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China people
yellow brown soil
a religious philosophy
Most famous Daoist teacher
Country home
sourtyard, food-storage, courtyard
network of appointed government officials
gerain grown in Northern China
What is a virtue?
Good quality
the teachings of felial piety, respect, and responsibility created by the Chinese philosopher
ancient China's first thinker and teacher. believed that people should put the needs of their family and community first. invented Confucianism.
When did the Xia rule?
2000 BCE
wheel barrow
used to carry heavy loads
what is terra-cotta
reddish type of pottery
signs that express thoughts or ideas
Liu Bang
helped overthrow the Qin Dynasty
a system of government based on relationships or agreements between kings, lords, and peasants
dynasty with the longest time of peace; known for inventing paper
Mao Zedong
Who were the Communists led by?
extended family
closely related people for several generations
The Middle Kingdom
China called themselves "____________" because they believed they lived at the center of the world they did not know about India, Egypt, Greeceand Rome (mtns cut them off)
Unknown, Army of Emperor Shi Huangdi, 210 BCE
-Painted terracotta
-Pits surrounding emperor's burial mound, not yet excavated
-6,000 life size figures
-Emperor ordered building of the great wall, organized writing system
climate in the mountain
very cold and dry
Chinese emperor who brought the Han dynasty to its greatest strength
Han Dynasty
ruled from 200BC-220AD; had civil service and silk road
Two Handles
Legalist idea of controlling society through praise & punishment
an investigation of basic truths about the universe, based on logical reasonings.
a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom:
a large group of friends and families who claim a common ancestor
civil service
jobs in government gotten by scoring well on tests
A series of rulers from the same family
Wu Wang
an aristocrat who began the Zhou dynasty. led a rebellion against Shang.
was a source of trade for the country.
Southern China food
Boiled rice, fresh fruits, and seafood
Silk Road
an ancient trade route between China Europe
Female, dark and passive force in the Chinese dualism of nature
Confucian Government
government is like family - leaders should lead by example
Which region of China used double cropping as a method of farming?
Guangxi Zhungzu
Flood control, irrigation and canal building was developed by the....
Eastern Zhou dynasty
Huang He River
Civilization began here. It begins in Tibet and is the second longest river in China
Which river is north most, Huang He (Yellow River) or Chiang Jiang (Yangtze)?
Huang He
who built the Great Wall of China
farmers and merchants
treat others the way you want to be treated
Traditional family
might have up to 5 generations living together
Madate from Heaven
order from heaven to claim rule over China
Mandate of Heaven
a heavenly law that, according to the Zhou rulers, gave the Zhou king the power to rule. Also made people rule according to the Dao and gave people the right to overthrow the king.
Who was the legendary founder of the Xia Dynasty?
Yu the Great
what were some technologies and achievements of the Han dynasty
arts, scholarship, first Chinese dictionary, history of China, medicine, paper, farming inventions
Name the more recent emperor of the Han dynasty?
Emperor Wu Di
Great wall of China
to protect China from the outside attacks
What dynasty followed the Shang and ruled from about 1027 BC to 221 BC?
The Chou (Zhou) dynasty
Chinese were Great Thinkers
that did not believe in a single all-powerful god
What are the basic beliefs of confucianism?
--good ethics, --reciprocity (golden rule), --good conduct and moral judgement
Which early village in china (yangshao or longshan) were more sophisticated, how?
Longshan, they created pottery on wheels and domesticated cattle
What are the legacies of confucianism, legalism, and daoism?
--Con.:basis for civil service system during Han dynasty, --Leg.:relected in harsh laws and punishments imposed on China's peasants, --Dao.:influenced chinese painting and poetry
what was the mandate of heaven
the idea that rulers came to power because it was their destiny, or fate
what did farmers do to strengthen the Qin dynasty
built Great Wall of China, roads, temples, buildings, canals, terraces, dikes, were part of army, paid taxes, provided food
If you lived in the Western Zhou times, how did you spend your day?
The men grew crops and farmed wheat, grains and rice, while the women made silk.
hard gemstone
people of high rank
What's another word for character?
grants of land, and different countries had legal power in certain areas if important Chinese cities
a collection of saying by Confucius
shang dynasty
first alphabet, first bronze artwork
a local leader of an armed group
Who was the founder of Buddhism?
Siddhartha Gautama
Which religion believes that peace and happiness comes from giving up material belongings?
qin dynasty
great wall, standardized weights and measurements, road system
uses the position of shadows cast by the sun to tell the time of the day
Which emporer believed in legalism and burnt books?
Shi Huangdi
Grand Canal
A giant waterway built by the emperor Kublai Khan to to link the Huang and Chang rivers of China.
The ***** was the center of the early Chinese society?
the type of money used by a group or a nation
What was the Mandate of heaven?
It supported a leader's right to rule his people
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