Athenians:
cleverly positioned themselves in the strait
The Athenain Expedition to Sicily resulted in a total failure due to?
The dispatch of a competent Spartain general to direct the Syracusians
Trojan War and Odysseus' voyage home after the fall of Troy
What is described in The Illiad and The Odyssey?
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