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Qin Shi Huang
Terms Definitions
yellow-brown soil
the Confucian text
followers of Confucious
a type of grain
a type of money.
Extended family
closely related people
Chinese philosophy developed by Hanfeizi; taught that humans are naturally evil and need to be ruled by harsh laws.
system of beliefs and values
Chinese philosopher and teacher whose beliefs became known as confucianism
Where did the Nationalists flee to?
Great Wall was Ancient China's greatest contribution to this
climate in the valley
mild and damp
Zhou Dynasty
Longest dynasty, lasted 1050BC-250BC; royal family helped the emperor; time when philosophies came about
Which emperor was a legalist?
Emperor Qin
the Legalist text (named after its founder)
Chinese emperor who brought the Han dynasty to it's greatest strength
Chinese practice of easing pain by sticking needles into patients' skin.
used bronze, porcelain, jade and clay to produce metal, stone and pottery.
Did the Shang use metal for farming?
used for food, clothing, housing, and transportation (also books and instruments)
basic training
was for members of civil service
a local leader of an armed group
The most important factor in ancient Chinese society
one who believes people should follow a strong leader rather than have personal freedoms
Taoism (Daoism)
Chinese philosophy (nature knows best) based on teachings of Lao Tzu, 500's BC
local leaders of armed groups gained power
a family of rulers that maintain power from one generation to the next
Terra-cotta army
6,000 life size clay soldiers found facing east in Emperor Qin's tomb
the proper way the Chinese kings were expected to rule under the Mandate of Heaven.
In China they describe dragon as a "__________"
Country life
poor farmers,men and children help in the fields, main crops were rice and wheat
Northern China
long, cold winters, drier, less rain, crops of millet and wheat, irrigation
A type of government where the emperor has total power
a large area of land at high elevation, usually relatively flat, with steep sides; often close to mountains
Which dynasty developed a system of writing?
Shang Dynasty
Cultural Discussion
the spread of ethinic ideas and customs to other area of the world.
What did the British sell to China for a way of making money?
What is one piece of early evidence shows the innovation of writing?
oracle bones
Ancestor Worship
Family was the center of the Chinese society-current, past and future generatiosn
Sung Dynasty
Ruled only in southern China in 1150AD and had population of 100 million
What is an oracle?
A person that gives wise advice
Why did the Qin (Ch'in) empire fall apart after the first emperor's death?
Silk Road
What was the only source of contact to the west?
the kind of weather an area has over a long period of time
Wealthly chinese clothing
silk, hats, women wore their hair in topknots with hairpins
Golden Age
a time of prosperity and growth in the arts and learning; this time of peace and wealth allow focus on sciences, philosophies, literature, art, and other cultural advancements
Mandate of Heaven
an Ancient Chinese belief that a good ruler had the Gods' approval.
How is an extended family different from a nuclear family?
--Extended: many generations, --Nuclear: parents and children
what kind of lives did Taoists live
selfless, simple, close to nature
Where did the earliest form of civilization settle?

Huaung River valley/North China plain

The land was most fertile for farming.
Influence of Foreign Power
At the end what was the emperor blamed for?
What are three reasons why this dynasty might have collapsed?
--too much alchohol, decreased ability to lead, --used up resources on bronzes, --lead poisoning from bronzes decreased mental ability
The clothing, hats, and jewelry worn by a Chinese person
showed what position that person had in society; made from silk.
What did Shi Huang di do for China?
He standardized systems of money, weights and measures
One of Confucius' sayings about behavior/acts
do not do to others what you would not want done to yourself
What type of life did the Chinese people have under Emperor Qin's rule?
They had a very harsh life. They were not allowed to have an education or to read books. Most people had to work on the wall.
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