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Terms Definitions
peasant clothing
meat from sheep
Chinese Government Leader
a type of corn
Chinese philosopher and teacher
What is a pictograph?
invented Legalism. believed that society needed a system of harsh laws and strict punishments.
What were Confucius' writings called
Ancestor worship
honoring ancestors through rituals, such as offering food and wine to the dead
A leader of an armed group
Chinese religions
Ancestor Worship, Confucius, Taoism, and Buddhism
important to the Chinese culture, mostly boys went.
climate in the desert
hot and dry
philosophy believed that power and harsh laws were needed to rule selfish people
What is a legend?
Myth or story
fine particles of rock carried by rivers that makes the land fertile
A valuable cloth originally made only in China from threads spun by caterpillars, called silk worms
a protective wall that controls or holds back water
Han Dynasty
empire grew, many things were invented, a civil service exam was implemented.
China's Plant Life
Great Variety of Plant Life
Fertile silt that gives yellow river gold color
Silk Route
stretched form China to the mediterranean in Europe, opened up communications, religions, cultures, and customs
Most ancient Chinese people were...
poor peasant farmers
a man-made water way joining other bodies of water, used for transportation of people and resources; the Grand Canal joined the Huang He and the Chang Jiang Rivers
to turn into a god or goddess
Cao Pei
last emperor of the Han dynasty
the surface features of a place or region, such as mountains and deserts
Silk Road
a chain of trade routes stretching from China to the Mediterranean Sea
The Yellow River
Huang he river is nicknamed "_________" because of the loess
City life
lively and busy, open fronted shops, children sold food and candy from trays, emperors and nobles lived there
making things of a category such as money, weights, or language the same; this uniform system makes trade and communication easier
Which dynasty did the mandate of heaven begin?
Zhou dynasty
a picture or drawing that represents a word or an idea.
Go into an area; meaning to take it over
When do historians first witness a transition of humans from hunting/gathering to village life?
eighth millennium B.C.E
block print
wooden blocks and ink were used to transfer patterns or characters onto another sheet
Shi Huangdi
founder of the Qin dynasty and China's first emperor
What are ancestors?
A person that lived before you did
What was the book of teachings of Confucianism?
the Analects
The kind of money used by a group or nation
governed by men
Women had less control in the famly and were "_____________"
Yellow and Yangtze Rivers
where the Chinese grew crops, built homes, villages, and cities by
civil war
a war within a country; when groups of people from the same country fight one another for power
During the Han Dynasty goods from far away as Rome arrived in China along what trade route?
The Silk Road
Who was the Han's famous emperor who ruled for 54 years from 141 BC to 87 BC?
Wuti (Wu di)
civil service
the group of people whose job it is to carry out the work of the government
What is a philosopher?
A person who studies the meaning of life
What were some other famous goods that china made or created fjirst for sale to the rest of the world?
--gunpowder, --paper, --wheelbarrows, --mining tools, --books, --compasses, --iron
What were five ways the Qin (Ch'in) tried to create a powerful central government?
--standardized monetary system & language, --required travellers to carry passports, --got rid of feudal nobles, --built 5000 miles of roads, --standardized size of axle wheels
Oldest man in the family
This person in the family was the most powerful, had the most privleges and made the decisions
If you lived in the Eastern Zhou times, how did you spend your day?
The government started flood control and irrigation projects, a new sysyem of money encouraged trade, and people were becoming scholars, teachers and government officials
Who was the first emperor of the Qin (Ch'in)?
Qin Shihuangdi (Ch'in Shih Huang Ti)
in one room cottages next to each other
If you were a poor famiy you would have lived "_______"
not ending
What do dragons represent?
What was the second dynasty?
When was Buddhism founded?
600 B.C.
a high ranking soical class
the way a task is accomplished
Which religion believed that the followers should live according to the laws of nature?
What separated China from other lands?
a dike used to control flooding
Liu Bang
the founder of the Han dynasty
Gobi Desert
A large desert in east-central Asia.
chinese writing uses this instead of alphabet
Which religion wanted to be left alone?
How long was the silk road?
4,158 miles
Yu the Great
founded the Xia dynasty, created channels to control floods
Who was the George Washington of China?
Sun Yat-sen
a person who goes between buyers and sellers
In what time period did the last dynasty fall?
20 century
the belief in finding the way of the univerise
double cropping
a process in which two crops are grown on the same land in the same year
This ruler united china...who was it and which dynasty did he rule?
Shi Huangdi and Qui dynasty
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